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Break me down and bury my face
I'm a time bomb ready to detonate
Leave me in ashes, I'll rise up in flames

You can knock me out, destroy my name
But my power it comes from a higher place
And my weaknesses just make me stronger
~ Disciple, “Secret Weapon.”

~ ~ ~

Name: Felicity Rhyolite.
Gender: Female.
Age: Eighteen.
Race: Human/ Neanderthal Hybrid.
Eye Color: Green.
Hair Color: Red.
Height: 5"5.
Weight: 124 Ibs.
Big Five Personality Type: REOAD, the Director. [Emotionally Reactive, Extroverted, Open to Experience, Agreeable, Disciplined.]
MBTI Type: ENFP, the Campaigner.
Relational Needs: Respect, Acceptance, Support.
Vice: Wrath.
Virtue: Charity.
5x5 Alignment: Rebel Good.
Handedness: Right preference.
IQ: Average.
Occupation: Part time alchemist, bounty hunter, and adventurer.
Faction: Faith United.


Felicity always had a quick temper, but now her anger has grown to steroid levels. She struggles to control her passion and her rage based abilities, but she still loses it at times. Sensory seeking is her favorite pain relief. Her favorite sensory seeking activities are engagements in citadel and bar fights, as well as rock climbing and hiking. While she has tried her hardest to control her anger, her secret feelings of twisted rage, years of hidden bitterness, have bubbled to the surface. She has often times shouted, screamed, behaved irrationally, and even has gotten physical by smashing material objects. When angered, her body language ramps up and she becomes more quiet yet explosive. Her loved ones officially have noted her poor anger management as an issue. Felicity does realize she has a problem now. While she is currently helpless in figuring out solid anger management, she at least warns her friends of her temper, apologizes, and even pushes them away if the need arises.

Felicity has recently developed an interest in arcane magic and alchemy and has taken time to explore the wilderness and stay in labs to study it. Felicity loves exploring the world and its possibilities. She is very open to experience, especially from a scientific and magical perspective. While she is far from a logical, thinking personality, she has become surprisingly analytical. She can even be alarmingly nerdy!

Felicity has developed PTSD symptoms since being hit with the trauma of Ashla’s swing as Ayleth, watching her cousin die, and hearing of her uncle’s death back to back. She’s much more on edge now, terrified of any reminders and triggers of her troubled past. Her once bubbly, optimistic persona has become more of a surface or shell. She continually runs away from her disturbing memories; turning to thrill seeking and escapism. She is easily, extremely explosive and cynical. She looks towards how she was affected in the past and believes nothing can change now. She is still cheerful and energetic around people, keeping up a solid act, but her recent changes in internal personality is frightening – she even runs from herself.

Despite her pain, Felicity is still selfless and gold hearted. She is always willing to help a better cause. She is always giving out smiles to cheer up someone's day. Half neanderthal, she's one tough kid to break. She is simultaneously a fighter and lover. She will instantly fight for what she believes in; but she is softhearted and sensitive, even fragile. She is people orientated, the enthusiastic one, the life of the party - until you do something that contradicts her moral code...

A fiery redhead with green eyes, she has a slightly narrow forehead and a tough stature. Although young, she shows various signs of growth and hardship. She is not much of a kid anymore. Her eyes still glow with teenage spirit, but they're weighed down from life. She has several scars across her body from previous battles and injuries. She has cut her mangled, dead pinky off. She's grown taller than the neanderthals, like a human. She still has many physical similarities with the neanderthal. She has the neanderthal rib cage, forehead, and smaller limbs; as well as the sturdier, larger skeletal features. Unlike neanderthals, however, her eyesight is strictly at the human average. She has slim, toned muscle and a four pack.

She will wear a lot of different outfits, although she generally prefers her nuclear resistant black shirt and shorts. She may often times wear extra accessories and articles of clothing alongside them. She has stopped wearing wrappings. A tomboy and simple soul, she has nothing fancy like jewelry or make up at all. Her rich, flame colored hair is usually kept in a ponytail or single braid, although she may try more exotic hairstyles here and there. Felicity also enjoys regularly face painting herself like her neanderthal kin. The paint easily washes off and she applies new paint every chance she gets.

- A Delyn arming sword with the elvish engraving "my heart is my weapon."
- Talymer war bow with iron arrows. (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?1357-Moar-Toyz&p=13581&viewfull=1#post13581)
- Ulder Recurve Bow. (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?1421-This-Bow-Will-Make-a-Fine-Addition-to-my-Collection)

- Boiled magim leather boots good for handling tough terrain and fighting - although not clunky and heavy - that are ankle sized.

