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Name: Vesper

Nickname: Vee/Ves

Age: Child-like in appearance, perhaps nearly 10. Actual age is much older. Closer to 40!

Race: Dheathain Fae

Hair Color: Dark grey

Eye Color: Pale purple

Size: Vesper is quite small! She’s around 3ft 4”, which is around 100 cm, and weighs very little. Some normal-sized people can pick her up with one hand! If they were ever allowed to get that close that is.

Occupation: Painter. She can basically paint pretty heckin’ good! Real good at painting entire rooms, houses, whatever job she gets handed she just takes up brushes and carries on her merry way, and Vesper just loves it. She even loves making the paint that she uses, making it up from as many natural things she can get her little hands on.

Personality: This particular little Fae has a strong tendency to converse with small insects or arachnids to get them to do silly things for her. Although, this also does mean she can frequently spook and upset people by doing so! Her fun nature also spills into her relationships with people, she tends to make friends fairly easily and will often cling to people when that happens. The bubbly nature of Vesper could often get her in trouble too, but she seems to have an overall good effect on those around her. When upset or angered though Vesper can become a little more nasty, her tongue is sharp with her retorts and when provoked she will either lash out then leave that particular annoyance alone, or just leave immediately without saying a word, and never speak to them again. This Fae never forgets any wrongdoings against them. When sad this little Fae’s antenna drop, and she often kicks the ground like an upset child before floating off to mope in a corner until the sadness fades.

Appearance: Vesper is a fairly average looking Fae, pointy ears and all! Of a slender build and generally rather narrow form Vesper can often be referred to of either gender, though has a tendency to be referred to as a female whenever the question is asked. The little fae is often seen wearing loose fitting clothing, but beneath the clothing she she wears bandages of sorts, wrapped tightly all around her body except for the split needed at her shoulders for the soft, glassy wings which sprout from them. The majority of her skin is a dark grey colour, almost with a purple tint to it with faint markings in a pale lilac above her eyes, just small dots across her brow and two lines which run down either side of her small nose. It brings attention to her pale doe-eyes. From her grey hair wiggle some little antennae, fluffy antennae that twitch in interest almost all of the time. As for those wings, they move enough to wrap around her when the little Fae is even a tiny bit colder than her usually warm summer lands, even though the cold doesn’t actually have any affect on her at all, and appear similar to a type of darkly patterned silk moth, all fluffy and soft.

History: Enjoying much of their time as a young Fae, Vesper grew up as every other Fae happened to do so. Her kind frequently remained within their humanoid-appearances and took in visitors on a regular basis. So, she learned to speak, and to write, and most of all she learned how to paint! Travelling merchants brought delicate inks, and fragrant paints made of different types of material. Some were even made from dead bugs! It took a while to get used to the thought of squishing little bugs into a paste, but in time it became a favourite thing for her to do. Mixing paint, creating pretty pictures, then helping to sell the delicate gems and crystals created in her own city!
Well, it wasn’t hers, per-say, it was that of her community and it was growing! The merchants who frequented often complimented her art, offering her small trinkets in return for dashing portraits of themselves. Dashing because the people who asked for portraits weren’t that dashing at all! But! Seeing the light in everything, and everyone, meant that the little Fae could creature some very pretty artwork of even the dirtiest and scummiest of people.

That’s how it started anyway. Painting wealthy merchants and their equally as wealthy wives or… Whatever they happened to be. She wasn’t too sure, but she painted them anyway. In time Vesper got the need to leave, and explore, as many had done before her. So! The little Fae headed out into the world with her little pack, and her paints, and started to make a life for herself in painting.

It turned out that most people heard ‘painter’ and summoned her to paint their rooms, or their houses… Not that she minded! Vesper ended up painting pretty little nature scenes in their rooms, or added little delicate images of leaves and ivy on the walls. They never seemed to complain, and neither did she. It got her money, and it also let her continue to do the craft that she enjoyed so much.


Painting - This little Fae just loves to paint, and make paint! Using her knowledge of the plants and the insect life she creates different types of paint, and ink, to use in her work.However, she doesn't know every type of ink or paint and can often be surprised by new methods. Always learning!

