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(Items in green are updated! Previous profile for reference is here here (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?511-Three-Feet-of-Snow-Fennik-Glenwey-Lvl-6))


<Who am I again?
Besides a bug, I mean.
Does it matter?>

“Only so much as you let it. Consider your old self a shed skin, if you’d like.

~ § ~ § ~ § ~

Name: Fennik Glenwey.
Nicknames & Aliases: Fenn, Pigwidgeon, Winter’s Herald
Age: Appears to be somewhere between eight years old and twelve at most. Chronologically speaking, Fenn is at least as old as thirty five — though he doesn’t often act it.
Height & Weight: 3’9”, 52 lb.
Race: Fae, specifically, one of the Winter fae. Known colloquially as “frost fae”.
Occupation: Picker of Pockets, Seeker of Treasures, Herald of Banrion
Languages: As a mute, Fenn speaks no language — though he is able to make some pretty impressive squeaks and hisses. As a traveler, however, he has perfect understanding of Tradespeak and partial understanding of several Elven and Salvarian dialects. He also has devised a limited sign-language which only his mount Daugi and his closer friends can decipher (magical omniglottal shenanigans nonwithstanding).

Likes: Honey, oatmeal, blackberries, food in general, shiny objects, the thrill of kleptomania, shiny objects, Daugi, Banrion, other assorted friendbeings, shiny objects, money, books, mysteries to investigate, and shiny objects.

Hates: Rain, lectures on morality, super spicy food, people touching his stuff, people breaking his stuff, being bored, being denied information or material goods, and the sizzle of iron.

~ § ~ § ~ § ~

Personality: Since his recent metamorphosis, Fenn has forgotten quite a bit and found a new sense of calm. Old friends might find themselves surprised by his more detached demeanor. Don’t be mistaken — at the core, he’s still a nosy lad with a hunger for thrill, knowledge, and (above all else) interesting trinkets to hoard. No differently than before, his inability to speak forces him to be more emotive and exaggerated in his actions than most people. Puns still sit rather well with him. And his patience is about as sparse as it’s always been.

Fenn’s main mental philosophy is less one of good and evil than it is about harm and pleasure. Pleasure is good; seek it. Hurt sucks. Flee from it, or fix it. It’s probably always been this way. Or, really, that’s how it feels to him.

Sometimes, he gets the sense that maybe… maybe… he should be watching his back. Why does he distance himself from other people? That instinct had to come from somewhere…

Appearance: To his general confusion, Fenn has now hit frost fae puberty. After emerging from his cocoon, he was no longer a blonde child-looking being, but a now fluffy moth-child being. The biggest change would be the soft brown wings sprouting from his back. His hair has bleached white, and there’s a cuff of poofy white fluff around his neck now. Both his ears and antennae are rather expressive and move much like a cat’s might. The most uncanny part of his face would still be his eyes; a solid, bright green, and far too big on his face. Frost dapples his skin like freckles, and his wrists and ankles are scarred black by unusual cuff-like burns. He carries the scent of spring thaw and frozen earth… and sometimes honey or cinnamon.

~ § ~ § ~ § ~

History: Fenn does not remember his life before metamorphosis.

Upon instinctively cocooning himself, he changed both physically and mentally. Little things have stuck with him — an instinctual flutter of fear at the sight of iron handcuffs, a muscle memory that leads his hands into pockets they don’t belong in, the scent of places he can’t recall visiting, names he can’t attach faces to.

In part, he is working to fill in his memory gaps. His portable hoard is useful at times. So too does Banríon’s knowledge of his past year of life help, and Daugi’s reactions to the world around him clue him in on just enough to get by… but not everything. To a point, he is resigned to not knowing what he once was — and thus instead trying to mold a himself anew. Which is convenient, for a certain snake-headed fae willing to offer him a kindly hand in the molding process…

”Your past self trusted me. Confided in me, even, after a while. In turn, I confided back. I would like to continue this honesty. Does that please your present self, Fenn?”

~ § ~ § ~ § ~

Picking Locks & Pockets - Fenn is able to pick a somewhat complex lock within a few minutes and a simple lock within half of one. He’s not sure where he learned to pick pockets — but it’s a skill he’s become frighteningly good at. The little fae is fueled by a passionate obsession with “collecting” any small object he can get his hands on.

Navigation - Fenn has a keen sense of direction and is practiced in exploring and mentally mapping out both wilderness and urban areas. Good for treasure hunts!

Herbology - Fenn has picked up a some knowledge about which plants are delicious and which ones are icky and poisonous.

Where did he learn this? He’s not… sure…

”It occurred along the course of your travels. You explore many facets of the wilderness when you wander it — including edibility. Aren’t you glad you have me to help you remember these details?”

Inverted Literacy - Reading and writing upside-down and sideways is very useful for communication when you’re mute.

Rumormonger - Less speaking means more listening. Wherever he goes, Fenn has a knack for picking up on the whispers on the wind.

Wild Dance - Even without formal practice, Fenn is really able to cut a rug when music inspires him to do so. Perhaps, it is a fae trait. Perhaps.

Always Hungry - Mysteriously, the tiny boy is able to consume multiple hefty meals in one sitting. It seems that he is utterly incapable of ever being full. Where does he put it all?

(Semi-effective) Beast Wrangling - DAUGI, NO. SPIT THAT OUT RIGHT NOW.