Alchemist Tools and Toys:
- Specialized knife.
- Pow with spigot.
- Burner, and spigot.
- Mortar and pestle.
- 5 small glass vials (1 cup).
- 3 large glass vials (1 gallon).
- 3 small hide packets.

Potions, Pills, Meds, Etc.:
- Blood Thinners. Zero combat use, just helps Felicity's blood to be a not salsa.

Herbs and Natural/ Magical Ingredients:
- Currently none.

- Blue Robin: A small metal robin, expertly painted to resemble the real thing. It can sing, fly around and generally be awesome. It can be used as a distraction through a psycho-kinetic link with the owner that allows he or she to control where it flies. It also contains as small amount of gunpowder, which can detonate in a flash of light, and burning anything it was touching. It is enchanted to recombine overnight.
- Journals: She has various journals written with various herb, plant, etc. classifications and information, potion and medicine recipes, and some seemingly random magical finds and writings. There are several complete journals listing the plantlife of the following lands: Corone, Scara Brae, and Dheathian. These journals are useful as alchemy cook books, a guide to plantlife and herbs in the wilderness, and personal logs for things Felicity finds interesting.
- Nuclear resistant clothes. (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?1198-Self-Magic-Proof-Clothes&p=13563&viewfull=1#post13563)

- Swordsmanship: Felicity is a freestyle swordsman, under the suggestions of her former teacher. However, she also knows the basics of Escrema and Kendo. Felicity will employ their techniques in combat. Her skills with single and duel blades are now exceptional. She learned western style techniques as well, including the different guards and stances as well as techniques like half-swording. She is an exceptional, talented bladesman; very skilled and lethal – although still not near the level of an experienced, seasoned warrior.

- Karate: Felicity has learned the basic punches, kicks, and stances of karate. She can deliver hard, controlled blows when in the right mind. While karate is part of her style, Felicity is much more freeform and uses boxing techniques in her aggressive style as well.

- Boxing: Felicity is much more of a boxer in combat than a ninja, delivering punches quite well. She is an effective unarmed fighter.

- Archery: Felicity knows how to use a bow and crossbow when needed. She learned how to use handheld crossbows as well. Since picking up her war bow, her skills have adequately improved.

- Pole-Arms: Felicity knows the basics of using small and medium pole-arms and javelins.

- Survivalist: Felicity has become well adapted to surviving outside civilization. She's good at tracking, identifying and using herbs, coping to extreme weather, and hunting.

- Alchemy: Felicity has an expansive understanding of the art of alchemy, in both nature and application.

- Botany and Chemistry: As a growing alchemist, Felicity has learned about many plants, herbs, and chemicals throughout the lands. Her knowledge mostly extends to Scara Brae and Corone, but she also has lesser knowledge of the natural lore of other lands as well, including Raiaera, Eiskalt (not like it has much), and Dheathian.

- Arcane Knowledge: Felicity is growing in basic identification and understanding of the principles and marks of magic, enchantment, alchemy, spells, runes, potions, and the like.

- Charisma: Passionate and independent, Felicity is (usually) a warm, bubbly, outgoing person. Her energy and optimism can get to people and make them feel the same warmth and life. While Felicity may never be the leader of any team, she is most certainly capable of being the heart of one.

- Angsting: Like her mentor before her, Felicity is an expert in the art of angst.


- Neanderthal Toughness:
Felicity is developing the natural stamina and endurance of her neanderthal kin. Felicity is capable of staying energetic and unexhausted in combat for seven times as much of the time than normal humans. When pain settles in, she can deal with it and jump back into combat quite impressively. She has a pain threshold that can take more than what two or more grown men could bear. She's one tough cookie, and it takes effort to beat her down and keep her down.
[7xs better endurance than the average human.]

- Neanderthal Bones:
Another trait she has gained from her neanderthal relatives, Felicity has a skeletal structure five times stronger than the average person. Her bones are harder to fracture and break, as well as being more easily relocated if pulled out of place.
[5xs stronger bones than the average person.]

- Neanderthal Durability:
Felicity is tough as nails, and a lot of it is thanks to her neanderthal blood. Not only can she withstand pain, but she can take four times more damage than the average person before getting to the point of dying. It will take more than one stab to the gut, one concussion's worth of head whacking, and more than the usual barrage of arrows to take her down in battle and keep her corpse there.
[It is 4xs harder to kill Felicity as opposed to the average person.]

- Discipline:
Thanks to her physical training, Felicity has become a natural weight lifter. She has turned from a young girl to a trim and toned little warrior. She can lift 800 ibs. with effort and can handle up to 700 ibs. with natural ease.
[7xs better strength than the average person.]

