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The Huntsman
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Name: Fil'ayn Kiljarden
Nickname/Alias: The Huntsman, the Good Hunter
Age: 1,087 years old (appears late twenties)
Race: Drow
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 200lbs
Occupation: Hunter, mercenary.
Personality: Calm, collected - blood thirsty, devoted.
Trait: Blood Lust: When soaked in the blood of his prey, The Huntsman becomes more sadistic, and his blood thirsty side is unleashed - ware the blood-soaked Hunter, for there is nothing kind or gentle in him at those times.
Hunter has dedication in spades, and an uncanny habit of getting into people’s minds, drawing out emotional reactions.

History: Fil'ayn is a hunter from Alerar - one of those dedicated to exterminating the dangerous beasts that plague the land, threatening the cities. He follows in a family tradition for this - his father and mother were both Hunters, and he seeks to live up to their legacy. He also wishes to provide a good example for his younger siblings, who have only just begin their Hunter training. Like most of his family, he does not use his birth name while working - only introducing himself as the Huntsman, or the Good Hunter.

The Good Hunter seeks to prove himself. Not only will he use any tools available - even magic, normally shunned by the Drow - he has also volunteered to be a test subject for an experimental serum, meant to enhance his physical capabilities, to let give him the means to fight even the most dangerous of prey. The serum is still settling in his body, and not all of its effects have been made apparent...

Fil’ayn has had a tumultuous few months. Confronted by Philomel, who sought evidence of genetic manipulation amongst the Drow, he attempted an escape but was eventually captured by the faun. Subsequently, she tried to convince him that science was wrong, and evil - and he attempted to convince her otherwise, apparently succeeding as she began to view him as less of a monster. This was done over the course of the sea voyage from Alerar to Corone, where he was her prisoner. During their voyage, she revealed the reason for their abrupt departure, and his ‘unintended’ kidnapping. Someone special had been kidnapped, and was threatened by a Gorgon.
Hunter was released, on the condition that he help save this individual. He did so - in the process, also saving Philomel from the Gorgon as well, at the cost of his left arm being injected with Gorgon venom, and converted to stone. Now ‘free’ of his captor, he gave her a formula, crafted by the scientists of his homeland - one that would reverse the full ‘stoning’ process on an individual. A vital necessity, as the special individual had been completely turned to stone by the venom.

From there, the Huntsman journeyed to a city and began trying to establish himself again. Only to be approached by a rather elegant older man, who asked him to hunt down what he claimed was a ‘beast masquerading as a woman’. The HUntsman did so - only to learn that the so called ‘beast’ was a young woman named Kara, who was actually being targeted by the ancient vampire for the ‘crime’ of being a halfblood. She managed to enlist the Huntsman’s aid in ending the life of the Vampire that had sent him after false prey, and also asked him to come back to her every so often so that he might make sure she hadn’t fallen to her own innate blood lust and become what she feared.

The next leg of his journey carried the Huntsman towards Salvar, as he roamed killing foul beasts that threatened villages. In the middle of a hunt to wipe out a pack of dire wolves, a bizarre redhead woman approached him with the most peculiar of requests - she asked him, to Hunt her. It was one of the strangest requests he had ever recieved, but the woman convinced him. And so he did, pursuing her through the nearby forest, until he managed to cut her down. Only for her to come back to life, and look rather upset. Thus began his odd relationship with Scarlet - as well as his first encounter with the psychotic midget, Advencia.

Then while sleeping late one night, he is summoned via magical orbs to Scarlet’s side. The woman had just been forced to slay her one remaining friend, one Madison Freebird, and was drinking heavily, and desperate for company. This was an odd night for the Huntsman, as Scarlet broke a mental barrier in his head, revealing that the memories of a happy life that he had had, were actually false, and that only the last twenty to thirty years were actually real. Suddenly bereft of a family, Hunter was torn. As this was happening, Hunter and Scarlet began to draw closer - as he is attempting to prevent her full and total corruption, in an attempt to prevent Scarlet from becoming a truly mindless beast. It seems to be having an affect, as well. Which - cannot happen. They go out to hunt a fledgling, newborn drake, and after killing it, are heading back to town when one silver haired man suddenly appeared. He casually slaughtered Scarlet and took her away, completely ignoring the drow.

Events of What You Asked For will be input if/when the thread is posted.

Hunter attempted to reach out to Scarlet - only to hear her choking on blood and dying through their connection. Suddenly panicked, not thinking of the likely consequences, he called for her to summon him - and found that she had been hung up in the woods, impaled to a tree, for her ‘crime’ of having a connection to him. Wolves were actively feeding on her freshly dead corpse. He slaughtered them, and took the body down. When she came back, they spoke at length, and Hunter revealed his new decision. He had had his memories and life ripped away from him, and been isolated, so he would spit in the face of those responsible, and form new connections and friendships. After a short confrontation where it felt like they were repeating themselves - two people who had been forcibly trained not to make real connections to people, somehow, surprisingly, finding it hard to do just that (make connections that is) Hunter went to get meat. He came back to the almost naked woman nearly freezing herself to death all over, so he cradled her and kept her warm. She fell asleep against him, and dreamed.

