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06-04-2018, 03:19 PM
Koreena Lynn Cronen


Nickname/Alias:*Kora, KC

Age: 15 looks older then her actual age.

Race: Mixture of sorts, mother a succubus from Fallieni. Absent father from Corone that is a Demigod

Height: 5'6

Weight: 135


Personality: Koreena is very somber in life. Her exterior is pretty thick as she doesn't care what many think. She has kind of an attitude problem but wise beyond her fifteen years of life. She always questions peoples motives, especially men. She might as well use the opposite sex as a chew toy, as she uses them and then leaves them. For this one daddy issues isn't even a phrase that would cut it. The demigod left his children with his fling Leila and popped in every few years then gone again. She practically despises the man that helped create her. She is for sure a spite fire and a hand full.

History: Koreena didn't have a hard up bringing, between her mother's family wealth and her father being who he is she was very well off. Her and her twin Thayden grew up completely opposite of one another. He looked up to their father as most did, a hero, practically a deity. She on the other hand, saw him as a coward, a fool, someone that made children but didn't stick around to help raise them. Leila, their beautiful mother was everything to Koreena, her friend, her confidante was slain in the streets of Fallieni having tried to break up a riot. She held her mother while she bled out into the sandy streets. Koreena and Thayden have now set out to look for their father, mostly her brother's plan to deliver the news of their dearly departed mother.

Appearance: Kora is a breath taking beauty, her slightly dark sun-kissed complexion. Striking bone structure and womanly curves for her age. Full lips that give the appearance of pouting. Dark brown locks that are streaked with the color of her own mother's white mane. Her eyes are a striking blue like her fathers.


Hand to hand combat: Kora knows the human anatomy very well. Her small, slender stature makes it easy to maneuver around her opponent. Her dainty fingers know what pressure points to strike in what specific sequence to make even the strong fall. Her only weakness is her lack of strength when it comes to brute force.


Water Manipulation: Kora inherited some abilities from her father. She is able to manipulate any type of water as long as it is available to her. From the droplets from the condensation on a cold cup to the vapors in the air. The maximum amount of water that she is able to manipulate is a gallon at a time. Being only a descendant from a demigod she doesn't have full control to be able to change its substance from liquid to solid yet. This takes a lot out of her so she can only use this magic four times a day for a duration of fifteen minutes.

Heavenly appearance: Being related to a demigod has its perks such as she is able to change her appearance slightly. Altering things such as her eye color, hair (color and length) and slight curvature of her body to appeal to person. This change in her appearance only last for a five minutes before it changes back to her original look.

Equipment/Weapons:Two twin daggers that are made from iron that used to belong to her mother's father.

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Hi, welcome to Althanas!

My only question is; how much water could Kora manipulate at maximum?

Thank you for making your profile so neatly laid out!

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Thank you for getting to me so quickly, I have added she can only do a gallon at a time. Please let me know if that is too much for her first level.

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That's just fine, thank you!

Is it nepotism if I approve you?

Who cares, approved!