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Alright, so according to the guide we get up to level 16 without level breaks, and I've never done a level 16 profile before, so that's what we'll call this. If necessary I'm willing to purchase a level break, but I'd rather not waste the GP. I removed several abilities, but also added several new ones, so hopefully it all balances out.

Level 15 Update (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?47-Breaker-Level-15-update)

Updates are in blue.

Name: Joshua Cronen
Nicknames: Breaker (or Heartbreaker to a special few), Doorman (Radasanth), the People's Champion (Corone), Uncrowned King of the Tiered Mountain (Salvar)
Known Aliases: Granite Phantom (Fallien/Aleran/Scaran prizefighting name)
Sex: Male
Age: 30
Height: 6'
Weight: 198 lbs.
Race: Demigod (looks human)

Physical Description: Joshua is a tall man with broad shoulders, short brown hair and infinite hazel eyes. Aside from being tall and evidently in excellent condition, he is physically unremarkable, fitting into a crowd anywhere on Althanas where humans reside. A closer inspection might lead one to discover heavy calluses on his hands and feet, as well as the fact that he breathes much slower than most humans. A careful examination of his torso would show layers of scars which somehow healed into breathtaking abstract patterns. The only defining characteristic that makes him recognizable to the public are two Y-shaped scars where his dimples once showed. Because a portion of his body weight comes from the unnatural density of his bones and muscles, Cronen is deceptively heavier than he looks, which is more like a swimmer than a bruiser.

Personality: Josh finds the space for beauty and happiness amidst chaos and corruption. No matter the stakes or the danger, his eyes rarely lose their gentle lightness, and he always has a grin for those who need to see one. He is a lover and a teacher at heart, but one who finds himself caught up in the currents of Althanas' adventures all too often, and chooses to embrace the flow rather than fighting it. In manner he can be distant at times, but becomes a social chameleon as necessary. Many believe this personality is merely a facade, an act to disguise the inner ruthlessness of an immovable vigilante. The truth is that Joshua's brain houses so many memories, many not his own, that it is easy for him to slip into different roles as necessary. Little is known of these personas, but one thing is certainly true of the one they call Breaker: he is absolutely ruthless, and will pursue foes to the depths of Haide and back seeking justice if necessary.


Cronen exercises at the highest and lowest altitudes his body can withstand; atop mountains and on the ocean's bed, beneath waterfalls and inside increased gravitational chambers generated by Ai'Brone magic. Combined with his considerable combat experience, this training has augmented many of his natural physical characteristics.

Physical Abilities - These abilities are governed only by Althanas' laws of physics, making them almost impervious to arcane interference.

Voice of the Thayne - Josh’s ordinary speech can have a significant impact on anyone hearing it. Enemies may think twice about attempting to strike him down, those in favor of him will find him even more appealing, and those neutral toward him will be swayed in his favor. When shouting, Josh can cause terror in low level characters and those without willpower defenses. When whispering, he has a high probability of influencing someone’s mind.

Vile Anatomy: Cronen's bones are at an equal strength with tier ten bone, making them nearly indestructible. His flesh, though ordinary to sight and touch, has a similar strength to tier ten leather.

Imbue strength: Breaker may imbue the strength of his bones into any one object within his immediate possession. The object will lose its (prevalidia equivalent) strength 5 seconds after it leaves Breaker's hand. In other words, he can throw it at someone but not give it to an ally unless it's in a swift coordinated assault.

Regeneration: So long as he has had access to proper nutrition and the ability to rest, Cronen heals at a much faster rate than ordinary humans. He is capable of recovering from crippling or near-fatal injuries in a matter of weeks, and grievous wounds in a matter of days. This applies to combat only insofar as his blood clots rapidly and the first stages of the healing process occur within a matter of minutes. For example, a cut that would cause most people to bleed out would weaken him for only a post or two before regenerating enough tissue to keep him alive.

Ethereal Touch - Breaker is capable of laying hands on any entity, regardless of how ethereal or astral their form may be. He can punch gods and grapple ghosts, and everything in between, including characters who have entered an energy-based or otherworldly state.

Paralyzing Strike - Between his strength and experience as a martial artist, any unarmed strike landed by Breaker has potential to cause paralysis. If he strikes the head or body, the enemy will become unconscious for (at least) two posts. If he strikes a limb, that limb will be paralyzed for (at least) three posts. This ability ignores clothing and armor, so even attempting to deflect a Breaker punch with a bracer will still get you a paralyzed arm.

