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Rosellia Vi Delmasc
06-02-2018, 11:34 PM
Name: Rosellia Vi Delmasc
Nickname/Alias: Rose, The Tainted Edge
Age: 26
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 163 lbs
Occupation: Blacksmith/Craftsman
Personality: Rosellia Vi Delmasc on the surface is a very gentle and mild mannered person. She has a very motherly attitude even towards strangers and often believes that enemies and friends should be able to put aside their differences to share a meal for some R&R between struggling. Someone who doesn't believe in absolutes, she tries to transcend her limitations and rise above other people's perceptions of her and works diligently to achieve those grand dreams. In times of crisis she tends to be reliable, self-sacrificing even, when necessary she won't hesitate to throw herself ahead recklessly for a companion and often time needlessly injures themselves in combat while trying to take advantage of her opponent's confusion.

In truth however, beneath that motherly and supportive Veil is a tyrant. Rose's true form as the Tainted Edge she carries on her back pilots her human body like a puppet on strings as she navigates the world around her. In her heart of hearts, the Tainted Edge is brutal and savage at times. Often believing that the ends justify the means, it acts human enough in front of good company and allies, but behind closed doors it is always thirsty and ready for a chance to be loosed from it's sheath. Despite it's truly volatile beliefs and thoughts however, the Tainted Edge does not color itself as a villain, but instead as a prideful champion. It uses brutality and blood-thirst as a means to display it's prestige and glory, as a weapon it shines brightest in combat and conflict which is why it's desires are often so aggressive.

To some extent, The Tainted Edge is still trying to cope with it's sentience, it's meat puppet Rosellia, while at times frustrating is a new and refreshing experience for it. It is new to life and living is difficult for it, struggling with the need to balance it's responsibilities as a human and it's desire to outshine other weapons as a magnificent piece of craftsmanship, it often finds that it's exterior clashes with it's darker intentions... Someday perhaps it will be able to find a middle ground.

History: The Tainted Edge, once known as The Demonic Edge had been wielded by a powerful demon general. It's wielder was a monster so powerful and profound that it would butcher dozens with a single swing of it's majestic blade and decapitate proud heroes one after another to display their heads. While this powerful, near unstoppable demonic creature is one worthy of tales and songs, the reality is that it had passed on long ago, leaving behind only his cherished blade. This demonic blade had been sought out by many, taken and traded from hand to hand as more blood stained it's length, but as time passed, it seemed as if it's wielders became more and more unworthy. It wasn't until it's most recent wielder, a simple common day street rat had brandished it that it awoke from the pure rage of being used as some gutter dwelling rabble's beat stick. Awakening with a flash of heated anger and white hot hate, it's blade swerved downward slaying it's own wielder before clattering to the floor noisily. It was on this day that it had finally opened it's eyes to 'life' to finally experience what it was to be aware and to think, from that point, it took days purely to process the change it had undergone.

Unaware of exactly how this change had taken place, why it had become aware or what magics were at work, the blade grew nervous at first, memories of it's past glorious accomplishments rushed back into it. It understood itself with the help of these memories that didn't seem to belong purely to it, understanding it was a tool, understanding the wielder's and owners' motives it had had in the past. After processing all of this information, it grew lost without a goal, what would a tool desire? What did it need? Others were so motivated by their desires for food, drink, women, money, lifestyle changes, but would those things matter to an object like it?... It didn't know. The revelation was chilling... and depressing... It didn't know what to do-- what goal to pursue, what endeavor to try and accomplish. For a while it just did nothing, watching as others found it, as others wielded it for their own dreams to try to learn, to understand what it meant to be alive.

After a time it came to believe that none really knew the answer, living beings were so tied up trying to continue their existences that they didn't sit down to contemplate their own lives. Finding that they would be no help, it decided to take matters into it's own hands. Seizing control of it's current wielder, Rosellia, it decided that it would find the answers for itself. For the moment, it would learn, grow, change and evolve until it could find something worth living for... In the mean time, it would live out it's days as the woman it seized control of.

Appearance: Rosellia is a fit and tight woman with a curvaceous figure and silken clothing that hugs her frame tightly. Her build isn't particularly unique but betrays the amount of physical fitness she'd ended up acquiring because of her career and occupation. Her skin having a faint tan to it giving her some color, her hair a platinum blond appearing almost white in high light. She has some tattoos here and there, mostly symbols of her career, seals and crests she'd applied to her weapons as a call sign or brand that she intended to perpetuate. She has sharp eyes and a powerful gaze, but often wears a smile and has a mature beauty that softens her pointed stare easily.

The Tainted Edge she wears on her back is a large sword that looks too heavy for a normal woman to wield. It's edges are a blazing red and orange while it's center is an obsidian black giving it the look and feel of volcanic glass. At it's base is a sturdy looking arm guard forming a tight cross to protect it's wielder and protrusions to strengthen it's wielder's hand should they reverse their grip on the sword. Beneath that guard however lies a slit that at times will open to reveal a golden eye with a cloudy yellow exterior giving it the impression of being highly infected or toxic. At times the eye will move to observe it's surroundings, but otherwise won't bring much attention to itself.


