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06-24-2018, 04:05 PM
This Profile is being posted in advance and the exp needed for my account to level up will come once my last thread is judged. In addition I've opted out of adding any new abilities and added in multiple weaknesses in order to vastly improve upon the abilities Hayate could already do. The formatting has changed a bunch but my original profile is HERE (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?1206-Hayate-Amtsukami&highlight=hayate).

Name: Hayate Amatsukami
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6’1
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Blue
Profession: Sannin, Brotherhood Agent
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Hayate is true to his heritage and presents himself as an upstanding chivalrous man. Being a descendant of the great Amatsukami clan of Akashima a lot is expected of him and he tries his fullest to never disappoint anyone. In a common setting he could be found meditating in the shade or honing his skills with his sword. Though he tries his best to withhold the high moral standards of the Amatsukami he has been known to decide for himself what is right and wrong and act on his own personal beliefs.

Appearance: Hayate is a tall slender man standing about six feet tall easily towing over many others from his village. Normally he is dressed in a five layer Akashiman inspired battle dress composed of silk wrappings over his entire body, under layers thin iron plating, hidden by his white floor length jacket and legs. He wears a helm of bone to partially hide his appearance only showing his face from his eye down.

History: As with many families that have lived and thrived on the island nation of Akashima the Amatsukami clan is one of the most well respected families and thought to be one of the strongest as well. In each generation there is one Amatsukami male chosen at birth to become the next head of the family and to be given the power of their ancestors. Hayate Amatsukami, born under the sign of the bull, was the first male son of the Seventh Clan leader and the next to inherit the Avatar of War from his father before him. Thanks to this Hayate was given a life worthy of a king, being waited on hand and foot for most of his youth.

During his adolescence he, alongside of his father, participated in the Eiskalt war and this is when he learned firsthand the atrocities of war. At the young age of fourteen Hayate killed his first person, forever changing him, and continued until there was no war left to be won. The effects this had on his life were profound as from that day onward he vowed to never raise his blade for anything less than to save himself or those he loves. He vowed to be the person who changes this world and to never do anything that might hurt the world further.

Years passed and on the day of Hayate’s seventeenth birthday he finally inherited the Will of the Amatsukami, the Avatar of War. With the passing of his father energy unlike anything he had ever felt before rushed into him and within his mind he began to hear a strange voice. This voice started off small and insignificant and for a while Hayate tried to ignore it. But soon he came to understand that this voice was his father’s, and his father’s before him. Within Hayate lived the consciousness of all the past Clan Leaders and carriers of the Avatar.

Hayate is the leader of the Amatsukami, even if he feels it’s a drag most of the time, and operates out of his clan’s compound in the southern region of Akashima. He dreams of one day leaving this small nation and expanding his horizons across the world. Like he saw in Eiskalt, many people around the world are in the need of revolution and reform, something he believes he can do.

In the more recent months Hayate has formed a connection with the Brotherhood, a secretive organization with ideals that line up with his perfectly. After meeting the do facto leader Shinsou Hayate began his tutelage in order to become as strong as possible. After swearing allegiances to Lord Osiris the young lord of Yukon had uprooted his family and moved them to Whitevail and continued to act as one of Shinsou personal hands and bodyguards.


Hand-to-Hand- Hayate is a master in this unique for of combat focusing on piercing blows and swift counters.

Expert Swordsmanship- Hayate is well versed with One-handed bladed weapons of all kinds. He has shown his expertise with his modified katana.

Abilities: (Tiers indicate how many times the particular ability has been upgraded since first approved on the profile. Ie, Tier 1 abilities are brand new and each additional tier indicates that the ability has been improved upon the corresponding amount of times.)

Rise Up; Corpse King

Ability: 1
Duration: 7 Comp Posts
Tier: 2

Hayate is able to conjure a large human like creature, known as an avatar, which acts like a puppet being controlled by the caster. In addition Hayate may conjure the Corpse King and wear it like a giant suit of armor or in some cases may only conjure a small portion of the Corpse King. (Currently: Avatar stands 20 feet tall and is only able to be conjured within a 17 meter radius of the Caster. The ability may be triggered with the activation phrase “Rise up” and once activated manifest near instantly. The Avatar may be active until it is defeated in PvE scenarios and active for 7 combat posts in competitive PvP scenarios.)

