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Professor Charles
06-19-2018, 02:22 AM
I was young once. Then, the King of Death gave me a proposition I could not refuse.


Name: Charon De’Erebus
Known as: Charles Rivers, Professor Rivers, Sensei Ribasu, Rivers
Age: Primordial
Race: Primordial being (servant to the Old Gods and the Thayne)

Build: muscular, though clearly a scholar
Height: Average at 5 foot and 10 inches
Weight: 190 pounds


Charles is humanoid in appearance, with rounded ears, two good legs and two arms. He is of average height and build, though looks muscular and possibly an ex warrior if one were to peer hard. His skin is pale, akin to a vampire or something similar, and his hair is a light silver, though has been known to also variant on grey and white, depending on the day apparently. His eyes are piercing ice blue.
The striking difference, however, from normal humans, is the twisting horns that rise from his temples and curve back along his head. A dark brown, almost black or blue they are very noticeable against his hair. For this reason he gets called ‘tiefling’ a lot, and for the most part he lets people assume he is one.
His hair is kept neatly back, in a ponytail. It grows from around where his horns sprout and at the top of his head but only thinly at the sides. Usually he wears formal robes that mark him out as an academic, tied at the waist. When he is in Akashima he wears more traditional ones there, and where else he keeps himself clean with an elven style. Colours are kept to blacks, blues and sometimes greens.


Quiet and studious. Academic and kind. Rivers has the personality of the lecturer you always wanted but never had, who has a passion for what he teaches and his students. He is compassionate at times, but is also known to have a mighty temper that will make hearts tremble with fear.


Teacher -
One his main skills, Rivers is able to teach many different things, from history to mathematics, to a variety of levels and personalities. He has a way of communicating lessons to a degree that is suitable for the person to understand.

Transportation -
Rivers is an excellent sailor, of any type of sea-going vessel. This is connected to his Transportation ability, but concerns the main everyday skills of a sailor.

Tea -
Rivers likes tea and has near expert knowledge on various leaves and how to brew each type.

Staff-trained -
Rivers can fight with his quarterstaff, and is trained in the art of being able to do so. He uses this as his primary weapon. His main methodology of fighting is a heavy weight martial art.


Transportation -
Number of uses - Passive. Constant.
Charles Rivers has the ability to expertly drive or steer almost any vehicle. Whilst some would say this was an innate skill he was born in, he himself regards it as something he has learnt over time. Naturally it began with boats, particularly canoes, but over the years Rivers has found he is able to steer carriages, frigates, chariots and many more, instinctively knowing the subtle movements needed. It extends also to any mount that he rides. He is able to guide a horse at full gallop through a minefield, and keep a kayak afloat through white water rapids. He has an aversion to modern technologies, such as steam trains from Alerar, but has found he is able to coax steady movement from them. With live animals it also extends to understanding them and their muscles, though Rivers also often speaks of vehicles also having the same. Within an hour of being faced with a new device of travelling he is able to steer it, within two he is suddenly an expert - though not of the engineering and making of a more complex vehicle, such as an automobile.

Immortality -
Number of uses - Passive.
As a primordial entity, Rivers has never died or aged. Ever since stepping from Khaos at near the beginning of time he has not needed to fear death. He emerged at the apparent age as he is, and still has the same number of grey hairs. Whenever a fatal blow befalls him he does become incapacitated as any man might, but does not truly die. Instead if the incapacitation allows he remains awake and aware, feeling the pain as any might. If the death would make him fall unconscious such as bleeding out or drowning, he will do such. Six hours later he will awaken again, or be 'alive’ once more, fresh faced and fully healed.

Strength -
Number of uses - Passive.
Due to his old form and his background as being the ferryman of the dead, Rivers is remarkably strong. He is able to pose a considerable threat to the average person, being around thrice as strong that of them.

‘Void’ bolt -
Uses - Five per thread
Rivers can produce a dart of Nothing, that is the absence of everything. It is essentially a void, a form of darkness that fires from his fists or the end of his quarterstaff, and can be aimed to hit a person. It looks akin to a bolt of shadow, though it is darker than black. When it hits it makes a person numb within the four inches were it hit, a small amount of pain and always nausea, which will be harder if the abdomen is hit.

Understanding -
Number of Uses - Passive
Rivers has an innate sense of understanding and comprehending any animal used as a mount, as a bearer of a cart, or beast of burden. This couples with his transportation ability well. It does not mean he can speak to them, nor can he see into their mind, but he does have the ability to calm them, much like a horse whisperer.


Define from this what you will.

I was born before the stars were, their twinkling presence not even a blessing upon this land. All there was in my age was the Old Gods and the Thaynes and the others, with no land beneath us but the scarred remains of the cooling rock. There was no life, not even a single sapling or the smallest bacteria. There was just us - those you have heard of and those you have not.

My name was originally Charon De’Erebus, and I knew it when I emerged from the eternal darkness we call Chaos. I, along with my siblings who are but in themselves mere servants to all other deities, gave ourselves to the service of them, because that was our purpose. We are known simply as primordials.

But as time went on we, quite naturally, became jealous. We wanted power for ourselves, because all beings, no matter how perfect, have jealousy. And I was amongst those, craving for what I saw in the hands of the Thaynes, the Old Gods and the others emerging. One of my kin, Morningstar, declared that we should rise up together and fight against them to claim out right, and some agreed with him. Others did not. There was a short, brief war, chaos reigned for some hundreds of years and I was in the middle, unsure of what side to take.

That was until.one day as I was exploring the underworld. Then, the King of Death made me a proposition I could not refuse - to serve him and gain unknown amounts of power. And so I entered into his service, giving myself wholly into his domain, with the promise of new found strength.

It is needless to say, that I was tricked. I became what nobody wants to become - a psychopomp, a transporter of the dead. A boat became my transport, death became my companion. Whenever I tried to defy the King he stole what power I had gathered then bound me to my boat until I was willing again to do as he bid. Millennia passed this way.

Until one day I decided enough was enough. I made a new proposition with him. In exchange for the majority of my define power, I would be allowed to go to the surface of the world and live like a mortal. He agreed, stripping my power down rare, but it was the only possibility I had to escape my role as the Ferryman. Instead, I became a teacher, a Professor, and that is how I came to be where I am today.

Now class, any questions?

Shinsou Vaan Osiris
06-26-2018, 03:25 AM
Hello there! Sorry to keep you waiting.

I'm happy enough with your abilities, but just to clarify, your immortality will obviously not prevent you from "dying" in the Citadel or PvP threads. I'm pretty sure you covered that anyway. :)