After a ‘nap’ they made it to town, spinning a tale of bandits to explain her near nudity. Hunter gave in to a desire to actually initiate a kiss, and went to kiss Scarlet’s forehead - only for the woman to turn at the wrong time, and their lips met. This triggered a mental break as extreme mental conditioning tried to prevent something. Scarlet, heeding a desperate plea from the mentally traumatized Hunter, dove back into his memories, deeper and deeper - to reveal an entire lifetime, locked away. Because - he had witnessed his wife and daughter’s death, and been helpless to stop it.

As the pain receded, and the memories returned - Hunter realized that Scarlet was the physical reincarnation of his dead wife, Amari Kiljarden. This is - bizarre, but explains some of the unexpected closeness he had been feeling towards her. As he struggles to accept the lives lost, the life that had been returned to him, she enlists his aid to hunt down a target for the hand. He does so - and the two end up having to work together to end a Manticore that the man had captured and was using as a pet. In the battle, they are both injured, but he managed to keep her from being impaled by the venomous stinger. The two end up sharing a tender, intimate moment - a first, for Scarlet - and afterwards, as they are both recovering from an airborne drug that made them more open and receptive to suggestions or commands, Scarlet convinces him to use this house as his base, and she will set it up for him.

While they are working on this, they are tracked down by Zero and Advencia. A confrontation occurs between them - as Hunter tries to get through to Taka. Scarlet tries to leave, trying to distance herself from Hunter to protect him from the Hand - and as she leaves, and he and Zero talk, it becomes apparent to the fallen general that Hunter will not stop trying to help Amari recover. So he prepares to cut the drow down - which leads to Scarlet saving him, and him realizing she does care. Which leads to a more real battle and confrontation between the two men, as Hunter decries them for trying to ‘take away the gold he had brought back’ . Taka breaks his emotional control, and attacks, drawing upon his Oni, and Hunter plays a dangerous game of keep away, trying to wear the warrior out. He manages to do so - and after a quiet discussion, Taka takes the corpse, and the unconscious Advencia, back, stating that he would tell the Hand that Hunter had been grievously wounded, and fled to avoid death.

The Good Hunter physically appears to be a typical specimen of the Drow race. Tall and lithe, with coal-black skin with purpled hues to it. His white hair is cut short, and usually remains tucked underneath the tricorn cap that he wears. He wears a black leather cowl that when pulled up covers his mouth and nose. His eyes are actually silver - and since his memories have been returned, they glow with an inner light, typically reflecting his mood. Brighter shines indicate a better mood.

His attire closely resembles modern Aleraran attire, high boots, leather trousers, a waist coat and long sleeved dark shirts - and a coat that sweeps the floor. All attire seems slightly glossy - an effect of a treatment that Hunters give their clothes in order to make it easier to whick blood off of themselves after killing prey.


A Hunter's Training:
The Huntsman has spent decades training in his family craft, preparing to hunt beasts and protect civilization from them. He has trained in a variety of topics to prepare for this duty, and devotes himself even now to furthering his skills and his knowledge.

Combat Training: The Huntsman has trained for a long, long time, learning to use a variety of weapons to suit a number of tasks. While he can use many, his preferred weapon is a self-created 'saw-spear'. Skill level: Expert
Creature Identification: Hunters receive training to identify many kinds of non-sentient beasts that plague the land. Not just identification, but also training on how best to fight the beasts.
Parts Harvesting: Waste not, want not. Hunters know what is usable and what isn't, and what can be used from the prey they slay.
Maintenance: While a Hunter can fight unarmed, they are at their most deadly when wielding the tools of their trade. To further this, Hunters are required to know how to perform maintenance on their weapons and armor, to keep them in good repair.

A Strange Serum: Gestation
An experimental, untested serum that the Huntsman volunteered to be a trial subject for. He was told, that if successful, it would make him capable of standing against even the worst monsters that the world holds. He accepted almost before the explanation had been finished.

Regenerative State: The Serum has enhanced the Hunter's ability to recover from wounds. At the cost of a highly increased metabolism, his body is able to heal most minor or moderate injuries after a short duration. (Minor wounds, 3 posts. Moderate wounds, 5 posts)
Preternatural Reflexes The Huntsman's reflexes have been increased to twice that of a normal Drow.
Brutal Strength: The Huntsman's Strength has been increased to four times that of a normal Drow.
Inhuman Speed A constant need to move quickly has furthered Hunter’s ability to move, and he now moves four times as fast as a normal drow.
Stone Hide After some time processing it, the experimental serum has adapted to the Gorgon Venom in the Huntsman’s system, and sublimated it. He can now shift between a normal state, and a ‘stone’ state. In this state, he loses his increased speed and reflexes, but gains increased toughness to his skin, to the level of iron.