Corpse King; Mantle

Ability: 2
Duration: Passive
Tier: 2

Hayate’s Avatar has a body as strong as solid Dehlar giving it great durability and allowing it to endure much more that a regular person. In addition if Hayate chooses to summon only the skeletal rib cage or a solitary limb for a defensive measure they will be of the strength Dehlyn. (This also allows the Avatar to have a 5x strength boost compared to a regular human)

Corpse King; Armory

Ability: 3
Duration:1 Cast Per Comp Thread 5 Comp Posts
Tier: 2

Hayate’s Avatar possesses the ability to conjure many weapons that appear as if from nowhere when called. (Currently: Hayate can summon any bladed or polearm based weapon up to the scale of his avatar. His weapons are of the same strength as Prevalida and may only have one at a time.)


Fatal Bond

Weakness: 1
Duration: Active
Tier: 1

Any damage sustained to Hayate or the Corpse King is shared between them, thus a killing blow to Hayate is also going to dispel the Corpse King.

Sword Release

Weakness: 2
Duration: Active
Tier: 1

Upon summoning the Corpse King Hayate’s sword disappears to assume the form of the beast. Hayate isn’t able to use Yamato while his ability is active. As an additional restriction if Hayate isn’t actively holding Yamato then he may not summon his avatar.

Total Exhaustion

Weakness: 3
Duration: Until Long Sleep
Tier: 1

If Hayate has used The Corpse King until it has vanished due to its time limit then Hayate will fall into a coma until he has slept for a total of 48 hours.

One-armed Warrior

Weakness: 4
Duration: Passive
Tier: 1

Hayate Amatsukami lost his left arm during his fight with Hizuren, the Shogun of Akashima, attempting to leave the political underground of the Yukon district. Hayate has only half the lifting strength of a regular man. (This does not interfere with his ability to use his sword.)



On the day of Hayate’s birth this sentient sword was forged and imbued with ritualistic magic binding it to the young lord. (Currently: Yamato iron quality katana.)

Whip Chain:

In the folds of his garb Hayate hides a grappling hook for auxiliary purposes.

Battle Dress:

Hayate is dressed in white suit and cloak that has had iron plates woven into the fabric to allow for better slashing damage reduction.

Mask of Bone:

A mask of bone Hayate uses to hide his appearance.

06-25-2018, 02:25 AM
Hey I won't be able to approve your level up just yet, but I will take a look.

Once your newest thread comes through we can start work on it. May be that someone else takes it up too.

Thank you :)

Shinsou Vaan Osiris
06-26-2018, 09:07 AM
Phi, this one can now be considered for approval.

06-26-2018, 09:09 AM

Hayake, I'll take a closer look today and get back to you by tonight.

06-26-2018, 05:58 PM

To start off with we cap bodily skin strength at teir 4 (delyn) for a torso or partial body. In terms of the whole body being covered the absolute maximum I can say is teir 3 - that is, as strong as dehlar. Apologies for this.

Everything else looks workable. Once you edit that can you let me know.

06-26-2018, 06:41 PM

So i'm okay with the Tier 3 for full body Avatar and Tier 4 if only the rib cage or a single limb is conjured. But in addition of lowering that ability I raised the height of the Corpse King by an additional 2 meters. I hope that doesn't complicate things anymore than they might be already.


06-27-2018, 01:24 PM
Okay you are currently looking at being a lot over your current limit.

Please note 17 metres is a lot larger than the original 9 feet, and you are only level two at the moment. Could I ask you to bring this down? This will allow me to fit it into the PL.

Alsong able to summon prevalida swords is the maximum that you will be able to go, and since it does not state he cannot summon more than once that is using some PL.

To work this out I suggest bringing down the height of the summon, as well as reducing the strength advantage. If you add a single summon at a time weapon provision as well as possibly restricting it to a number of posts then that will work.

06-28-2018, 04:45 PM
With the changes added, I have now approved this.