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((Reincarnating my Rheawien character (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?3059-The-Beautiful-Is-Empty&highlight=), which would net me 13,554 EXP if I'm not mistaken, which makes this a level 3(4?) profile I guess. I’m not entirely certain just how powerful should a character be at this level nowadays, so I may be pushing it a bit too far.))

Full name: Lorelei Ravenheart
Age: 15
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Emerald
Height: 5' 5''
Weight: 104 lbs
Race: Human


Though the daughter of the widely known Letho Ravenheart, Lorelei doesn't look much like her illustrious father. Her figure is wiry and lean, with just enough meat on her bones to look feminine in tight garments. Not that she wears those too often. Lorelei prefers loose-fitting shirts and jackets, and denim trousers with some room to spare. She is seldom mistaken for a boy, however, due to her heart-shaped face and long braided brown hair. The only thing that stands out is a rather thick set of eyebrows that have a tendency to drop into a deep frown every now and then, the pondering look being the courtesy of her father's gene pool.


As much as Lorelei's physique is mostly the heritage of her mother, the gentle Myrhianna, her personality is about as much the legacy of her father. Even though only fifteen years of age, Lorelei is a serious teenager, observing the world around her with a dose of suspicion and skepticism. Though she has her playful and even childish outbursts, they seem to be growing less frequent as the time goes by, making her more dour and determined with each day. It is a clear sign that fragments of Letho's own stubbornness and headstrong character are starting to emerge.

The one major difference from her father is that Lorelei is often driven by curiosity. Not the wide-eyed stumbling-headfirst-into-trouble kind, but rather the inquisitive, investigative kind, which allows her to inspect and understand things she didn't before.


Staff combat - Lorelei has some limited knowledge and experience when it comes wielding a staff. Her skill is above average, and she uses it mostly as a last ditch defense.

Marksmanship - Due to the nature of one of her summons, Lorelei was forced to hone her skill with a bow. Her skill is above average, enabling her to hit stationary targets with some precision. Moving targets are still dicey.

Research and Investigation - Never one afraid to hit the books, Lorelei has gotten extremely good at sussing out important information from various sources, making the connections that would lead her on the right trail with relative ease.



Summoning is Lorelei's primary form of attack. Her sorcery enables her to call forth various spirits that aid her in combat. The spirits themselves are incorporeal and generally invisible to others, unless they have acute sense for magic. The spirits themselves do not and cannot engage in combat and as such cannot do direct harm, except joining in for special attacks (see below). As they are an extension of Lorelei's own sorcery, they cannot be dispelled without disabling the summoner. Lorelei can have only one spirit summoned at any given time. Currently, she can choose between three spirits:


The Archer

The Archer avatar is an eight feet tall silhouette of an athletic man holding a longbow. It usually stands behind the summoner.

When Lorelei summons the Archer, the spirit bestows upon her an incorporeal bow and arrow which Lorelei can use as a regular bow. Unlike a regular bow, however, Archer’s bow draws upon the elements in the surroundings of the summoner to create the arrows. Most commonly, the arrows are made out of ice created from the moisture in the air, but the summoner can use other elements if they are available.

Lorelei can currently fire 10 arrows before the spirit dissipates and she has to wait an hour to be able to summon it again. All arrows are equivalent to damascus when it comes to physical damage save for those she might create if there is a stronger material in the environment. However, it takes considerably more focus for her to create an arrow out a stronger material. For example, summoning an ice arrow would be almost instantaneous, whereas summoning a titanium arrow (should she actually come upon a source to draw from) could take up to ten seconds, and the time goes up for any higher tier material. Another thing to keep in mind is that she needs to be within twenty feet of the source to draw upon it.

The elemental damage (should an elemental arrow be summoned) is relatively minor. A fire arrow can set alight flammable materials and cause moderate burns should it reach flesh, pretty much as an ordinary fire arrow would. An ice arrow can numb a limb for ten seconds or temporarily freeze a small area (6 foot diameter). An electric arrow (should she ever actually run across a source of electrical energy, which she most likely never will) can give a small jolt akin to a very weak tazer (won't make most people collapse or anything, just give them a good jolt).

