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Name: Philomel “Phi” Serkena van der Aart
Aka: Phi, Matriach, Princess
Age: 30
Race: Drys-blessed faun
Hair Color: dark crimson
Eye Color: grey
Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 156 kg
Occupation: Matriarch, Part-time Assassin, Spy-master and Pirate Captain


Philomel has a sassy, bitchy attitude, mostly, it has begun to be revealed, to hide the softer interior. Her life, starting fromt he age of 12 as a whore, has led her to appreciate whatever kind things she can get in life. It is really only in the past year that she has escaped the confines of a pimp and become her own person. She has a firm dis-belief in love, and says it is only for hopeless fools. She knows her own body well and is extremely confident. She likes knowing what is happening, and/or being in control, especially of her own fate. Her catchphrases include a mass of swearwords, and things like, "Yeah, whatever," and "Darling Veridian!" when speaking to the only friend she has - her Earth-Spirit-in-fox-form familiar, Veridian Ryuusan.


Goat legs, with cloven hooves in chestnut fur. From hips up human in form with large breasts. Two black curling ram-like horns sprouting from her forehead. Her hair is long and now dyed a pure dark violet, and has been released from their dreadlocks. She tends to keep it in a long plait down her back or over her shoulder. She tends to be rather naked as she usually just wears a simple cotton bustier, and fabric around her waist (belts also), with bare belly and bare arms, with a tattoo of an ash tree sprouting from her pelvic area up and curving around her belly button. Also has a back sheath for her large sword. Can usually be seen, now, with a tricorn hat nestled between her horns.


Tracking skills, and survival.
Swordsmanship is expert level.
Knife-throwing, recently advanced to moderate level.
Very very good at sexual intercourse, as an exotic option for the more daring.
Head butting due to her large ram-like horns.
Unarmed combat at a moderate level.
Throwing. Just throwing, in general.
Exotic dancing.
Brewing tea.
Teaching others.




Excelled speed when running, to the speed of a deer bounding away from predators, based on an African springbok up to 50km/h and leaping up to 10 m through the air in a single curve. This also enchances her basic attack speed, movement etc, up to 4x a normal person.


Her species gives Philomel an acute connection to the earth. Whilst touching earth, or dirt, or wood, etc, she can sense what is around her, up to a fifty metre radius. The passive abilities this provides are a detection of animals of un-rational thought (i.e. not humanoids and sapiens) and other rough objects in her way - such as rivers, trees, buildings, and a rough idea of edible plants. She does not have to be directly touching the earth for this to work, but needs to be within a few milimetres, i.e. she can do it through gloves and other covering. To advance this to degrees of being of rational thought, Philomel can tell what rough direction they are and a rough distance. For this part to work she must focus on this for half a second. This ability is enhanced somewhat with Veridian, but was naturally hers.

Earth-Sense, communication:

As an extension to her Earth-Sense Philomel is now able to communicate with the plants around her. Using her direction of the Earth-Sense she can ask the plants (and they will communicate to the best of their ability - not so much in words as in feelings) what has occurred recently. This includes asking them if a creature passed by recently, what problems exist nearby etc.

Earth-Sense: Education:

After Philomel has communcated with a plant being etc for longer than a single post she is able to begin teaching them, instilling the wisdom of Drys within. This is an ability to make it easier for them to talk back, and is part of Earth-Sense as a general ability. Once she has educated them to talk, she is then able, one post later to ask them to assist her in fighting her enemies. This extends to a plant tripping over an enemy, holding them back around an ankle until they are cut, and causing a very minor damage in a light hit. Each plant can only do a single task.

Skin of Steel:

Related to the rocks of earth, Philomel's natural skin is now as tough as steel. This includes everything but her eyes, breasts and other sensitive areas - inclusive of downstairs, under the arms.

Earth Magic:

Due to the development of her connection with Veridian, Philomel has developed an "awakening" to earth magic. Though very rare in fauns, her linked mind with this Earth Spirit and her dutiful worship of the tree-goddess Drys, has allowed her to be opened up to a world of possibilities. Over time these will develop into something beautiful.