- Blood Runs Thicker:
Felicity has an increased blood supply of 2xs that of normal humans. It takes double the blood loss to negatively effect her and jeopardize her. Any lost blood will replenish twice as fast. As her major ability requires bleeds, this was a necessary rapid adaption her own body and magical affinity made.

- Berserk Rage ~ Part I:
[NOTICE: Any abilities under the Berserk Rage categories do not effect Felicity’s own equipment, clothes, etc.]
Felicity has a lot of anger under her smiles, and she's able to unleash it in combat. Every time she receives an injury that makes her bleed, she gains improved physical strength. Each hit boosts her strength up by 0.5 starting with 15 seconds, stacking another 0.5xs and increasing her Berserk Rage's timer by 15 seconds. The current max stack is 10xs strength for 90 seconds.
*There is a very negative side effect to this power, however. For every time the ability is boosted, she becomes more enraged and slowly losses her mind. By the third to fourth hits she may go completely berserk and blank out. The right drugs have proven affective at keeping the rage under better, but not complete, control. One would have to know about the sciences of this alchemy forged power to make such a drug in pre-meditation. Of course, Felicity knows how to make a needed drug.*

- Berserk Rage ~ Part II:
During her berserk rage (explained above) she becomes oblivious to pain. Any wounds and bruises still apply their damage - and increased activities during berserk mode may further open wounds - however, Felicity won't feel them until berserk mode has turned off.

- Berserk Rage ~ Part III:
If she reaches the third knockback boost, an orangeish-red nuclear energy cloak will surround her body. This nuclear cloak behaves similarly to fire to anyone who gets close to or makes physical contact with it. If anyone gets close to it, they will experience rises in temperature. If physical contact is made, it can lightly burn hair, fur, feathers, clothing and leather; it will cause first degree burns on flesh - and second degree burns with prolonged closeness. This cloak can last up until time runs out - but due to exhaustion to its host, Felicity may experience lightheadedness, nausea, and headaches after it fades. In worst case scenarios she may faint seconds after she returns to normal.

- Berserk Rage ~ Part IV:
When Berserk Rage is first activated, the radiation from her nuclear powers seeps through. In a fifteen feet long radius around her, people will experience mild to moderate feelings of sickness: runny noses, teary eyes, nausea, lightheadedness, headaches, physical weakness in the body... the results will vary per person. When Berserk Rage turns off, this ability does too. It is up to the opponent to the effects and these will only be distracting.

- You Don’t Want to Suck My Blood, Mr. Vampire: Felicity’s blood, thanks to the serum that birthed her Berserk Rage, is potent. If physical contact is made, a person will feel slight burning, tingling, and/ or numbness. If taken into another body, it causes a milder variation of the effects of BRP-IV for about three minutes.

- Magic Affinity ~ Sixth Sense: Felicity is strongly attuned to magic, thus can "feel" if there is magic in a specific area. In areas like Berevar, or in the trees of Dheathian's capital, or in magic wielding people, she can sense if magic is there. What kind of magic, its purpose and use, she cannot perceive. For example, she can't tell if a person can either shoot fireballs, turn invisible, or summon the undead, she just knows they can use magic. As this is a sort of sixth sense, alongside vision, hearing, touch, etc. it is permanently on. As a sixth sense, it can be disturbed (pained like in touch, or disgusted like in taste, or overstimulated like with sensory disorders.) Depending on how strong the magic is and the power level, the stronger or weaker her sense feels it. She can also sense the “alignment” of the magic. She can sense where the magic lies on the 5x5 Alignment chart. The darker the magic, the more it repels her (like a bad smell or physical discomfort. The worst of worsts can actually make her feel pain.)

- Magic Affinity ~ Detection: As this ability invites meta-gaming, this can only be used on other PC's with permission from the player, confirmed in an OOC note! This cannot be used in the Citadel. Felicity has become able to perceive the world on a magical level. For sixty seconds at a time, Felicity can switch from a physical view of the world to a magical one. All senses will be exposed to all forms of magical properties, objects, people, etc. and she can use this ability to detect a figure's "magic signature." This signature carries a combination of the magic itself and, if it's a person, the person's personality. For example, if a fire mage is in the room when Felicity uses this, all five senses become loaded with the effects of physical fire. If the fire mage is hot tempered, the fire is wild and out of control. If the mage is more stoic and calm, the fire is more controlled and contained. This sense extends to a sixty feet radius surrounding her.