Adamantine Will: Cronen has an incredibly powerful mind, making it difficult to influence him by hypnosis, seduction, magic, compulsion or pharmaceuticals. While it is possible to crack his resolve, the process is exhaustive and by no means a guaranteed success. This also makes him far more likely to see through illusions and manipulation. Having battled and defeated many powerful psions/telepaths, Cronen's mind has developed to the point where it offers him some protection from most direct telepathic and telekinetic attacks. He is aware of and able to actively fight against any attempt at telepathically invading his mind. He is also able to see and resist telekinetic attacks as if they were ordinary physical assaults. This same learning has made it possible for Josh to interpret any telepathic communication taking place in his general vicinity, even if it is not intended for him.

Clean Living: Cronen’s body produces adrenaline at an unusually high rate and this causes toxins to break down faster in his blood stream. All external toxins have barely any effect on him.

Healing Hands *not usable on self*: This is a type of massage which serves to ease and relax the recipient. It can temporarily restore functionality to a damaged part of the body (for perhaps ten minutes), open and clear energy pathways, heal strained muscles and eradicate emotional stress.

Endless endurance: Cronen can push himself far beyond the realm recognizable by mortals. He recovers from physical output of energy extremely quickly and can remain fully alert for up to forty eight hours without rest if pressed. He is also capable of stopping the function of his heart and lungs for up to five minutes while unmoving, appearing dead (10x).

Strength: Josh is capable of destroying materials up to delyn with his bare hands and denting or disfiguring up to mythril with strikes from the bonier parts of his body. His strength allows him to leap and grab the edge of a two story building and perform other similar feats of physical might. (x10)

Speed: Josh can perform actions which he is skilled at with extreme speed and efficiency. This includes athletic skills such as parkour and martial arts as well as more mundane skills. While moving at maximum speed his actions become a blur to a normal human observer. Although he can only "sprint" in this manner for 20-30 seconds, Cronen is well known for outrunning some of the fastest horses on Althanas. (10x)

Agility: The same physical practice that allows Josh to perform activities at such speeds without injuring himself makes him flexible and pliable in ways that many people find disconcerting. This allows him to perform physical attacks that would seem impossible to ordinary humans. (10x)

Perception: Rangers who have tracked alongside Breaker have joked that he could out-hunt a pack of hounds teamed with a falcon. Cronen's hearing, eyesight, and sense of smell are powerful enough for him to detect life signs up to twenty yards away (breathing, heartbeats). He is also capable of detecting significant disturbances in the air within several yards. (10x)

Energy Based Abilities - These abilities stem from the unique brand of energy generated by natural functions of Breaker's body, meaning they are not governed by the same laws as Tap-based magic.

Impact Grenade: Breaker can channel pure energy into any inanimate object, the result of which being that as soon as the object suffers an impact of reasonable proportion, it explodes with the concussive force of a hand grenade. The blast radius of these is approximately five yards. This means that anyone standing within three yards of the explosion would be liable to be killed or at least lose a limb, and anyone four to five yards away would probably be knocked over and/or heavily winded from the concussive impact.
Directional blast: Can be concentrated into a thin beam of energy or unleashed in a conical spray. A fully concentrated blast has a range an penetrating power similar to a mythril-headed crossbow bolt, while the least concentrated would be more similar to an ordinary discharge from a shotgun.
Josh has enough raw energy for 7 combined uses of these attacks in a day, however exceeding 5 causes severe fatigue.

Lightning Rod: Once per day Cronen may discharge an electric current capable of killing several people into anything conductive touching him. The only way to use this ability more than once in a day is by accumulating external energy. Josh is a veritable lightning rod for all electricity. Rather than hurt him, electrical attacks give him an almost narcotic rush. A low level electric attack might cause something similar to a caffeine rush, whereas a bolt of lightning would feel akin to a cocaine rush. After using his initial attack he can only dish out half as much voltage as he absorbs.

Absorb Energy: Whether it is magical energy from the eternal tap, magical energy from another source, non-magical energy, fire, some special type of fire, or a gunpowder explosion, Josh is capable of simply absorbing energy into his body as if it were a vacuum. The amount of energy he can absorb is equivalent to approximately one hundred pounds of ignited gunpowder. If he exceeds this amount too greatly he will die a slow, painful death from internal injuries. Absorbed energy may be used to fuel Josh's own energy attacks, giving him extra uses beyond his usual 7 per day.

