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Name: Keeara - No Surname recorded.
Age: 27
Race: Dragonite - Dragonites aren't really related to dragons at all. Being a kind of middle ground between Amphibians, Humans and Reptiles. They possess strong tails, clawed fingers and a special gland in their throat which can secrete water.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Amber
Height: 5'11
Weight: 210 lbs

Personality: Keeara has a fiery hot personality, ready to take on the world and attack anybody and anything that would dare to go against her. She's hotheaded and passionate, capable of standing on her own two feet most of the time, often rejecting help even when she might actually need it to succeed. This makes her prideful and often boastful of her abilities and capabilities, often usually resulting in her own disgrace or humiliation in some way. She's grown used to it, even if it makes her more and more resentful every time.

Deep inside however, beyond the anger and the prideful bluster, is a hurt and scared woman who just wants to be a little girl again. She just wants to be cared about and looked after, but in her mind, the only way people will care about her is if she's the best. If she's better than everybody out there, then people would HAVE to love her and respect her. It's the only answer she can see and with her tendency to get tunnel vision, it's the thing she's laser focused on. Becoming the best means the world to her, because to her, to be the best is to be worthy of care and attention.

She's disrespectful and disregarding of social status or prestige. Anybody is just another nobody to her until they prove themselves, be they peasant, knight or even a king. Words are often empty in her eyes, she only sees action as being worth any time or effort to acknowledge. It can be easy to talk, but difficult to act. That's what she believes.

She could be said to have a drinking problem, in multiple ways, but more often than not, she drinks to drown the burning rage that constantly bubbles away inside. She can be snarky, callous and sarcastic, but at the same time, she can't ignore suffering if it's happening in front of her. She won't go actively looking for situations where she can be the hero, but if something happens in front of her, she can't help but actually step in. Maybe somewhere deep down, she could eventually acknowledge that she's a good person, but that wouldn't be likely.

Appearance: Tall, yet not amazonian. Keeara toes the line between ordinary woman and amazonian warrioress. Or at least, she would, were it not for the large reptilian tail that she bares, attached to her body. There are small fins that line the top of the tail, all the way to the tip, which glow blue whenever Keeara uses magic and are relatively sharp. The tail is clearly powerful, all muscle and bone, stronger than any of her limbs could ever hope to be without the aid of magic and perhaps even with the aid of magic, she'd be hard pressed to match it.

She has raven black hair and striking amber eyes, with a dark complexion, skin smooth and clearly well cared for. She has an extremely curvaceous figure, is busty and slim, whilst also being very clearly muscular at the same time. Her abs show through quite well, even with her very clearly feminine figure, though her thighs are also very clearly powerful.

And it isn't difficult to see her body, it isn't as if she usually dresses to hide anything. Despite wearing a black, long sleeved top, seemingly made from lizard or crocodile skin, it's extremely torn and tattered. Her tail causes the back of it to hike up, giving quite the view from behind. Her pants are also torn and worn, coming down to just below her knees, yet also showing off her outer thighs all the same.

Get a full image of her here (https://orig00.deviantart.net/c974/f/2017/101/f/4/g2014_by_gamerag3-db5ey8m.jpg)

History: Keeara was born into a family that didn't want her. A father who didn't want a family, a mother who didn't love her father. Life was hell, or at least, most would've thought that it would be hell. But hell didn't really start until Keeara turned 11. Up until that time, her father had kept himself busy, out of sight and out of mind, whilst her mother took care of her and raised her. But once she turned 11, it seemed that was the point in which her father decided that she was old enough for him to begin "teaching" himself.

At first, she'd been excited that her father wanted to spend time with her, to teach her to be an adventurer. But after only the first lesson, that all changed. Learning "how to take a punch" might have sounded like a useful skill for an adventurer to have, but it was only an excuse for her father to justify beating her up to her mother and to anybody that asked. From day one, she recognized this. But she was trapped.

Year after year, his abuse would escalate slowly, he grew more and more callous and cruel, beating both Keeara and her mother. In that time, Keeara turned from the adventurous, fun loving girl she had been, into a dark and angry person. Her father's abuse robbed her of a lot of her childlike innocence and wonder, leaving her with only a simmering anger and a slow burning hate. And her mother wasn't much better! The spineless, pathetic woman constantly whispered promises to take them both away from her father. Just words. Just empty words. That was when Keeara learned that words meant nothing, one of the only lessons she can say her mother actually taught her.

