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Thayden Joshua Cronen


Nickname/Alias:*Thay, TJ

Age: 15 but looks at least 20

Race: Mother was a succubus from Fallieni and father a Demigod from Corone

Height: 6'6

Weight: 205


Personality: Thayden is full of life, he admires beautiful things especially woman. He enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his twin sister. Though they are twins they are far from similar. Thayden is very loyal to his family as well as protective. He feels with all or nothing, there is no in between for him.

History: Thayden grew up with a loving mother that would do anything for him. Yes his father was absent but only physically. His mother Leila would tell him and his sister Kora memorizing stories of their father's adventures and his great love for the goddess of the sea. If not for the goddess the great Breaker and his mother would have never met. While Kora would spite venom at the stories their mother would tell Thayden would ignore her and tell his mother to continue. Thayden's life was perfect until the day Leila and Kora had gone to the middle of the city for things. It was almost like his heart had stopped for a moment and restarted when it happened. He didn't know why but he felt like he needed to go find the women. By the time he reached the center of town the riot had already erupted. Thayden ripped through people like a freight train, there he found Kora cradling their mother's lifeless form in her arms. It took hours before she would let him touch her or the corpse of their mother. Even after the burial it took days for him to make her agree that they should go find their father and tell him the news.

Appearance: Even for as young as Thayden is, his appearance is superior then men twice his age. Strong bone structure with broad, strong shoulders and chest. His chiseled strong chin resembles his fathers. Stubble on his face and thick brown hair that is slightly spiked in the front and thick brows. Slightly fuller lips and bright blue eyes.


Hand to hand combat: Thayden is ungodly strong, he uses his brute strength in combat. He is stronger then the average human with out using his ability. As strong as two men put together. Though he is strong his big stature makes him a bigger target.

Smooth talker: Having a sister like Kora, Thayden has learned how to be a smooth talker. When it comes to women it is very easy for his velvet like voice to win them over. Men, men are a bit more challenging but who doesn't love a challenge?


The Gift of Sight: Thayden is able to see into the future. Only small snippets of things that can happen and only moments before they happen. When using his gift of sight Thayden has to practically meditate leaving him defenseless. This sight only lets him see four minutes into the future and only a fracture of a glimpse into the future. He is only able to use this twice a day.

Brute strength: Thayden being a quarter of a God has the ability to channel that from within his blood. In a spurt of five minutes he has the strength of a rhino (five men), his skin also becomes tough enough to reflect two large blows with out feeling the effect. After the second blow his skins resistance goes back to normal.

Strength: Thayden has the brute strength of two men, for he is not just a man but has a small percentage of the blood of Gods running through him. This makes him stronger then just any average man.

Equipment/Weapons: A sword made from iron that his mother said his father left for him.

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Welcome to Althanas! I'll just run the number on this and get back to you shortly.

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Take your time, thank you for the quick reply.

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Hello and welcome to Althanas

Your character certainly looks interesting and it's exciting to see you here! Your abilities look simple enough and something to work with.

For strength, when you say as strong as a rhino, how much stronger would be be than an average person? About four or five? You also say in your hand to hand combat skills that he has brute strength, so does he have an average strength higher than that of a normal person (say, 1.5 or 2 times, passive). You have some flexibility here so you can have both if you like.

If you have any questions I'm happy to help.


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Note: I'll be taking this one after talking with Breaker.

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Thank you for looking at this for me.

I have added that his "average" strength is that of two men put together. Also added that when using his ability it is as strong as five men.

Thank you for your time and speediness.

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Thank you for this. If you could put the fact his passive strength is twice that of the average person into abilities that would be great.

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Added, let me know if you need anything else.

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You are approved.