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The Frozen
08-18-2017, 09:08 PM
Name: Rhuul Valeon
Nickname/Alias: Rhuul
Age: 19
Race: Human
Height: 6’4”
Occupation: Blacksmith

Rhuul is a large, loud and joyful fellow. His warm-hearted spirit and passionate heart allow him to quickly make friends. He loves alcohol of any sort, and he has been known to break into very loud, off key songs while heavily intoxicated. Rhuul’s greatest passion his metalwork, and he is willing to sacrifice anything and everything to complete his current project to the highest possible standard he can achieve.

Rhuul’s father, Derek, was a low-ranking career soldier who married a woman of equal station to his own. During his service, Derek saved the life of Delwin, a passing dwarven blacksmith, an act which solidified their friendship for the rest of Derek’s life. Derek was killed in a bandit raid when Rhuul was 10 years old, and as a favor to the memory of his friend, Delwin took young Rhuul on as an apprentice, hoping to give him the steady, safe life of a blacksmith. Delwin was an excellent teacher, passing on many techniques and habits that he hoped would one day allow Rhuul to become a prominent smith in his own right.

For as long as Rhuul could remember, even before Delwin took him under his wing, he could see things that others normally couldn’t. people could take notice of it first when he could predict when rains would come out of nowhere or when an earthquake was going to hit. Rhuul could see the very spirits of the elements themselves, personified as wisps of smoke, or balls of light, and speak to them. The rest of the townsfolk soon learned that his ability was a gift when he could ask them for favors, such as causing rainfall or parting the clouds for sunlight.
When Delwin took Rhuul under his wing and began teaching him, he grew even more insightful when it came to the spirits of fire and steel, and by working with them, he could learn difficult techniques quicker than anyone else.

By the time Rhuul finished his apprenticeship at 16 years old, he had made a permanent friend of a iron spirit named Wultz. Wultz was, as a iron elemental, very stubborn and implacable, but very loyal when it came to Rhuul, and was willing to aid Rhuul when it came to pick out the best quality steel for his works or telling him exactly when to take a piece out of the heat.

After Rhuul left his master and set off to become a smith in his own right, the two of them set of for the land of Alerar so that Rhuul could expand his knowledge of metallurgy.

Years working around the heat of the forge has given Rhuul a copper colored complexion, as well as intense muscles. He sits as a tall, heavy set man with short, dark hair, brown eyes, and a stubble if he decides not to shave that day.

Blacksmithing- Rhuul has spent years with his chosen art to the point where the forge is a part of him. He knows how to make everything from copper tools to patterned Damascus steel.

Weapons Training- Rhuul knows how to use most weapons with decent proficiency, but he prefers blunt weapons he can put his strength into.

Elemental Communion- Rhuul can see the elemental spirits of the world and interact with them. He cannot force them to do anything however, only ask.

Summon Wultz- Wultz is a small, very protective iron spirit, and is completely loyal to Rhuul. Wultz can move steel objects with the force of up to 27.5 kgf (the same as an average kick) Wultz also has a great understanding of metallurgy, and a natural insight that matches even Dwarven smiths.
Strength-Rhuul has spent 6 years shaping hot metal, and from this has gained great physical strength. He can deadlift around 300lbs

Rhuul’s Hammer- A traditional blacksmithing hammer, not suitable for combat
Rhuul’s Mace- A traditional iron, flanged mace, weighs 5lbs and is 24” long, can be used one handed.
Blacksmith Workshop- a small space with a coke forge, striking anvil, grindstone, and various materials of the trade.

08-19-2017, 10:02 AM
Hi there, can you add in that your mace is iron (iron is the limit for starting characters)?

Apart from that, you're good to go.

The Frozen
08-19-2017, 11:06 AM
adjustment made, thank you

08-21-2017, 08:25 AM
Thank you, you are approved!