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Name: Morus
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5' 2”
Weight: 110 lbs.

Appearance: Youth is fleeting; with it go naivety, boundless optimism, and precious innocence. While the wizened clamor for the chalice of Juventas to touch their parched mouths once more, there is no worse perversion than the spring of life suffering a blemish of an unexpected frost. Morus, a dark-haired specter of a child, has the empty eyes of a terminal patient or war veteran; bereft light and accompanied by a thousand-yard stare. Haggard, dark bags hang under each eye, and every twinged smile screams of forced politeness and looks rather painful. Though dressed like a barefoot urchin, he holds up himself with a remarkable amount pride and quiet determination.

Personality: Grim for a youth, an unknown force still fills Morus with a fierce drive to continue despite his pitiable existence. Clever and obstinate, he has the world weariness of the elderly and a cruelly simplistic understanding of life that only a child could hold. The boy holds himself with stoicism and a deathly serious attitude, and it's a shame that his appearance and actions don't allow others to do the same.

Herbalist – Morus has a rather extensive knowledge of which plants can heal and which can kill. He is able to produce simple poisons and healing balms, so long as he has the right ingredients.

Skilled Combat – Morus is sufficiently skilled in both hand-to-hand and single-handed blades, though his knowledge of both could only defend him from the untrained or dim. Stylistically, he prefers delaying and dodging his opponent, until he can strike with something more substantial and preternatural.

Skilled Stealth – Life on the street has left the boy with the ability to remain unseen in a crowd or shadow. Although by no means supernatural or special, alleyway or open road allow him the chance to remain hidden.

Skilled Pickpocket - Survival, though unattainable, stays at the forefront of the boys mind. He has some small skill for larceny, able to riffle through the pockets of a distracted character. (Not usable in combat, unless expressly permitted by an opponent. Even then, probably not.)

Climbing - Having navigated a number of cityscapes, Morus has become rather adept at clambering up structures and rock faces. Though his lack of strength is a hindrance, his light weight allows him have an edge at escape stick situations.

Psychokinesis - Using a focus point on his body (generally hands or feet) Morus is able to produce an outward push of psychic energy, equivalent at its strongest to a full on tackle of an exceptionally powerful grown human, and roughly the size. Though able to knock an opponent down or allow him to jump several more feet than he normally could, the stopping power of this attack wears down quickly with each use, leaving the boy exhausted from the concentration required in as little as seven bursts.

Oneiromancy - Through sleeping dreams, oracles and madmen divine their fortunes amongst confused images and subjective interpretations. Morus, haunted most nights by his dreams, has found a devious way to augment his augury. There are substances which allow the mind to enter waking dreams, where the auspices can be better remembered and followed swiftly. Though the pictures are clearer and allow Morus foreknowledge of locations and dangers, use of these substances causes side-effects ranging from sluggish reaction time to full-blown paranoia. And continued abuse is only a death wish. For now, this ability can provide vague (generally quest related) looks into points of interest. Imminent threats against his or the lives of others are foretold, but the specifics of time and method remain hazy at best. The process takes at least several hours of dose and concentration to enter consciously, and while time is relative in such a state, at best only an hour has past.

Dream Travel – In the throes of sleep, Morus is able to cross oceans and continents by slipping into someone's dream. The ritual for this is exhausting and long, and the boy must be soundly in dream to occur. Thus, it is not feasible in combat. No physical transference takes place, merely a projection of the boy's consciousness. Because of the cost in time and of sanity, both Oneiromancy and Dream Travel are unsuited to the rapid pace of battle, unless an opponent is willing to give a head start of the better part of a day

Phaseshift - Thrice per day, without an extended rest, Morus can phase through into the dream realm for a period of five seconds, and teleporting up to ten feet. This ability causes the boy to become incredible fatigued after the three uses.

The Firmament - Channeling into the very dreaming itself, Morus can summon a cloud to his hands that allows him to use his very dreams to fix minor wounds, ease pain, and slow bleeding in more serious ones. However, as it is powered by his dreams, this ability does not work on him.

-A small pack of various first aid supplies including herbs to make balms and salves capable of speeding up the natural healing process of the body by a little, or easing pain. The pack also include bandages, splints, and a small flask of strong alcohol when herbalism fails.
-Some ragged clothes
-A long steel knife.
-A pipe.
-A small supply of hashish.

History: Life and dying are one and the same, and Morus was unfortunate enough to learn that at a young age. The boy has been doomed to die since he was twelve and by age eighteen, the curse that looms above him will finally fall; death will be the least of his worries then, as his very soul is torn at the seams by unseen forces and its contents, his memories and essence, are scattered by the merciless winds.
Only the slimmest hope exists to escape his fate.

After a brief encounter with a thief, Morus ended up in the midst of a clan war, hired as a mercenary for the Ixian Knights against Phoenix Ascendant. Working with the warrior Taka, Morus managed to show his near useless martial prowess against Rayse Valentino and the High Elf Elisdrasil.

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