Magic Abilities - These abilities stem directly from the Eternal Tap and may be subject to outside forces that affect the Tap.

Blessing of the Tap: Breaker is a magical being and as such may interact with any force which stems from the Eternal Tap. This allows him to use magical items and interact with some magical or ethereal creatures. It also offers him a certain level of influence over any magic within a twenty yard radius. For example, if a mage cast a fireball at Cronen he would have an excellent chance of deflecting or dissipating the attack. However if the same mage cast many fireballs, Cronen would need to use a different ability (such as evasion or water magic) to counter. If a powerful earth mage or group of earth mages attempted to open a bottomless crevasse beneath him, Cronen might manage to hold the ground together just long enough to throw himself clear, or grasp the edge. When the assassin Kron Sha'keth used shadow magic to block off Cronen's nose and mouth in an attempt to suffocate him, Cronen was able to gradually repulse the invasive matter and convert it into an energy to attack of his own. Note: had Kron Sha'keth been a Player Character, this use of Blessing of the Tap would have required said PC's permission.

Godsight - Because of his link to Am’aleh, and through her the other Thayne, Josh sees the truth of all people. Just by looking at someone or listening to their voice, he will know everything there is to know about them. For PCs, familiars and NPCs, this includes everything in their profile and then some. This extends to details of powers and abilities as well as personal histories, etc.

Greatstep - As quickly and easily as he can take a single step, Breaker can cross oceans and continents alike, journeying via instantaneous teleportation to any location he can think of. He does not need to have visited the destination before, he merely requires a general knowledge of where it is. He is capable of bringing one person along with him each time he greatsteps, and must be in physical contact with them for it to work. Useable 10 times per IC day; successive uses will cause fatigue.

Resurrection- So long as Josh’s body is encased in an element upon death (cremated, buried in earth or at sea) his body will fade and he will be capable of re-taking his live human form from that element 3-7 days later. The length of time he requires to come back to life will be dependant on how brutal his death was, as well as how long he was dead before being encased in an element.

Skills and Training

See Omen: Due to his connection with Am'aleh Cronen is capable of seeing omens in any kind of water, from raindrops to whirpools to tea leaves. This is no kind of foresight, it may simply show him a symbol or location or face which is important in some way.

Fractured memory: Cronen's own memories are surrounded by those of a dozen other men, natives to Althanas who lived on a variety of continents throughout the ages. Although these memories are not constant or overpowering, Josh is capable of more than even he realises in the school of skills and knowledge.

Sleep specialist: Partially because he needs sleep less than humans, Joshua's dreams are infrequent. However when they do come they are vivid, and seem to reflect his future as much as they do his past. Many of his comrades and followers have taken to asking him of his dreams, believing they may entail prophecies of sorts.

Trained Ambidexterity: Through exhaustive training Cronen has become ambidextrous; Although he may still prefer the use of the naturally dominant right side of his body, for all practical purposes he can perform equally well with the left side.

Multi Weapon Fighting: Cronen's ambidexterity and extreme skill allow him to use more than one weapon at a time without losing finesse or technique.

Lethal Martial Arts: Cronen has evolved to legendary status in the field of unarmed combat. Having been trained in a wide variety of martial arts from a young age, he commands an extensive vocabulary of striking, grappling and throwing techniques and is known to defeat multiple armed attackers using only his body. His movements are non-telegraphic to the point where they are nearly impossible to predict. In keeping with this, he is unsettlingly good at predicting an opponent's movements. He can also use a multitude of martial arts weapons to a masterful degree of skill. This gives him amazing control over himself and enemies in combat. He is able to kill, disarm, or merely subdue opponents with an unparalleled degree of efficiency. Pupils studying under Josh tend to learn much faster than others, as he has mixed various martial arts into a supremely effective fighting style.

Ninjitsu: Cronen is a master of moving or hiding undetected through most terrains. He also has extraordinary flexibility and tumbling and acrobatic skills which allow him to use fighting techniques which would otherwise be impractical. These skills are complemented by the fact that his powerful legs allow him to leap fifty feet in the air.

Weapon Group Proficiency; Firearms: Cronen has had training and experience with light firearms and should be considered an expert marksman.