Special attack: Hail or Arrows – Once per hour, Lorelei can turn her bow skywards and call upon the Archer avatar to do the same. The summoner and the avatar fire a single arrow that, at the apex of their flight, break into ten arrows each that hurtle towards the ground.


The Steed

The Steed avatar is a massive war horse with mane made of flames. It usually stands next to the summoner.

When Lorelei summons the Steed, the spirit bestows upon her an ability to launch wind gusts in the direction she chooses. The force of the impact depends on the area coverage of attack. If she focuses the burst at a single target, then the gust is at its strongest, hitting with enough force to crush bones and knock people out if it hit head on. If spread to multiple targets, the gust is strong enough to throw people on the ground or knock weapons from their hands. While the wind burst itself is invisible, it leaves a trail on the ground similar to the hoof trail of advancing horses. Lorelei can currently fire off five gusts before the Steed leaves her side and she has to wait an hour to summon it again.

Special attack: Last Stand – Once per hour, the summoner can choose to send a full force wind burst in all directions. However, such a burst has relatively short effective range. Within ten feet of Lorelei it will strike all those around her with the strength of her normal focused burst, meaning it might knock unprepared people out or break a rib or two. But beyond ten feet, the power of the burst drops down considerably until it completely dissipates when it reaches twenty feet.


The Wiseman

The Wiseman avatar is a human-sized cowled figure sitting cross-legged. It usually hovers above the summoner.

When Lorelei summons the Wiseman, the spirit bestows upon her the ability to manipulate objects with her mind with the same force as if she was moving them by hand. She can manipulate up to three objects up to the combined weight of 40 pounds. She can make the objects perform complex actions, but the complexity is limited by her own knowledge and skill. Meaning that while she technically might use telekinesis to wield three longswords, she couldn’t do much other than flail them around as she has no skill with swords. Lorelei can manipulate objects for two minutes in a battle before she needs an hour of rest. In quests, she can use this ability indefinitely, though it taxes her considerably the longer she uses it.


Spirit Echoes

While Lorelei cannot summon more than one spirit at a time, each summoned spirit can influence the subsequent spirit that is summoned. For now, these echoes of power are faint and only grant small bonuses to the subsequent spirit. Example: If Lorelei summons the Archer after the Wiseman, the echo of the Wiseman will allow her a small degree of telekinetic control over the flight of her arrows. Or if she summons the Steed after the Archer, her wind bursts will be a bit more precise and more focused. The echo fades rapidly, however, so these boosts are good for only two or three attacks immediately after the spirit change.

Currently, Lorelei can access the following Spirit Echoes:
The Wise Archer - Should Lorelei summon the Archer after the Wiseman, she gets minor control of the trajectory of her first two arrows. This doesn't mean that she can make the arrows chase her opponents, but rather that she can nudge then within two feet of the initial target.
The Precise Steed - Should Lorelei summon the Steed after the Archer, her first gust is performed with almost perfect precision. She can use it to strike a specific point on the enemy or the weapon they are holding with her wind gust. Simply put, that first wind gust is somewhat harder to dodge.
The Strong Archer - Should Lorelei summon the Archer after the Steed, the first two arrows she fires carry an additional punch should they strike the target (equivalent of a kick a trained soldier could deliver).

Iron Will - Lorelei's willpower is four times that or an average human.

Raven's Eye - Lorelei's perception is twice that of an average human.

Magical Affinity - Unlike her father, who had never shown even the slightest inclination towards magic of any kind, Lorelei's talent for magic started to show from early age. As a sorceress, her relationship with magic is intimate and almost symbiotic, with the power of her spells emerging from within her. This allows her to understand the inner workings off most things that either operate via magic or are created by magic of any kind.


Oak Staff - A six-foot staff made of white oak, only slightly worn. Good for bonking things and leaning on when tired.

Pouches of Stuff - Lorelei carries around six small pouches filled with different items. These pouches currently contain sulfur (two pouches), steel shavings (two pouches), charcoal (one pouch), sand (one pouch). Lorelei uses the things from the pouches when she draws the elements while using her bow and arrow with the Archer summoned if there are none available in the environment.


