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(Note: This is a complete overhaul of Lorenor since he is now a member of Ixian Knights. Well let's get to it!!! Note. I am getting rid of most of Lorenor's old abilities and replacing them with the new ones. Updates in BOLD.)

~Name: Lorenor Valkoren

~Race: The Unsent

~Age: Exact age is uknown but some records exist that place him to sometime BEFORE the infamous Demon's War of Althanas.

~Hair Colour: None/Bald

~Eye Colour: [b]Bright Blue

~Height/Weight: 5'0"/200lbs

~Occupation: Paladin/Member of Ixian Knights

~Title: Squire of a Paladin's Order

~Alignment: Lawful Good (LG)

~Element: The Holy Light.

~Psychological Profile: [b]Lorenor is different now. He has undergone Reformation as a member of The Ixian Knight has undergone a cleansing process now altering his state as a Spider Magi. He is still Undead, but an Undead of an entirely different class. The Unsent. Lorenor has the new hungers and strengths/weaknesses of an Unsent Undead. However, he no longer has the weaknesses and strengths of Spider Magi. The Unsent are Undead that take physical form. They did not pass to The After. Thus, their unyielding purpose makes them cling to the living world. Lorenor is now fiercely loyal to the one called Sei Orlouge. Sei saved him from N'Jal's embrace, and thus gave him a chance to redeem himself. Lorenor now has the heavy burden of Sin on his shoulders and works to seek back the life that N'Jal ruined. A lofty order of Paladins has accepted Lorenor as a neophyte and he now works to right the wrongs he once helped caused...

~Vice: Greed

~Virtue: Leadership

~Description: Lorenor is Undead (Unsent) and has an Undead's physiology. He is built shorter than most Adventurers but is massively structured. He has toned muscle structure and a stocky build. His face is highly defined with deeply set features. He now has glowing BLUE eyes where once they were filled with a tangible darkness. Lorenor is bald, and stands a shorter stature. He has perfect posture. Lorenor has a pale/alabaster skin tone that is an after effect of his reformation process. He wears simple attire, namely the basic dressing fashion of his Paladin's Order. He dresses in blue overalls, and a simple long sleeved brown shirt. He carries on his person, a signet amulet that is part of the Paladin Order. And a Signet Ring. On his person he carries one weapon, a basic Iron claymore used with both hands. This weapon is Average quality. (Note: I am replacing Blade of N'Jal with this weapon and downgrading it somewhat in case there would be any problems with me using the update to get the newer weapon. Thank you for understanding.) He wears a simple traveling cloak that is colored brown. He wears black leather boots and matching gloves. He also wears a tabard bearing the marks of Ixian Knights. His cloak also bears the marks of the Ixian Knights. Lorenor's body periodically glows with a brilliant light that is an effect of The Holy Light's purity.


Five long years. After five long years of suffering in a dank, miserable cell, The Ixian Knights saw fit to release Lorenor. During the five years of complete isolation, Lorenor's body purged the effects of N'Jal. Furthermore, N'Jal's control over Lorenor was severed. But not completely. Lorenor could still feel what N'Jal was up to and The Ixian Knights would use that advantage in their war against N'Jal. After his period of reformation was up, Lorenor was contacted by a man named Yeshua. Yeshua initiated Lorenor into his Paladin's Order, and thus, the process started. Lorenor now works as part of this Paladin's Order directly under the influence of Sei Orlouge. Working as a weapon against N'Jal and her order of Spider Magi, The Paladins saw in Lorenor a unique opportunity to get tremendous insight into an otherwise mysterious enemy. Lorenor agreed. He now studies the old scriptures of The Thayne Codex, enhancing his intimate knowledge of The Thayne. With this process going underway, Lorenor serves as both weapon and herald. He established a covenant with The All-Thayne after it was discovered The All-Thayne never actually perished when it gave birth to The Thayne. With that new found knowledge, Yeshua assisted Lorenor in the process of establishing said covenant with The All-Thayne. After the new link was established, Lorenor was now free from N'Jal's grasp.

