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Ulrich Craggenmoor
06-25-2018, 07:28 PM
Name: Ulrich Craggenmoor
Nickname/Alias: Oolie (Ooo-Lee)
Age: 28
Race: Human
Height: 5'9"
Build: Trim
Occupation: Missionary

Personality: Ulrich Craggenmoor, described by some as pragmatic, is in truth in constant conflict. The traveller is almost completely distrusting of others and at once drawn by a deep seated drive to do good.

A priest who sees the devil in all things.

History: Ulrich lived an ordinary life. He was Born to a mother and a father who loved him very much. The youth quickly earned his Mother's deep brown eyes; his father's unkempt, thick, brown hair, and his big sister's love of stories. Both of them would sit around the fire as the caravan master told tales into the small hours of the night.

The images these stories produced: Legendary warriors, Deamons, Great winged beasts that flew from the sky and rained destruction, Treasure to be re-discovered and Heroes elevated to the fragile immortality of myth. All of these stories left a yearning inside the young man, a desire to be bigger than he was, like the stories that filled his nights.

For his entire pre-pubesant life Ulrich travelled with his family. They bought and sold goods from one group to another and as he came of age to make his own way and leave the caravan, he had travelled much farther than many twice his elder.

In his solitary travels Ulrich met, and spoke with, many different groups as he continued to move from community to community starting trade of his own. Always looking for things that were worth more than simple trinkets. Such as knowledge. Ulrich would trade items of great value, for knowledge and skills. Knights who wished for a gilded sword, traded with Ulrich for lessons in stance and chivalry. A wise man in need of ink, parchments and an errand boy taught Ulrich language and history, even gifting this young man's curiosity with leather bound tomes of common lore: simple texts designed to shape and open a mind to knowledge and ideas.

And when Ulrich Craggenmoor had nothing left but the clothes on his back and the earth at his feet, he arrived upon the halls of worship: Dedicated to Panthor and her samurai knights.

The dark and imposing stone of the walls were guarded by grim faced and statuesque warriors with glorious shining blades, curved like an animal's claw. The leaders of the order took Ulrich in for nothing and gave him a bed that was soft, and food that was warm. Continuing to learn, the growing male turned slowly to manhood and on his twenty first year chose to put his knowledge to use within the arcane arts, studying under the head of the order himself. An old and strict man, with scars that played across his face in competition with the wrinkles that had burrowed their own way into his skin in a lifetime of hardship. During his time with the order, Ulrich learned well. Arcana and swordplay finding an unlikely match within his character and further proving the traveller to be unique to the order, gaining him both: attention and favour.

All the while, the teachings of these Followers of Panthor slowly and invisibly, turn his mind to distrust and paranoia of all that were different.

Now Ulrich Craggenmoor, no longer an innocent child dreaming by the fire, heads out into the world again. To become bigger than he is. Carrying the word of Panthor and the teachings of her followers with him.

Appearance: Ulrich is an unimposing, kind faced human. His face has been described as either round or trustworthy, topped with a tangle of deep mahogany hair and inlaid with emerald eyes. Forgoing any kind of heavy armour for light clothing, Ulrich's first impression is that of an innocent and harmless individual.

Skills: Read, write and speak: Trade + Gesture, sign language
Expert swordplay
Kinda good at Alchemy
Natural Tradesman
Very good at camping, Foraging and trapping

Abilities; Aspect of Panthor: being dedicated to Panthor has granted Ulrich with abilities akin to the black cat of the godesses name sake. With concentration, Ulrich can gain either gain enhanced hearing, Able to hear clearly, over twice the distance of a normal human being. Or Run silently and sure footed.

Mystic weaver: There is a magic in the air that Ulrich, after a long early life of study and five years under the master of his kinship, has gained the ability to connect with on a physical level. Able to twist these threads Ulrich can Conjure items from the arcane energies of the world, with a varying strength up to steel. So far, he can conjour a single (1) item at a time. No larger than his torso, if an inch thick, or four (4) feet square, as thin as paper. Any item he creates is clearly magical in nature and appear to be made of hundreds of flowing strings of golden light, compressed into any shape at Ulrich's whim.

Tingly fingers: A crude use of magic, is evocation. Created by compressing energy into a tiny, single point. Ulrich generates an eruption of magic Which arcs out to a destination he chooses within 4 meters like a lightning strike. He can do this twice (2) a day to stun his enemies for roughly 5 seconds. This can be inaccurate, possibly arcing away, if there's a grounding source near the target.

Equipment/Weapons: Steel curved sword. 'Hgnvoj' etched cleanly into the blade.
Symbol of the order of Panthor.
Horse named Clip-clop

06-26-2018, 05:29 AM
Gotcha matey.

Nice to see you back :D

One question immediately comes to mind:

In tingly fingers how long is the victim stunned for?

Ulrich Craggenmoor
06-26-2018, 06:54 AM
Can it be until a condition is met? Love’s first kiss maybe?

Seriously though: how does about 5 seconds of stun work for first level?

And I’ll move it to paralysis and unconsciousness at later levels.

06-26-2018, 08:31 AM
5 seconds sounds absolutely fine :)

Loves first kiss maybe at level 20. :p

Anyway I'll run up some numbers tonight and get back to you.

06-27-2018, 06:56 AM
Okay so your numbers all are good. Can I please ask you to edit your first post with the details as discussed for tingly fingers and then we can get you approved!

Ulrich Craggenmoor
06-27-2018, 11:32 AM
Already done. I believe :)

06-27-2018, 12:53 PM