Cracking The Earth:

Up to eight times per day Philomel can essentially cause a minature earthquake by slamming her hoof, horns or fist on the ground or any other surface. What this does is immediately crack the earth in a 20 degree cone of ten metres, or a web (circulating outwards) of seven metres, depending on how her hoof is placed and directed. It upsets ground and plants, cracks concrete and if used against foundations, could destroy buildings. It causes a shake in the earth for three seconds before abating. In the very centre there is no damage exactly where Philomel places her hoof, horns or fist, but three inches from that the damage spreads rapidly out. It can easily cause a praticised fighter with no agility ability to lose their balance and slip, and knock any oncoming blade attacks out of balance with them. If very unstable and at the outermost edge of the crack (i.e. at the worst part) an opponent has the danger of falling over and hitting their head. On a Richter Scale this measures from 0 at the point of incarnation to 7 at the edge.


After having Drys bless her crossbow, Philomel can now send Cracking the Earth across a distance. Philomel must inact Cracking the Earth at the same time as firing a bolt, and essentially what this does is send the earthquake somewhere else. The point at where the bolt hits becomes the new epicentre for the quake, much like her hoof or horns or fist. All stats with Cracking the Earth are still the same (7 richer scale etc), however the shape can only be a web. Number of shots is included in overall Cracking the Earth count (6).

Through the Earth Portal (aka, down the rabbit hole):

Essentially a form of teleporation, this ability allows for the transference of Philomel in an almost instance. It creates a portal in the ground, opening up the earth and creating a direct link to another place, but not in a physical way, more like a phasing state of metaphysics. Only creatures who are connected to the earth (fauns, Earth Spirits, possibly men) can use this portal. There are stages and limitations, also, on how close Veridian is to Philomel. This ability can be used up to four times an hour.
•By herself Philomel can portal-jump to a distance of 25 metres.
•Either Veridian or Philomel (though Philomel is the one operating the magic) can jump to join each others direct side so long as they are within 10 metres of one another.
•If side-by-side Veridian and Philomel can jump together, pouring in her magic, plus his Goodwill enhancing, to a distance of 50 metres. This take two seconds to operate, however, and can be interrupted by a loss of concentration. They must be within half a metre of one another.
•As a latent ability, one other person can be joined to the party, so long as they are not water-based or fire-based, and travel with Philomel and Veridian, or just Philomel by herself, to an extent of 20 metres. The subject MUST be willing, therefore this cannot be used against people as a weapon, only as a form of moving people out of situations (innocents, allies, etc). It can be used in combat, in wars etc, but only on people who are willing and are allies.

Armoured with Rocks:

Summoning the rocks around her (within a ten metre radius, dependent on setting, etc), Philomel can create an amount of armour to protect one place on her. The rocks zoom from nowhere to her, attaching themselves like magnets, attracted by her pure brillance. The rocks cannot be larger than a hand-size. Though a defensive ability, they will likely knock over people in the way, to an amount of a minor wound (up to the opponent to react). Once on her, they attach and stay on for up to five minutes, or until they are shot/worn away by blows etc. The maximum amount of rocks that can attach themselves is enough to cover her torso. Only rocks can be used, or dirt if there are no rocks. Only up to two placements of this armour can be present at one time, and this can be used up to three times per battle. The sort of damage they can defend against is fist blows (unless those fists are enchanted) and slashes with weapons up to steel. Damasus and beyond will hack at half of the rocks, spilling them like a shot. The armour can also protect against "normal" bullets but this qill requires a judgement call, or discussion with the opposite party.


Major Earth Healing:

By rubbing earth or dust over a wound Philomel can heal the wound within two seconds to a minor extent. Minor wounds, such as a simple knife slash, will be healed almost instantly, major wounds, such as a knife stab, will heal after three seconds. Breaks of bone will begin to knit back together (taking half an hour for a full break to heal), but it will be unstable, not enough to be used in punching, enough to hold a sword or to support (for instance, to hold up a person to standing). The pain will still be minor for major wounds. This can be used up to five times per battle.