Weapon Group Proficiency; Short Blades: Cronen is legendary in the use of short bladed weapons when it comes to close range (melee) or long range (throwing) edged and pointed weapons.

Weapon Throwing: Cronen's understanding of weapons allows him to throw nearly any weapon/object in an effective, deadly manner. Due to his physical strength and speed weapons thrown by Cronen have similar speed, power, accuracy and effective range to a heavy crossbow in the hands of a master.

Weapon Group Proficiency; Pole arms: Cronen is a master with many pole-type weapons. This extends from staves, to halberds, to short spears, to more exotic pole arms such as the naginata and tonfa.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency; Nunchaku: Cronen is a master at using one or two nunchaku. He is especially dangerous with this weapon, using its surprising range and remarkable power to overwhelm armed opponents.

Special Agent Training: Cronen's special agent training has taught him to deal with Public Relation situations, to gather information, and blend into a crowd when necessary. This also included basic first aid and CPR.

Metalworking: Before joining the extinct UCA, Cronen worked in a welding shop, and took metalworking courses in high school.

Tantric Lover: Formidable strength and endurance aside, Cronen is experienced and knowledgeable enough a lover that many women who have shared his bed consider it a near-spiritual experience.

Wilderness Lore: Having spent time in the wilderness of Corone, Scara Brae and Salvar, Cronen is adept at surviving in these three areas. This includes hunting, tracking, finding shelter and a thorough knowledge of the animal and plant life.

Traps: Cronen is an expert in the construction, identification, and practical use of various kinds of traps. He can construct basic mechanisms using only objects he finds in the wilderness, or something more elaborate if he has the proper tools.


Adamantine Bracer: This indestructible bracer is magically linked to an ancient artifact called the Thaynebinder, and is currently fused to Josh's right forearm.

The Breaker Boots: These are a pair of masterwork boots crafted from the new alloy rythadine. To the untrained eye they look like a standard pair of black leather boots, but closer inspection shows they are fastened by clasps rather than laces, and made entirely of metal. They also bear several enchantments, put in place by the alchemist Tinker Rythadine. Due to the nature of rythadine, these spells cannot be disenchanted, obstructed or removed. For all practical purposes, they are physical properties of the boots.
Enchantment 1: The Breaker Boots form a telepathic link with whoever is wearing them. With a mere thought, the wearer can adjust the weight of each boot from 0-100 pounds.

Enchantment 2: Using the same telepathic link, the wearer may adjust the levels and kinds of friction on the soles of the Breaker Boots. This extends from simply making the boots slipperier than ice to them generating enough static friction for the wearer to walk upside down on a ceiling.

Enchantment 3: Purely for the comfort of the wearer, the padded leather interior of the boots is enchanted to mould to the wearer's foot, in addition to an elemental charm that keeps the wearer's feet at a comfortable temperature at all times.
note on the Breaker Boots: they keep the wearer insulated from discharging electricity into the ground due to their layered design.

Coupon for 75% off one bazaar transaction earned at the conclusion of the Cell.

Angel Eye: a small remote-controlled eyeball controllable via telepathy through the eyepatch. The user can see what the Angel Eye can, though his vision is split between normal and the eye patch. Can fly at 10 mph top speed, no range limit. The primary target was fortunate enough to pick this up at the Bazaar Auction House. (Locked. This item is on loan to the Ixian Knights until the Black Market makes auctioning available, therefore not usable by Breaker)

Haidian Blade: This dagger shaped almost like kukri but with an extra curve at the tip for tearing. This fearsome weapon is forged from an alloy of steel and silver of master craftsmanship. It is enchanted to cut the flesh of any Hadian twice as easily as normal. Rose Vasston received one, and Jake Narmolanya the other, although Joshua Cronen may use Jake's within the bounds of liquid time. The daggers also include custom tier 3 leather sheathes and wrist loops. (received here.)

Colt Anaconda: Taken from the body of a soldier of Intelligence America, this massive revolver is now repaired and fully functional. Contains 1 .44 caliber hollow point steel slug (purchased here).

Dehlar Sledgehammer: Forged from a single solid chunk of dehlar, this massive warhammer with its handle wrapped in braided leather was awarded to Josh by the Corone Rangers the first time he encountered them.(lost, buried along Concordia's fringe in round 1 of the Cell)

Dagger of Kron Sha'keth: A masterwork black diamond skinning knife in a vlince sheathe. It is stiletto shaped and slightly curved, designed for deep incisions and stripping the hide off of flesh. Cronen took this weapon from the Aleraran assassin the night they fought over the streets and rooftops of Underwood. (gained here.)

