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(Level 2 profile is: ~Click Me~ (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?540-Oath-of-the-Blade-Level-2) Updates in BOLD thank you very much!!!)

Name: Elthas

House: Bellthasar (Slightly changed the clan name but adding a BELL prefix)

Race: Ruild Forest Elf. (Concordia Elf)

Hair/Eye Colours: Green (Hair) Blue (Eyes)

Height/Weight: 6'5"/220lbs (Has a lithe/swimmer/runner's build)

Job Class: [b]Hero

Alignment: (LG) Lawful Good

Vice/Virtue: Lust/Justice


(Level 2)

Personality/Psychological Profile: As Elthas has gotten older, he has become a bit more aloof. He has hyper active tendencies as a result of his advanced Speed. He is constantly on the go, and this has earned him a reputation in Stonevale and Radasanth as being someone reliable who gets the job done. Elthas is a fiercely intellectual strategy oriented individual. He has a strong desire for the opposite sex, but he has not yet chosen a mate for himself. Stonevale life is a very busy one and it is difficult to settle down. Elthas, raised by The Hero, Halm Belthasar, has a STRONG sense of Justice and of right and wrong. He fiercely believes in The Old Alliances between Men and Elves and will protect Humes. (Humans) He has gone out of his way to defend the people of Stonevale and will likely do so again...

(Level 3)

After recent events, terrible tragedy has struck House Bellthasar. After it was revealed that Halm Bellthasar (Elthas' father) had betrayed their clan and home-town, Elthas went on a mission to try to save his father. So far, his father is working with a mercenary outfit attempting to bring instability to Corone, and eventually the world. Elthas believes his father can be saved. But that's a deep down view, he is prepared to kill his father if it comes down to it.

~Elthas Chronicles (History/Lore)~

~Will update this at level 4~

~Skill Tree~

1-Elven Martial Tactics-(Mastered) Elthas has mastered the martial tactics of his people using his preferred weapons: Knives. As such he strikes with the tactical knowledge and strategist capacity of someone who thinks of the fly. Reacts quickly, and can maneuver quickly in combat. He has achieved mastery at counters and parrying with his knives.

2-Survival-(Mastered) As a Forest Elf, Elthas is one with his people's land. He can hunt, gather supplies and set increasingly complex traps for the creatures he hunts. Game have varying degree of useful body parts and organs that are used in Alchemy by a certain Alchemist of Stonevale. Elthas can also track that certain Alchemist of Stonevale at this point when he goes off to his forest adventures. Elthas has achieved mastery gathering many of the node types of lumber/etc in the areas of Concordia and the Forest around Stonevale.

3-Combo Breaker-(Mastered) At will, if an opponent initiates a flashy combo of their own, Elthas can see tells for it. Further, with his growing combat knowledge, Elthas may strike and interrupt combo attempts against Elthas while it is occurring. This, in effect, allows Elthas to combo break many martial tactics. Ethas is deadly with his knives.

4--(Combat School) Knives-Simply stated, Elthas can stabby stab things. When Elthas moves he moves with flashy speed and reflexes, sometimes appearing as a blur. He swings with elegant cuts and counters, every move practiced and well thought out. He has achieved some degree of mastery with his chosen weapons. Elthas can cut with preciseness. He has no need for signature moves, so he focuses on achieving mastery and understanding of dual-wielded combat. He displays fancy footwork often.

5-New-Bard Skills. Simply stated, Elthas sings often. He sings to keep himself calm and to elevate the mood of his friends and strangers around him. Elthas sings primarily in the ancient Elven tongue of his people.

6-New-Live off the Land. Elthas and his people are able to harvest natural resources for survival. Further, these resources are process into various items. Such harvested goods include various types of Concordia meats harvests off local wild-life, herbs, mushrooms, etc. These items are processed either by Elthas himself or people who live in his town.

7-[b]New-Chef-Elthas is a cook plain and simple. He has learned the culinary arts form his mother.

8-New-Tailor. Elthas wears all types of cloth/light armour for his adventures. He can repair his gear at will and can upkeep his gear.

~Ability Tree~ (Overhauling this)

~School of Elven Genetics~

1-(Elven Genetics) Elven Blood-This is the school corresponding to Elthas' blood. Though Elthas is no High Elf, Elthas still receives the blessings of his people. Elthas is a pure-blood Elf and has received certain genetic qualities as such. The colour of Elthas' blood is BLUE. Further, his blood has awakened new knowledge.

Speed-On land, Elthas can move up to 30MPH's. And further, is capable of moving as a blur short distances at will. His speed is constant and only needs a turn or two to reactivate should something (I.E. a player ability) temporarily cancel it's effects)

Level 3-Enhanced Speed. On land, Elthas can move up to 40 MPH's. And further is capable of moving as a blur short distances at will. His speed is constant and only requires ONE TURN to reactivate should something interrupt it.

Reflexes-(No change from level 1.) Elthas can react at 1.5x's the reaction rate of a standard Althanian Hume. (Human)

Level 3-Enhanced Reflexes-Elthas can react at 3.5x's the reaction rate of a standard Althanas Human.

2-(Great Tree Blessing) Boons of The Great Tree-From time to time, Elthas' people receive the blessing of The Great Tree. An important aspect of Forest Elf society. As such, Elthas has received one such Boon so far. (Note: This is strictly SO FAR a questing mechanic. Thanks for understanding) Periodically, The Great Tree blesses Elthas with a form of Foresight/Future Sight. Sometimes he dreams of POSSIBLE Futures/Alternate futures before they happen. This allows Elthas some sort of a chance to change things in the favour of his allies and himself and his people. The visions have become increasingly more terrifying and Elthas is trying to prevent a disaster from someday occurring. This he keeps in his heart in silence.

Level 3-No change to this ability.

3-Heightened Senses-Elthas is capable of using the heightened senses of his people. As such, he has 3.0x's the sense capacity of a standard Althanas Human. So far thanks to this capacity, Elthas may detect hidden traps. (And also due to having encountered stealthy types in the past SUCH AS Black Shadow) Elthas, with some concentration, can spot stealthed people. This ability may be used twice per IC battle.


1-(2x's) (Note: I would like to upgrade my original Iron Daggers to Mytrhil Masterwork daggers if POSSIBLE this update. Further, I'm willing to pay for them with my own gold.) A pair of fancy Elven Daggers cut in The Belthasar House blacksmithing style. The daggers are made of Mythril and may be enchanted later on. Not sellable. (Note: Gonna purchase the dagger upgrade at The Bazaar as per request.) Note #2: Daggers upgraded and enchanted: ~Here~ (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?542-Purchasing-Dagger-Upgrades&p=5419#post5419)

2-Travel Pack.

3-Elegant Clothing. (Elthas always dresses with style)

4-Fancy Fedora Hat. (Note: As a cute little in-character mechanic I have it set up where it always finds its way back to Elthas. Indiana Jones style)

5-Bellthasar Signet.

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Hey, I'll grab this. Just let me get back to you in a few minutes.

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You are approved, welcome to level 3!