Craftsmanship: Rosellia is a skilled craftsman, having lived as a smith and carpenter, her expertise is very varied and while not claiming to be a master boasts considerable skill at creating weapons for war or protection. This knowledge is further reinforced from The Tainted Edge's own outlook as a weapon itself, as a weapon it understands the importance of certain qualities as a blade allowing Roselia's work to reach a moderately high level of understanding.

Martial Prowess: As a Blacksmith, Rosellia has naturally dabbled in the art of combat from time to time throughout her life. Learning enough to defend herself she's capable of at least putting up a fight alone. This rudimentary knowledge is deeply expanded by the Tainted Edge's own experience, the knowledge of war and combat from the point of view of a weapon wielded by a variety of masters and experts throughout history is not to be looked down upon. While Rosellia's body is in no way strong enough or trained enough to capitalize on a lot of this skill, it instead heightens her original pedestrian level expertise to something more elite.

Metallurgy: Perhaps Rosellia's best skill is her understanding of metals and materials. As a weapons craftsman she researched and looked into unique metals and the methods to treat and forge them until she'd formed callouses and dark circles under her eyes. This knowledge is naturally heightened by The Tainted Edge that is itself a weapon forged from unique priceless materials as well and with this unique perspective comes the knowledge of the usefulness of certain attributes when crafting a blade.


Nether Gate: The Tainted Edge has access to it's original owner and wielder's Vault. With a simple thrust and turn as if it were a key it can sear open a rift about a meter wide to deposit things cannot surpass a combined weight of 400lbs into this vault. While the rift cannot store any living thing not native to the other side, the technique itself is not particularly taxing. It can be performed several times without exhausting the user, but during combat, the stress of fighting makes it more costly allowing for only three rifts without rest. Beyond simply storing tools, the Gate is also capable of providing varying amounts of support, but Rosellia lacks the power and prowess to properly utilize the gate's potential and can only perform the following:

- Locked

Nether Army: The Tainted Edge has the ability to call creatures native to the other side to aid it's wielder. These creatures come in varying shapes and sizes with their own unique uses and purposes. At the moment, Rosellia lacks the power and prowess to beckon the more powerful forces of the Nether Space to join her and can only call one of the following creatures once per encounter:

- Little Snot: The little snot is a small pudgy creature that stands as tall as a normal man's knee. These creatures are completely useless in combat, being crippled by fear, panic and hysteria by the thought of violence; despite having the strength of a normal human male and can only really provide support as human shields, disposable minions or handy assistants. Their only real advantage is that they can be called in great numbers at 5 at a time.

Nether Emergency: Upon Death, the Tainted Blade is capable of carving open a rift on it's own to retrieve it's host's body. After being sucked into the rift, the creatures on the other side will work tirelessly to repair Rosellia's body. Once functionality is restored and Rosellia's body is once again returned to proper working order, it will be sent back from the other side to a pre-set location where she will wake up as if nothing had happened.


The Tainted Blade: Once known as the Demonic Blade, the Tainted Blade has a myriad of abilities and traits that make it a valued companion in battle. The following mythical effects can be applied to it's wielder should it be passed on to someone else while Rosellia is indisposed:

- Locked

Shinsou Vaan Osiris
06-03-2018, 05:03 AM
Hi there and welcome to Althanas!

Before we go in depth on the abilities, I'd just like to clarify the "locked" tags. In the abilities section, does this tag mean that the two under it (Nether Army and Nether Emergency) are locked? Or does the "locked" tag represent an ability we are yet to see independant of those listed?

Rosellia Vi Delmasc
06-03-2018, 11:09 AM
It's meant to represent abilities that will later be stacked on, as if the ability itself is 'incomplete' at the moment and the character only has access to the revealed portion. I wrote her abilities with a mind to 'complete' them as she grows and develops in the world.

Nether Gate only has access to the storage ability
Nether Army can only summon Little Snots
The Tainted Blade is only a simple sword when wielded

Is how I wanted to represent them at the moment. I hope this clears things up! :3

Shinsou Vaan Osiris
06-03-2018, 12:12 PM
That's brilliant. Thanks very much for clearing that up!

My only real questions are, firstly, how long the resurrection process is for Nether emergency. Are we talking a few minutes, hours or days?

Secondly, the little snots have the strength of a normal human so really they aren't all that useless in combat. If you think that you can summon five at any time, it would be quite possible to gang beat many people your level very easily using the little snots. To make the ability approvable, please can you either cut their strength to half a normal human or cut the summoning number down to 3? That would make the ability much more like the way you portray it.

Rosellia Vi Delmasc
06-03-2018, 12:34 PM
In my head I had only thought to make it encounter based, Aka she wouldn't certainly not be able to come back and join the same fight she died in. Outside of that, perhaps a few hours or days? I'm open to advice, it's hard for me to think of a reasonable time line for it. QQ

Shinsou Vaan Osiris
06-03-2018, 12:52 PM
That's perfect. Thank you! We do have the issue of the snots to address: is there a way we can either halve their strength and keep their number, or keep their strength but reduce their number?

Sorry if this feels like it's dragging out; we'll be pretty much there after this!

Shinsou Vaan Osiris
06-03-2018, 01:15 PM
Thanks for the edits. Approved!