Steel Bandit Brotherhood Tanto: After their battle-turned-third-base-on-a-waterfall, Kyosku Tetsoma gave Josh one of the Bandit Brotherhood's membership tanto. It is made of standard steel, with the BB insignia engraved intricately on the blade and black and red cloth wrapped decoratively around the hilt.

Glacier Statue: Crafted from high quality silver, this statue is no bigger than Joshua's thumb, ornate in a simple way that keeps it sturdy. It resembles a glacier, and painstaking care has been taken in carving every crag and ridge to look realistic. One of the minute unmelting ice walls has three golden letters inlaid upon it, SSF. While the token in itself is nothing more than a pretty trinket, it marks Josh as an agent of the Salvarian Special Forces. Showing it obligates law-abiding folk in Salvar to answer his questions and assist him within reason, but flashing it around in the wrong place could get the owner's throat slit.

Spears and Daggers: Josh purchased three Akashiman redwood short spears with Delyn tips and three Delyn daggers at the bazaar. The spearheads are long and rhombus shaped, and all the weapons are balanced for throwing.

Mythril Arrowhead: This is the head of the arrow that nearly killed Josh in "An error in judgement". He carries it with him often as a reminder to never let his guard down. (lost in The Enchanter's Children)

Dehlar greatsword w/prevaldia blade dubbed 'Rythadine': Once owned by a Captain Edward Samuels, this excellent blade was given to Josh after its owner's death. One edge is chipped near the hilt, giving it small patch of rough serration, and the blade seems to be permanently stained with blood. These traits are leftover from the battle in which Captain Samuels lost his life. The hilt is inlaid with elegant engravings of intertwined bodies. The core can never be imbued with magic but may be upgraded. Upgraded to prevaldia at the bazaar.
-1 delyn ball 2 pounds
-dragonscale scabbard w/3 cargo pockets
-30yard dehlar cable (link to transaction)

(2) Denim Akashiman martial arts kimonos (gis, one white one black) and a ceremonial cotton redbelt.

Prevaldia and Rywan Tomahawk: A slightly oversized hatchet with a blade on one side and a broad hammerhead on the other, the primary target purchased this multi-tool at Radasanth's Bazaar.

One pound of Radasanthian Reefer (cannabis indica) in a silk bag. We are uncertain how the primary target acquired this, knowing only that he did so at a night club called the Flesh Failures.

x1 Fireproofed gore-tex zippered medium size backpack.
x1 Fireproofed gore-tex trench coat.
x1 Hygiene Kit (soap, shaving cream, collapsible straight razor etc.).
x1 Basic First Aid Kit (gauze, thread, needle, tape, band-aids, scissors etc.).
x1 Field Rations Kit
x1 Steel nunchaku, leather padding.
x1 Polar fleece grey pants and shirt set.
x1 Black cotton/spandex blend pants and shirt set.
x1 Black facemask.
x2 Lightweight leather/goretex hiking boots.
x2 Synthetic wool/cotton blend black socks.
x1 Notebook, 200 pgs.
x1 Mechanical Pencil.
x2 Heavy Wear leather/goretex gloves.
x1 Utility Belt.
200 feet of steel wire, in plastic package.
x1 Distress Signal Transceiver.


Information collected from the archives of the extinct UCA

Joshua was born in a small town, Maroon, population 13,000, just outside of Winnipeg, Ontario. He was an only child and raised by his Mother and Father as a lower-middle class family until just before Joshua's third birthday, at which point his mother died of lung cancer, having smoked for the past 20 years. Two months later, Joshua and his father moved into the heart of Winnipeg, where his father found a new, better paying job.
Joshua lived through a fairly difficult life, spending a good deal of time in cheap day-care programs, while his father worked long hours, tiring himself out. When Joshua began going to school at age 6, his father began to abuse him, supposedly out of anger that Joshua was not doing well enough.
Joshua's father begins to teach him Martial Arts, which he once taught, but in a very brutal manner. It was from these learnings that Joshua developed his over-relaxed fighting style. Joshua also began to excel in school, partially because of wanting to please his father, but also due to being very naturally intelligent.
After continually excelling in school, sports, and martial arts, Joshua begins a metalworking job at age 16 to gain money for College. In these years Joshua passed through several relationships with different girls, most of which did not last very long as the girls were alienated by either his Father or annoyed that he is so busy. On the New Year's eve, Joshua was convinced by several friends to move out on his own.
Joshua is connected to the UCA by Psychiatrist Dr. Barnaby Wells. Begins intense training and becomes Special Agent on his 20th Birthday. Months later, Josh is chosen to undergo a special mission, involving an erratic and unpredictable portal which was accidentally opened at a nuclear testing plant...