Herbology - Living around plants has to have some benefits, right? After a number of years dipping in and out of different places Vesper has gained some knowledge of plant-life, including those needed to make the easiest potions and poultices needed to patch up wounds.Many of these things take a lot of time and focus to make, one poultice could take a few hours to a number of days to complete depending on the amount needed.

Entomology - An extreme love of all insect life has lead her to fill most of her mind with the knowledge of land dwelling little creatures which fall under the category or bugs, arachnids, and even worms! She has a particular love for bees in any form, bumble-bees, carpenter bees, even vulture bees! They are her favourite, you better bee-lieve it! She's still learning though,insect life changes from place to place,depending on many different factors. Learning, learning and more learning!

Mimicry - An innate ability to mimic noises and voices was gained over time, usually to irritate the other Fae and to play tricks on the travellers in her city, and now further afield. Most of the sounds she can mimic come from bugs, animals, and a handful of the people she has spent time with. It takes around a week of spending time with someone before she can add some of their voices to her list of sounds, and a further month to copy them fully.


Attunement - Wood

Glamour - ‘It’s a Fae thing.’ Her illusions aren’t particularly good right now, Vesper spent way too long munching on berries and plants to learn whether or not they were useful, and less time on actually developing her Fae-bilities.It takes a lot of focus for Vesper to change anything about her appearance, so far she can just about hide her Fae-ness from other people. It lasts about a half hour (30 minutes) and takes about five minutes of silent meditation to actually do. During this time she cannot be disturbed or spoken to, this breaks her concentration and she has to start over again! After using this ability she cannot use it again until she's slept, or had some little boost to her energy supply (basically a few hours, perhaps six! Good round number)

Awaken the Flies! - Speaking with insects/arachnids/freakin’bugs. If she asks nice enough they’ll spend some time with her, but more often than not it’s usually a request to go fly into someone’s ear when they are being rude! The speech is usually just a soft humming noise, or soft clicks and buzzing noises which she makes softly to the insect being spoken to.This kind of blurs between the lines of an ability and a skill really. It takes time for her to learn different insect ‘languages’, and regional dialects make things hard to learn. Similar to the mimicry skill it takes around the same time for Vesper to learn the language and dialect of insects. At higher levels this ability can be uses to summon swarms of insects to either atrack, distract, or defend. Depending on the insect it happens to be, of course.

Fluttery Illusions - She can produce butterflies, or other insects, as a distraction or just for fun! Aside from these creatures only existing for a few minutes (roughly 5) they don’t actually do very much else, they are merely there to cause a fuss or give her enough time to scoot her little self out of the way of something or someone. A ‘hey look, a distraction!’ kind of deal.

v---- Locked until later levels! ----v

Flight of the Fae
One day, when the little Fae is bold enough and has grown some more, Vesper’s wings will actually hold her little frame up within the air in the miracle of flight! For now, she's grounded.


Clothing - Loose-fitting clothes, with baggy shirts and trousers, and a cloak she can throw over those pesky wings when they are being annoying and visible. It has a hood too, for whenever her head and her antennae are feeling extra droopy in her sad times.

Ingredients pouch
Mortar and Pestle
Small glass vials/tiny clay jars
Painting materials, very small canvases and jars of paint
She carries all these in a messenger bag, slung over one shoulder.

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Hey, just thought I'd drop in and say, it's looking good so far! When you're ready for me to give it a full assessment just post here and we'll work on getting you on the boards!

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I thiiiink I am done! Only edited a little bit, gave some time frames to abilities and small things. Trying hard to stay out of DnD mode, but it sort of helps here I think. Please be gentle, I am very out of practice.

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Are there any abilities attached to the Wood Attunement? Can Vesper manipulate plants or anything like that?

07-16-2018, 11:37 PM
I only used wood because it was the closest thing I could make a work around for, for her buggy shenanigans. I wasn't all that sure on having any form of plant growth/manipulation.

07-17-2018, 11:37 AM
That's fine, I was just double checking there weren't any hidden racial abilities to consider.

Looks like you are good to go! Just be careful not to overdo things with "Awaken the Flies" and "Fluttery Illusions", it could be easy to accidentally powergame those types of abilities but it seems clear that isn't your intent, so I'm fine with them as written.

Welcome to Althanas, you are approved. Now go write!... with me :P