If Philomel is hurt in the middle of a major battle, to the point where she might die in the next hit she is now able to run away and rest, and in that situation heal. The place of her resting must be in a plant-filled area. She must also be entirely uninterupted.
- One post in a plant-filled area will allow her to regain a quarter of her strength.
- Two posts in a plant-filled area will allow her to regain full strength.

Monster State(s):

Terribly Monstrous:

Echoing Veridian's Terribly Monstrous Ability from level 5, Philomel is now able to transform into a monstrous beast. What this does is allow her goat-side to take over her body almost in its entirety. Letting the rage and animalistic qualities of her race take over she transforms - these take the form of two stages "Raging" and "Enraged". When she is in these, however, her intelligence somewhat declines, and with it much of her earth-magical abilities. Note: Veridian's demise does not affect this transformation.
The duration for these are 3 posts for Raging state and then three after for Enraged. Raging state must be active for at least 1 state before Enraged can come into play.

Raging State:

Transforms halfway into a goat. Appearance is of a goat on two legs with the torso of a man. Something akin to a minotaur, her head enlongs, her horns grow, and more fur begins to appear all over her chest and arms. It grows up from her waist, and down onto her arms, and starts to take over head hair, which becomes matted and loses its violet colour. Her entire size swells with muscles, causing any clothes to become several sizes too small. She does, however, have an opportunity to take these off (such as her breast plate) as this form takes two seconds to transform into. In this time she is a mutant half-person with a knobbly ugly face. Her height in this form is roughly 6ft 3inches, and her build is heavy and muscular.


•She keeps all passive abilities, as well as the ability to swing a sword as she still retains hands. The Lover, however, becomes incredibly dangerous when it is alight, however, for she is generally more furry, including back of the hand.
•Her speed remains the same, however she now gains 3x strength.
•Her skin becomes as tough as steel.

Enraged State:

Philomel becomes a fully formed massive goat, white and chestnut brown in colour with grey eyes. This beast stands roughly 7 foot to the shoulder and has many more muscles than one would expect. Much closer to a mountain goat than a domestic goat her body is entirely covered in fur, and she has bigger horns than perhaps might be necessary. The process of this transformation takes a further 2 seconds, during which she is pretty much not capable of anything but turning into a goat.


•Due to her change in anatomy Philomel loses any ability to wield a sword or other hand-held weapon.
•Magic remains, and natural talents, are increased. Her speed and strength goes to 5x that of a normal human.
•Her skin and horns also becomes that of damascus strength.
•She is still, however, susceptible to any magical abilities, especially fire.
•Horns are basically the same size and versility as in natural form (increased slightly in size relative to overall size but no special ability)
•Weight is almost half a ton.


Familiar: Veridian - a fox-form earth-spirit.

Veridian is immortal, but when he dies he is out of extistence for five minutes then reborn back under the ash tree Philomel met him in Concordia Forest. So once dead in a battle he cannot return, but Philomel can use her magical ability after those ten minutes.

Basic Abilities:

Can be used in combat - his weapons include a single bite per post that is harsh and brutal, and capable of ripping out large chunks of skin and flesh, down to muscle, causing a major wound. His claws are more or less kept sharp and a scratch will cause a minor wound.

Bite of Flame:

Veridian now has the ability to bite with fire. This is down to the simple fact he has a tenth of a fire whisp inside of him. The flames, however, are not like a normal fire-breath - instead they are connected to his bite. Veridian releases a spew of flames from his mouth, and they are sent towards the victim. The flames then act as a second pair of jaws, immediately clamping around the victim's arm/area of damage. It does the same damage as his jaws, except that it causes a major burn also. The victim must be within ten feet, also, otherwise the flames disappate. Useable 5 times per thread.