Until she was sixteen, she could only endure the abuse and the torment, before her chance arrived. A band of mercenaries traveled through, on their way to a nearby cave, escorting some nobleman or something as he attempted to negotiate his son's release from the bandit camp he was trapped in. It had been a split second decision, but as she found herself diving into an empty carriage, burying herself beneath a pile of blankets and curling her tail in as much as she could, she didn't regret it.

As far as she knew, the negotiation went well. The bandits were paid, the man's son was released and they were on the move back to the mercenaries' camp, after dropping off the nobleman, before a growl from her stomach gave her away. Found and captured, all she could do was explain who she was and where she'd come from, begging for a chance to join them. It was a desperate, foolish attempt to appeal to them, born from the fear she felt.

And they took her in. Even if she had to deal with the verbal abuse, the heckling and the names that they would call her, often to do with her tail, it was far better than living with her family. They taught her to fight, by hand and by blade, though she preferred the fist to the sword. There, she started to hone her natural abilities. They could be useful in battle, she could tell.

But one man in particular had her in his eye. The camp blacksmith took her under his wing, though not in the art of blacksmithing. He tried his best with that, but it'd become clear that she just had absolutely zero talent for smithing. Instead, he took her on as a pupil in the magical arts. His own brand of magic was interesting to say the least. He controlled his own body temperature with his magic, using it to allow him to smith on the go, working the metal with his bare hands.

Under him, she learned to manipulate her own body temperature, though nowhere near to the degree that her teacher could. And that frustrated her. She HAD to be the best, be better than the man that taught her! But she wouldn't get the chance to keep tapping him for his knowledge. Halfway into her 24th year alive, a disagreement broke out in the camp, over an artifact that they had all come across. A mask fragment, one that for some reason had made Keeara's teacher uneasy, was caught between the grasp of the camp leader and his second in command. The leader wanted to sell it and be done, but his second in command saw the potential for power, for greatness.

Before she had a chance to even make her own decision, the second in command had placed the mask fragment on his face and then, summarily, exploded. She woke up in the burning remains of her camp, the world silent, save for the crackling sound of fire and burning. Nothing was spared, she had nothing save for the clothes on her back. Bodies were scattered, some were missing entirely. But she had no clue what had happened, just that she'd been defeated easily.

Unacceptable! She couldn't have accepted it then, even now she struggled to accept it, but all she could do was leave. She wandered by herself for a long time, hunting what she needed to survive, fighting whoever she wanted to fight, looking for jobs when she could. Her life was a mess, broken and in complete shambles. Deep down, she'd wondered if this was a punishment from up high, for abandoning her mother, but she'd long stopped believing in the divine. The only powers she believed in were her own and the cursed. Like that mask fragment that had taken everything from her again.

And life became an endless cycle of finding jobs, completing them and spending the money on booze or cheap thrills wherever she could. A real sham. A mess.

But wasn't that the life of an adventurer...?


Trained Swordswoman
Expert Hand To Hand Combatant
Above Average Alcohol Tolerance
Above Average Hunting and Gathering
Above Average Pain Endurance
Absolutely Talentless Blacksmith
Above Average Shameless Flirt
Average Endurance
Average Weakness Finder
Below Average Planning Skill


Body Temperature Control Magic: From her old teacher, Keeara learned to control her own body temperature safely using magic, though nowhere near to the amazing temperatures that her teacher had been able to manage. She peaks at roughly 110 Celsius, just a little over the boiling point of water, and dips at around -1 Celsius.

Water Secretion Gland: As a Dragonite, Keeara has glands in her throat that release a hefty amount of water on command. Using these, Keeara can spit up water at about the same strength as a powerful garden hose, as long as she remains hydrated and keeps drinking liquids.

Steam Power: Combining her magic with her natural ability, Keeara is able to heat her water glands and breath out steam instead of water. Though she loses a hefty amount of range and force from the water, expelling steam also has a multitude of other benefits that she can exploit.

Equipment: Leather Armor - Though she isn't really wearing much, what she does wear could be considered armor.....technically.

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