Lorenor would have his revenge.

~Skill Tree-(Note: I am fixing up Swordplay. I dumped Brutal Combat, and I also am dumping Lorenor's magicks to replace it with the Paladin Abilities in this update.)

1-Leadership/Command-Lorenor is a skilled leader. With his silver tongue, he has a lot of sway over the people under his command. (Keeping)

2-Swordplay-Through some training with the Paladin Order, Lorenor is now effective at using heavy two handed weapons. His favored weapon of choice is a claymore worn across his back. Lorenor has achieved BASIC skill level with 2-Hand weapons. (Note: I am discarding Lorenor's former knowledge of swordplay and replacing it with this current version.)

3-The Holy Light. (Aura)-Now, Lorenor is a squire Paladin. As with all gifts, Lorenor must start from the bottom and work his way back up. Replacing his intimate knowledge of The Dark, is The Holy Light. During his period of Reformation, Lorenor somehow managed to completely purge the effects of N'Jal's corruption on his body. Replacing the darkness in his very soul is The Holy Light. Though currently a mere flicker of what it will become, Lorenor can periodically make his body glow with a pure light. Note: this effect is purely aesthetic and only meant to calm people down in their times of need. (I envision Lorenor becoming sort of like a Prophet for the Thaynes) This glowing light can last as long as Lorenor focuses. But if he goes into battle, or becomes unable to concentrate, The Holy Light fades away until he can concentrate again.

~Ability Tree-

1-Aura Of Vengeance-(Stance/Combat Effect) A manifestation of The Holy Light. When Lorenor enters combat, he glows brilliantly and his Aura flares up. It is a shining light that causes burning damage against opponents who come in too close. Against normal opponents, this effect can cause basic to below standard damage. (Light burns/ low HP damage/etc.) The effect can be dodged if the person's will power is strong enough, and their endurance is high enough. Further the effect only has a radius of five paces in every direction around Lorenor. This effect is a passive effect and remains active so long as Lorenor is fighting. It does not harm friendly targets at all. This damage does an extra damage against Undead or Evil targets of about 10%. On a critical strike the damage is increased to 20% if the Aura is affecting the target.

2-Smiting Slash-Lorenor commands The Holy Light. With this command, Lorenor can make his main weapon glow with power. The weapon shines brilliantly and can cut through most basic armor with a couple of slashes. It can easily tear through cloth and leather style armor. With effort, it can be used to punch through basic iron equipment. (Such as a Shield or a piece of Armor) On flesh it the smiting attack deals damage as Holy Damage. This effect is active, at all times once Lorenor imbues his weapon. It should be noted those with powerful disenchanting spells can disenchant the effect of this ability and Lorenor would have to reactive it. Lorenor takes approximately one full turn to imbue his weapon in this fashion. But once imbued, the effect stays through the remainder of the battle. Versus undead or Evil targets, the Smiting Slash's normal damage is 15%. Whereas the critical strike potential inceases to 25%.

Note: Only one Stance/Weapon Imbue can be active at once. Lorenor will eventually unlock future Stances and Weapon Imbues over time. For now these are the first two.


1-Basic supplies of the Paladin Order. Lorenor in his pack, carries a basic set of sharpening stones to keep his weapon in good shape. He no longer needs to eat standard food and drink but...

2-Iron Claymore. (Average) Lorenor's new weapon. (Note: I am replacing Blade of N'Jal with this weapon if I am at all allowed. If not, I will purchase it as soon as I can. Thank you for understanding.)

3-Cloak & Tabard. (Ixian Knights standard issue)

4-Signet Amulet & Ring. (Paladin Marks.)

(Note: Just to recap: I got rid of ALL of Lorenor's darkness based abilities and Spider Magi stuff. I fixed up Lorenor's skill sheet. I also fixed up Lorenor's ability sheet. Hope that helps. Thank you very much in advance.)


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Approved - direct transfer.