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Warpath (Flint Skovik)


Wilderness survival
Hand-to-hand and tactical combat
Psychological manipulation


1 - Posthuman Athleticism: His superhuman musculature affords him preternatural strength (10x) and speed (8x). His body has abandoned the limits of natural design, and as a result he is capable of enduring (10x) far more than should be possible.

2 - Posthuman Physiology: Warpath’s apparent humanity barely runs skin-deep. He is built to resist damage (10x). His skin is leather-thick, his muscle fibre is literally coated in a metallic film, his joints lock and unlock painlessly and effortlessly, and his bones are disturbingly flexible. And these are merely the obvious signs of his inhumanity: there are doubtlessly a myriad other disturbing modifications to his internal organs that are, as yet, unknown. Suffice it to say that he is difficult to change, at a biological level, by force.

3 - Posthuman Health: Warpath’s blood has remarkable medicinal properties. It flows heavier than that of a human being’s, and after a period of several moments it begins to foam and harden to seal wounds. This transformation destroys foreign bodies, staunches open wounds more effectively than cauterization, and begins a rapid healing process in most living bodies. As long as he is properly nourished, Warpath can heal from grievous injuries in moments, and recover from would-be mortal wounds in a matter of days, if not hours.

Though this healing effect can be extended to other living beings exposed to his blood, note that the effect is not nearly as potent and it comes with certain side effects detailed elsewhere.

4 - Juggernaut: If given enough space to take three strides in any one direction, Warpath can build a supernatural field of momentum around himself and become extremely difficult to harm, impede, or stop while charging. In time, he can achieve speeds of up to forty miles per hour in a straight line. In this state, he can pass through anything thinner and less dense than five inches of steel. Anything thicker or stronger will dent or bend but not break, and his momentum will be spent. Only an individual of equal strength to Warpath would be capable of overcoming his momentum, though the effort would be herculean. It takes three seconds for Warpath himself to resist and overcome the force of his own momentum and come to a complete stop, and any turn he attempts while charging is gradual at best.

5 - Superstition: All magical and elemental effects placed upon him are reduced in effectiveness, duration, or power by half. These include both harmful and beneficial effects.

6 - Vampiric Biology: The evolution of Flint’s transhumanism has led him down a dark path. Though he can eat as humans do, he finds it most efficient to subsist upon the blood of living creatures. His body is made for it: his teeth are designed to puncture the throats of his prey, his saliva both encourages the flow of blood and heals wounds left by his teeth once he’s done feeding. He is immune to bloodborne diseases and parasites, and he can detect the properties and nutritional value of a person’s blood by scent at a moderate distance. This has the added benefit of increasing his awareness: he can often smell an individual’s blood even if they are otherwise entirely undetectable.

7 - Thralldom: Those exposed to Flint’s blood or saliva incur benefits: wounds exposed to his blood are staunched, relieved of pain, and heal fast. His saliva has a similar effect on smaller wounds, causing them to close and heal very quickly (often only leaving an aching bruise after an hour). However, these effects can become more pronounced and varied depending on exposure.

If exposed to a large quantity of Warpath’s blood, or if exposed repeatedly over a short period of time, an individual will undergo other effects as well. The recipient will become more muscular: stronger, faster, tougher, and more athletically capable. However, that person will also begin to develop feelings of intense loyalty and appreciation toward Flint. While it’s no form of mind control, an individual so influenced would find it uncomfortably difficult to choose to harm, directly disobey, or oppose Flint, and incurring even a sense of disappointment from him would be an emotionally perilous experience. These effects fade in a few days’ time - no more than a week.

It is unknown what long-term exposure might mean.




No one would doubt that Flint was born a man, but few would call Warpath human. His abandonment of humanity is mostly obvious in the scale of him: he’s six inches over seven feet, and muscled beyond human possibility. One can guess at his weight by the way his footfalls thunder - between six and eight hundred pounds, easily - and yet his strength is as such that he moves with airy ease still.
His skin is a coppery tone, bronzed, and mostly hairless save for his eyebrows and the perpetual suggestion of black stubble about his jawline and across his scalp. He has no scars, tattoos, or distinguishing blemishes. His veins are black rather than blue, running thick across his body, and they are akin to obsidian lightning bolts beneath his skin during moments of great exertion.

His features are broad, heavy, and expressive, with a tendency toward fierce intensity even at rest. His eyes are apparently black on close inspection, but in the dark they glint reflectively with the color of whatever source of light is nearby. His cuspid teeth are notably longer than a human’s wont.

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Welcome back! I've got a bit to sort through here, but I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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I can't allow the part of Juggernaut which states "while charging his body becomes twice as resistant to all harm." Because Flint is already 10x as damage resistant as an average human, which is the most we allow, this would be considered a game-breaking ability.

Remove that specification, and you'll be good to go. The rest of the ability can stay as is.

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Done and done. Thanks for the review man!

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You are welcome and you are approved. Hope to see out on the boards!