Terribly Monstrous:

Veridian harbours a secret more terrifying than is suitable for small children. The Earth Spirit he calls his sister, Farragise Onosan, the white rabbit who is as mysterious as she is adorable, has within her the ruined, tortured soul of a demon who went insane a thousand years ago. In their most recent encounter, when Veridian found out that traditional history was missing much of the heroics of the Earth Spirits and thus decided they had to go to war against the mistaken scholars, she granted him part of this soul. Within Veridian now resides one tenth of a behemoth, something that in the beginnings of times roamed the world and slaughtered mercilessly. One time per battle he can call on this darker part of himself and transform into a monster. The monster form lasts around six posts in length, and will soon tire out. It grants him 5x his natural size, and also adds a fire element to each of his attacks. His jaws still cause major wounds, but will also cause major burns when it comes into contact with skin. Claw attacks will grant minor burns. His fur, also, singes on contact, and stands at 55 degrees C. Overall, where he walks, he will singe the earth - if he stands in one place for too long it will get hotter and may burst into flame if on such things as wood, ice will melt etc.
Philomel is completely immune to his burning and can actually use him as a mount if needed.

Familiar: Delath

Delath is a dragon, originally a baby black dragon who could fly about a metre and then fall, and burp tiny flames. He was not used for combat and bought back near level 4. Philomel bought him along with an amulet to make him an adult dragon, and by grace of her goddess has managed to gain the power enough to use this.
However, when Delath was granted adulthood, several things happened. First, he lost the ability to fly and his colour went quickly from dark black to a murky brown and green. His wings withered and fell away, and his whole form became something large and bulky and rock-like. Essentially he was consumed by the element of earth, and became that which is useful for Philomel to fight against the forces of the "dark".


Delath stands at 7ft at the shoulder, and is roughly 20 ft in length. His scales are still somewhat weak due to his transformation, and are as tough as steel. He has a natural bite as a skill and no ability to breathe fire.

He also has a mental link to Philomel, and though it is not as strong as Veridian's, for Delath is mostly independent, he will come at her call. He acts, though, at his own timing and will.


Delath can bury under the ground at a speed of natural running for a regular being. He does this by digging with his huge forepaws and claws, and also by literally eating the soil around him. It is excreted via the natural way, passing straight through him. He can exist at a hundred metres below ground, and can appear at any moment. His entrance is noticeable as a small earthquake, at a rate of five metres below the earth. This gives a target half a second to notice him coming and react. This ability has no limit.

Breath of the Vegetation:

Three times per thread Delath can breathe on any material or being, and force plant matter upon it/them. Matters of vegetative state, beginning as small mould weeds and growing into vine weeds, will sprout over the proximity of the breath. It spans a metre in length and half a metre in diameter. There is a series of vegetative states, that grow more vicious and stronger with every passing moment.
•Immediately spores begin to grow, in the form of small and simple mould particles, in the air and on the surface of whatever target. These are harmless and can easily be brushed away but can cause blindness etc, if directed properly.
•After half a second very weak tendrils begin to grow from the particles, swirling and growing centimetres in length. They are very easily breakable.
•After one second the tendrils become vines, and gain leather in strength and so not easily breakable. They start to extend to five centimetres in length and have sticky underparts like ivy, grasping onto whatever surface with ferocity.
•After two seconds, the vines begin to bloom flowers, and they are level of steel in strength. They can only be cut with a blade to got rid of and are now the length of ten centimetres, curling around things in the imitation of bonds. The flowers are not toxic, but they can be around an inch in length.
•After five full seconds, if the vegetation has not been brushed/cut away in any form, the flowers will bloom a toxin that causes necrosis on any living tissue that is not of the earth. On any surface that it touches the flesh will rot/begin to die in areas a centimetre deep, very similar to leprosy. The condition is treatable but not easily and causes some dizziness and general ill feeling. The toxin first acts on any bare flesh that the vegetation has touched, and then will spread under clothing at a rate of one centimetre per two seconds. Any layer that is attached to the skin (e.g. clothing) will essentially stick to the dying skin and be very painful to remove off. The necrosis spreads for a maximum of six seconds.