~ § ~ § ~ § ~

Ice Attunement - As a frost fae, Fenn has a body temperature below thirty two degrees Fahrenheit and the innate ability to create snow and ice; though, he often wonders if it isn’t controlling him, since it often acts up in response to his emotions rather than of his own volition. Each of the below counts as a separate ability;

Jack of Frost: When he has direct skin-to-skin contact with someone, Fenn is able to inflict a fairly mild frostbite on them, which can be useful in forcing people to break their hold on him. A more mundane utility for this, is that spreading frost over a flat surface turns it into a good doodlepad for the little fae to spell out his thoughts on. This ability can also freeze over water if he is in contact with it for long enough. To his dismay, it never really turns itself off...
Stormy Disposition: Fenn can make it lightly snow and hail in the area around him. It’s a useful skill for whipping up some cover if he needs it.
Foul Snowball: With a flick of his hand, Fenn can summon and hurl around snowball-sized chunks of ice. Currently, they have a hardness slightly below that of steel.
Piercing Cold: Whoops; Fenn has accidentally figured out how to make sharper icicles alongside his typical chunks of blunt-force-trauma. They are lighter than his ice chunks, and also pointier, but are of a similar strength nonetheless. Long-distance stabbery may ensue — if he can figure out how to aim the damn things.

Glamour - Fenn can cast an illusion to briefly disguise himself as another being or animal. The effect only lasts up to thirty minutes, and right now he can only disguise himself as something he has seen before. His skill is weak, so it isn’t hard for those with a trained eye to see the spell for what it is.

Magic Sensitivity - As a fae, Fenn has an innate ability to tell whether an object or person is magical or enchanted. The ability can only be used to tell if there is magic present, not to discern the particular kind of magic. To him, residual magic “feels bright”. This sense only activates if he is in near direct contact with the object, person, or aura of magic in question. Which, when it comes to dangerous things, is probably far closer than he would ever want to be.

Flutter - Fenn has wings now! They are useless. Or, at least, they don’t get the whole “flying” thing, and likely never will. However, the little fae is able use them to slow any descents he might take. Like a parachute, almost. Thus, Fenn can now (usually) negate vertical fall damage. Fuck you, gravity!

Dexterity - Fenn is thrice as nimble than the average human, courtesy of many years spent picking pockets and fleeing from his own follies in total panic.

Thieving Nature - Fenn, the sticky-fingered little bug that he is, accumulates (and spends) the gold of unwary pockets as easily as he breathes. As such, he earns a 15% bonus to GP on completed threads.

~ § ~ § ~ § ~

Clothes - Fenn is often seen wearing a baggy green cloak, brown breeches, and a white sweater two sizes too large. All three are rather patchy and roughed-up, but surprisingly soft. Socks? Shoes? Fuck those, Fenn’s a foot nudist. A pendant hangs around his neck by a silver chain, usually tucked under his shirt. This is...

Suan Gadai, The Dreamstone - A smooth, silver-green rock fashioned out of machalite and traded for Fenn’s Ethereal Crystal and Amari’s Locket (sorry Amari) to none other than Banrion Aoife of the Winter Court. It allows Fenn to communicate with her in his dreams, and she to access to his memories during his waking hours — so long as he wears it. It also faintly glows in the dark! Hooray for shiny!

Special Sifan Satchel - The loose cloth bag that Fenn has slung over his shoulder; a white sifan satchel (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?471-Fenn-Goes-Purse-Shopping) enchanted to hold as much as a large rain barrel and always be as light as if was empty. The opening is a foot wide, and the little fae himself is in fact able to squeeze inside in emergencies. It’s filled with the useless knick-knacks he can’t help but pick up and pilfer along the way. The clutter consists mainly of Fenn’s previous bag, bright stones, cheap jewelry, fancy scarves, empty wallets, wine corks, snail shells, buttons, empty bottles, wanted posters, candy wrappers, faded maps, ancient coins, light adventure novels, stray wires, and rusty pins. The latter two are good for picking simple locks. There is absolutely nothing made of iron in the hoard.

Cupcake Box - This mysterious parcel supplies one delicious cupcake per hour. Honey cupcakes are the best cupcakes. One wonders if this is how Fenn managed to pack away the energy needed to go through his metamorphosis early...

Dog Whistle - A simple whistle crafted from brass. Fenn has it in his pocket, where he can reach it with ease. It makes a shrill sound when blown into, making it his easiest way to catch other’s attention — and to summon his massive direwolf buddy.

Familiar - Daugi the Direwoof.
Fenn’s not sure where his past self picked up a direwolf mount, but he’s pretty sure it was the best decision past-him ever made. Even after his metamorphosis, the two have remained fast friends; he finds that the maternal wolf is quick to intervene on his behalf in dangerous situations. It makes him wonder a bit about what kinds of trouble his old self liked to get into. Either way, he had firmly decided that she is a good dog, and deserving of many juicy bones to devour.

As it stands, Daugi is a hulking beast of raw muscle and floofy black fur, who is a few heads taller than Fenn when she is down on all fours. Her one good eye is a bloodshot red. Her other socket is sunken in and scarred over. Despite her rough appearance, she acts more like a giant golden retriever than an untamed wolf when Fenn’s around — usually. She still has a willful wildness that rears its head from time to time, and she sometimes wanders off on her own to hunt. A keen nose and the call of his whistle will always bring her back to him, however.

Having no magical powers of her own, Daugi makes do by defending herself and her childish charge with raw physical strength. Her claws aren’t made for scratching but her snaggletoothed maw gives aggressors reason to think twice before crossing Fenn. The direwolf’s bite can snap bones and inflict heavy wounds if Fenn allows her to go all-out.

~ § ~ § ~ § ~

Theme Songs: Fenn’s Playlist (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr-6fK857GE&list=PL7ggAj6Mifac7UOkB_SszcjxrOISn_0RE&index=1)

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