Touch of the Moon:
A strange power that Hunter is still learning to control. The silver glow of Fil’ayn’s eyes grows stronger as he taps into this power. What further effects the silver has on him is currently unknown, but what he has learned it can do is already potent.

Purging Touch: Almost unsurprisingly for a Drow, his magic is not normal. It instead - is an anti-magic effect. Hunter draws forth a silver film that coats a part of his body, and for a duration protects that part of his body from all magical effects, both positive and inimical. His control over this isn’t strong at the moment, and he can only keep it up for a short duration.
Can be used three times in a combat thread. Lasts for 2 posts per use, or until it has intercepted one direct magical impact. Only effective against magic up to one level stronger than his current level. Does NOT affect physical attacks at all.

Silver Breath: another offshoot of his purging magic: Hunter expels a cloud of silver mist from his mouth, which tries to eliminate magic in anything that it contacts. The cloud expands from his mouth and covers only three feet away at its diameter, and does not last for very long at all.
Can be used twice per combat thread. Lasts for one post. Three foot diameter. Works against magic his level or below. Does not destroy magic of his level, only weakens it.

Hunter's Saw Spear:
The Huntsman's primary weapon. A rough oak shaft of approximately a foot and a half, wrapped up in rough linen that has long since been soaked and stained red. The damascus blade of the spear looks like a monstrously large fang - half a foot wide at the base, curving just slightly down into a point. The blade itself is two and a half feet long, giving a total from end to end of five feet of length. On both sides of the blade are a series of sharp, jagged 'teeth' meant to slice and rip when it strikes. However, it does not seem this long at first. This is 'trick-weapon' and has a mechanism that allows it to shift between two states.

State One: Reserved
The primary state that the Good Hunter carries his weapon in. In this state, the weapon is folded in half where the blade and the haft meet, so that the blade curves back down along the haft. There is just enough room between the teeth of the weapon on the inner edge, and the cloth-wrapped handle, for the Huntsman to safely grip the handle without injuring himself. This state is meant to be easily carried, and can hang from a hook on the Huntsman's back with ease. Fast, light strikes are the trademark of this state.
State Two: Aggressive:
The second state of the Huntsman's Saw-Spear. In this form, it more accurately lives up to its name of 'spear' - the mechanism is triggered, deploying the blade to full extension. Now both hands can grip the shaft of the weapon, allowing more force to be delivered. In this state, brutal thrusts pierce a foe, and the jagged teeth rip the flesh, and slices can be struck with both sides as well.
Vampiric Edge:
An enchantment that the Huntsman had grafted to the Saw-Spear that he had crafted. Wounds dealt with this weapon steal life force from their victim, and replenish the Hunter's own. The effect is not strong, and it takes three blows to heal even a light wound. This effect works for whoever is currently wielding the Saw-Spear.

Tools of the Trade:
An assortment of miscellaneous small tools that the Hunter has gathered over his training. Most are focused on survival techniques, but a few can be used in combat if necessary.
Stakes: A small collection of sharpened stakes, strapped to the Huntsman's chest for ease of access. One of his few combat tools. Each stake is approximately six inches long, with a flared base and a honed point - meant to be driven into flesh and pin a target. He currently possesses six iron stakes, and six yew stakes.

Shinsou Vaan Osiris
07-04-2018, 11:11 AM
I assume when you say "level above" you are talking about character levels as opposed to tiers of magic? Sometimes the two are mutually exclusive (i.e Shin might be level 12, but might have a spell that is actually only steel tier in terms of cutting / impact power).

The Huntsman
07-04-2018, 11:24 AM
Ah, that's my fault then. I haven't been keeping an eye on profiles so I tend to think of magic as tied to character level, not to the tiers. So then I need to go in and give it an equivalent to something in the metals list?

Shinsou Vaan Osiris
07-04-2018, 11:27 AM
Well, you can get around it one of two ways, in my book.

1. State that your spell can stifle any magic used by a character up to "X" level (likely to raise the assigned power level of the ability, but removes any gray area).

2. Give the spell some sort of tier cap (less likely to raise your power level as we will have something specific to measure against).

Your call on how you want to approach it.

The Huntsman
07-04-2018, 11:46 AM
I'm just going to stick with one level above his, as I've got it written, and take the PL hit. If it's that bad, I'll just lock the breath power.

Shinsou Vaan Osiris
07-04-2018, 01:58 PM
You're good.