Familiar: Mao

Mao is a small, albino rabbit. After the finding of the crystal sword, the Rabbit, Philomel and her companions were summoned to a maginificent cave, wherein to defeat a tentacled ancient horror. It was during this escapade that Mao came into being, summoned from the will of the Rabbit sword. It transpired that the giant magical rabbit beast that Philomel slew to gain the sword, had been fertile at the time of her death - the product of which became the small white rabbit Mao. Mao cannot speak, unlike Veridian, and her intelligence is limited. She can also bite at a natural rate (draw blood).


Mao is able to dig. Like a normal rabbit, at a natural rate of 5 metres a second.


Mao is a holder of abilities. That is, she is able to take the ability of another, at their desire, and use it from another direction. This ability must be granted, it cannot be stolen, and must be of an earthly nature. The normal user of this will no longer be able to do that ability, and thus essentially gives it to her. This gifting lasts until the end of the fight or for a full 12 hours in which it then reverts back to the original owner. One ability can be taken at the time, and it must fall under Earth Magic type. It can also include the Monstrous states of the other characters within Philomel's continigent. Within this, she will turn into a giant rabbit, and can only go up to one level, even if gifted by Philomel.

Terribly Monstrous:

Important Note: This ability falls under the rules of 'Mimicker'. It is not a new ability, but rather the rules for when she is given the gift of Terribly Monstrous.

Mao's hide become as tough as steel
Mao becomes a rabbit larger than the normal, at a height of half a metre to the shoulder and up to fifteen feet long (nose to tail).
Mao's bite, as per her nature, is vicious and can take a large chunk from a being.


Philomel and Veridian can now operate an offense called "Hellgate". They must both be in their Terribly Monstrous state (Philomel needs only be Raging or Enraged) for it to work. Once they are both in position they can create an instantaneous crack in the earth between them, a maximum of ten metres long, and they must be within each others eyesight for this. It opens up the earth for up to five seconds, and anyone standing between them will have to successfully dodge or jump to not fall in. The process has the purpose of sending whatever victim straight to hell, as a form of judgement for their sins. Out of the crack also exhumes a heat that can cause minor scalding and a poisonous gas that acts very similar to Delath's Breath of the Vegetation, although it takes the appearance of red vines and red flowers.


For all links, see update for level 9.

Amour as follows:

Leather shoulder guard, covering front and back.
Dragon-scale half-breast plate, covering breasts and neck.
Steel bracers, covering the forearms.
Pine shield

Skull shaped helmet for Veridian.


Mythril hand-and-a-half sword, still unnamed.
One iron steak knife.
4 throwing knives.
One keris dagger, nicknamed the Lover, upgraded to plynt. It has a tinderbox and a trigger in the hilt to set the blade alight when desired.
Crossbow, made of yew. Comes with a dozen iron bolts.

Temptress: A magim beast leather riding crop with calli glass inserted into the keeper at the end.
Refills: Small vials of Calli powder that have been ground into a fine power and mixed with treated (oderless) troll fat as a sticking agent. When applied to a weapon they cause any cuts or broken skin to be extremely painful. Each vial is single use, good for a few cuts.


A three-inch wide glass vial that is fully sealable and on a steel chain. Usually worn around the neck it is made to carry dirt so that Philomel has some even when on water or a place she cannot get earth from.
A lovely tricorn hat, with "Renegade" stitched in the corner.
Enough changes of clothes for a few occaisions a whore might need them for (dresses, blouses and a couple of corsets).
About a week worth of food when travelling.
Two leather saddle bags.
Dragon Amulet; Capable of turning a baby dragon into a full-sized dragon, at a later level. Obtained hither. Kept in a small lether pouch in Philomel's cabin or tucked into her bustier/corset. - NOW USED TO CREATE DELATH
Mage's Key: A key obtained from Vaeron. It is capable of opening any lock, magical or normal, with magical spells going to level 4.


Called the Fiesty Fox. Actually owned by Malachi, the pirate king, Philomel is the captain of this ship on permanent loan until she can afford to buy it. Wiki page is available. - Got from involvement with the Black Sails Armada. Never officially given as spoils since it is owned by Malachi.


See update 9.

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