Extract from the Log Book of Geoffrey Smyth, Supervising Officer at the Underground's Nuclear Testing area.
February 17th, 2005;
Today we were working on a new method of transportation, which we hoped to later use to mobilize small numbers of agents from one corner of the Earth to another. The idea, which I will not attempt to go into technical details about, is this; we intend to harness the power of a nuclear explosion, but use it towards a positive cause, rather than a destructive one. The energy produced by a splitting atom is immense, as we all know, and our top scientists have been working long hours on how to channel that power towards a certain goal. They are working towards creating a type of portal which, when stepped into, would carry an Agent into a well known safe-zone in a wooded area not far from Winnipeg. I have never been so excited as I was when we first began today, and the portal opened. To me, behind a six inch barrier of protective glass, it was like magic. I thought I was going to die as there was a blinding flash of light, but abruptly the light faded, and I found myself staring into what was simply a black hole in the middle of the experimentation room. The scientist who had performed the final split was being pulled forward by some unseen force, and one of his fellows ran to help him, with the result that, horrifyingly enough, they were both sucked through! The other two scientists on the floor worked frantically, and managed to stabilize the portal, stopping it from sucking everything nearby into it. I was already on the phone with our workers stationed in the wooded safe-zone, but the scientists had not appeared there. It was apparent to all of us what must have happened; the portal had worked, but it was not transporting things to the proper location.

Written by Head Agent Genvieve Aneed.
I can hardly believe I am letting Josh go through with this. He had been scheduled to enter the portal as soon as it was stable and ready, but seeing as we do not know where it transports users to, it can hardly be considered stable. However, it is necessary for us to find out what happened to the two white coats who were taken by the portal. I am in a protected glass area right now, with Dr. Wells beside me. I must say I am glad he is here; he is on very good terms with both myself and Josh, and the moral support he provides is tremendous. Josh is now receiving his final instructions from the Head Scientist, and walking towards the portal. A red light is flashing somewhere, I don't understand what it means, but there's nothing I can do. Josh is about to step through, but an alarm sounds, and abruptly the portal simply swallows him. He cries out in alarm, but his yell is cut off by the portal closing, as the Head Scientist switches off the power. Dr. Wells is frantically unlocking the door, breaking the rules and trying to get on to the testing field. Our Head Scientist is on the phone with our Agents in the safe-zone. Josh is not there. We are receiving no signal from Josh's transceiver. My two-way radio crackles to life, and I hear Dr. Wells on the other end, as he stands next to the Head Scientist.
"Agent down, Jenny. We've lost him."

Recent History: At the conclusion of the Cell, Joshua's nigh indestructible body had been battered, re-animated, brutally burned and finally decimated. However at the crux of the battle his soul became pure energy, and, helped by some unseen force, rose into the sky.

For some time the essence of his being flowed with the Eternal Tap, gaining perspective and insight to the fabric of Althanas. Even in doing so, he could not discover which of the many Deities and higher powers worshiped throughout the world had seen fit not only to save his life, but to teach him more than he could have learned in a dozen lifetimes.

Eventually his erratic search led him to find a way to re-take physical form. At present he remembers little of himself or his time spent on the higher plane, but memories are sure to return...

As he regained himself Joshua became enamored with the deity Am'aleh, and went on many quests to please her, becoming friends with Shinsou Vaan Osiris in the process. On another quest in Fallien he developed a relationship with the deity Suravani. When he is not performing some important task for one of these Goddesses, he can be found training students on a mountaintop dojo in Akashima.

Since the decline of the Brotherhood of the Castigars, Josh has reaffirmed his faith in Am'aleh (and himself) by building a militia called the Faith United. This has become the main focus of his life, among such other important aspects as his friends, his human lover McKinley Parish, and his commitment to training students in various martial arts.

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