Lorelei's history is largely uneventful. Born to Myrhianna and Letho Ravenheart, Lorelei never got to know her mother for even as she had entered the world, her mother had departed. Her father was so maddened by the loss that he went to unimaginable lengths in order to bring his beloved back. As such a crusade required complete dedication, there was no place for an infant daughter at his side. Thus Letho Ravenheart entrusted the life of his newborn daughter to the Grey Monks of the Comb Mountains while he chased shadows and rumors and myths, hoping beyond hope that one of them might bring him his Myrhia back.

For fourteen years, Lorelei knew nothing of this. The monks saw to her education and helped her hone her sorcery once she started showing signs of magical affinity, but of her parents they spoke nothing, as Letho commanded them. For there were things that he knew he had to do in order to bring Myrhia back that was better left unsaid, some darks that were better left unshared. The only communication she had ever received from her father was several months after her fourteenth birthday, a letter written in a firm, precise handwriting:

My Daughter

If you are reading this, then I must apologize, for it means that neither I nor your mother is able to tell you in person what you need to know. These words must serve as a bland replacement, I’m afraid, and hopefully they will give you some idea of what kind of folk your parents had been.

My origins rest far to the west, in the land of Savion, but that is a tale I shall not endeavor to tell now, for it bears no significance. Suffice to say, you have noble roots, my dear daughter, origins which I had abandoned a long time ago. I disembarked upon the shores of Scara Brae, a wreck of a man with bloody history and no future, finding work as a hired sword. During one of those missions I met your mother. She was a slave to a violent master, sold into such a life at an early age by none other than her own father. I am unashamed to admit that I was stricken by her charm from the moment I met her, from the moment I met Myrhianna Bastillien. She was a woman of great beauty, both within and without, beauty that I am certain you inherited as well. And her heart... Ah, she had a heart as big as a world. Never had I met such a truly benevolent person!

I freed her from her shackles and from that moment on we could not be separated. We traveled across most of the known lands of Althanas, journeyed from Berevar in the north to Fallien in the south until we finally settled in the land of Corone. We had our ups and downs, hit a few bumps on the too short road we shared, and even when war engulfed our home, we stayed true to each other. It was during the Corone Civil War that you were conceived. I still remember the day Myrhia told me the news. Gods, I never experienced such mixture of emotions in my life. I was joyous, without a doubt, but also afraid how the uncertainty of the world around us would affect you. Unfortunately, it did so in the worse way possible.

There is no good way to say this, and I am lousy with words, so I will just write it down and be done with it. Your mother is dead, dead but not lost. She died giving birth to you, my daughter. I am not saying this to make you feel guilty. I am saying this so you can understand why I could not be at your side all these years. Ever since that terrible day the gods tore Myrhia away from me I am on a quest to bring her back. I will not rest, will not give up, will not stop until I find a way to bring her back to life. Because all those years ago, while I was floating like a piece of jetsam through the streets of Scara Brae, she bestowed upon me a second life. And I cannot rest until I find a way to do the same for her. For this I will not apologize, because this drive is stronger than my will to deny it.

As for my absence from your life, there is no apology known to man that could right that wrong. I only hope... No, I know you will live on to have a happy life, a life that I alone could never offer you. If you have but a fraction of me inside of you, you will be as resilient as an oak and you will endure, and if you have but a fraction of your mother inside of you, you will amicable enough to befriend good folk that would make you forget about the darkness of your past. It should be enough for you to live your own life and never look back.

In conclusion, if you are still reading these words, I thank you for doing so, thus allowing me to explain my reasons. Unfortunately, it also means I had failed my mission, because I instructed the monks to deliver this letter only in the case of my demise. Despite that, I send you all my love, from wherever I am.

Sincerely yours

Letho Ravenheart

But though the letter was clear in regards of Letho's fate, Lorelei would not believe it. The next day she set out to find her father. Though not versed in the ways of the outside world, she adjusted quickly, and with the help of two of her father's old friends - Seth Dahlios and Karel Raven - she tracked Letho down to Chronos Island, where her father aimed to turn the very tides of time in order to bring her mother back. By then Letho Ravenheart was a broken shell of a man, a wraith with flesh still clinging to his form more out of habit than out of necessity. With their combined forces, the three confronted the man who was once lauded as the Hero of Corone. And together that managed to turn him away from the void through which he was falling for years.

And thus Lorelei got her father back. But there was a lot of mending to be done still, for he is still a stranger in her eyes and she in his.

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Approved - direct transfer.