*This ability does have its downsides. Felicity cannot filter any of what she perceives. So say she is in a place with a boatload of magic, whether it be an alchemist's shop or even a Citadel arena (which is pretty much an alternate reality built purely from magic.) Felicity could easily have a sensory overload, experience a range of symptoms from discomfort to excruciating pain, and could even pass out from the magic all slamming into her from all sides. Even reading more than one person's magic signature can risk sensory overloads and panic attacks. Level and power levels also influence how negative the affects are. Additionally, Felicity's magical affinity is mostly focused on keeping her alive from her Berserk Rage and the serum permanently inside of her. If she uses her magic sense for too long, she risks even death because part of her affinity is taken from keeping her body functional. For these reasons, Felicity avoids using this for more than sixty seconds at a time. Felicity needs to take an hour to recharge this ability and calm down between uses. Even within these time constraints Felicity may deal with some sort of physical or mental side effect (headache, rise in blood pressure, anxiety, shock, etc.)*

A written, IC example of Felicity using this to read my alt, Ashla Icebreaker's, magical signature:
In this isolated, empty shed, Felicity watched Ashla as she pulled out the rations for today's "dinner." They were trapped, isolated, in the midst of a bitter blizzard. However bad the situation, Felicity saw a sudden opportunity. Curious, she closed her eyes. Then, she opened them to a world on a magical plain
She felt like she was outside all over again. The blight of bitter cold caused her to form goosebumps. Raw, untamed aggression came in the form of brutal winds, causing the girl's hair to whip around. In place of Ashla was a solid block of chilled ice. The outsides were blue, but the inside was a singed black. Felicity could taste the disgust of death eating between her teeth, with the cold numb causing her body to freeze in an encasing of solid ice. Her body was unbalanced, the ground seemed to shake in instability - just like Ashla's mind. This... this was too much. Felicity winced her eyes shut, then opened them to the "real world" again...
Pale, sweating, and shaking, she staggered back. Ashla's magical signature was... horrendous. In physical numbness, she collapsed, her knees slamming the wooden floorboards.

- Blessing of the Thayne ~ Skill of Battle: Felicity's grandfather, and his bloodline, was blessed by Hromagh with the fortitude, power, and skill of battle. Felicity already has the raw strength, endurance, and survivability. In Skill, Felicity can learn new skills and traits up to five times faster than the average person. Whether it be in her competitive skills or even her alchemy, skills that may take years to learn can be learned in months instead. She can also pick up on learned traits given off by other people, catching onto personality, intentions, and even fighting styles. This can help make less mistakes and more accurate predictions in combat.

This does NOT increase EXP gain from threads, this is a strictly IC trait only."


- Berserk Rage:
See Berserk Rage, Parts I and III. With each time Felicity's ability is triggered, she becomes more blinded by rage. It can get to the point where she can blank out; becoming nothing but anger, fighting friend and foe alike. Her movements and stature become sloppy, and she cannot think rationally - if at all. The right drugs have proven affective at keeping the rage under better, but not complete, control.

- Little Ragechild:
Felicity is angry. Very angry. Almost all the time. However, she has become rather skilled at hiding this rage. The physical side effects of anger are strictly clear. If left untreated, her blood will become thick and even chunky; forming blog clots frequently. Her risk of situationally high blood pressure is high. She could suffer lightheadedness, sweating, and even very young heart issues. She is regularly in danger of headaches and physical weakness, numbness, etc. She needs to take medicine and pills to lighten the symptoms. Being physically active and having a healthy diet also helps her. If it weren't for getting help from fellow alchemists to dumb down these symptoms, she could literally be killing herself with her anger.

- Magic Affinity:
The Eiskaltian branches of Neanderthals are strongly connected to the world on a magical level. While Felicity has not awakened much of this side yet, the weakness of this power is already rearing its ugly head. Anti-magical abilities of other players, NPCs, objects, etc. automatically have a 20% more potent, deadly, and negative affect on her.

- Heightened Metabolism:
Felicity has twice the metabolism of the average grown man, strongly needing protein and calories to keep moving. When traveling, it is important to bring a boat load of high protein foods. When out of the needed rations, Felicity can be put in jeopardy - whatever fat she has is burned rapidly and she needs more nourishment.

- Mild PTSD:
Felicity steadily developed light but still dangerous PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms due to her family’s death and Ashla’s former downfall. To avoid thinking about and remembering these events, she has become a sort of workaholic. While she can relax, her “leisurely” activities are energy consuming and even dangerous (studying a dangerous potion, reckless thrill seeking, etc.) She can push herself to the ground, both metaphorically and physically, with these activities. She seldom sleeps well. If repeatedly exposed to enough triggers in any situation, including combat, she could have a meltdown, panic attack, and/ or a dissociative episode. While not every little reminder of her past can trigger these extreme responses, enough of them can push her over the edge. While Felicity tried to hide the mess she can be, she is a mess none the less.

- Shorter Limbs:
Felicity has neanderthal arms. While the size difference is small, it still provides several weaknesses. In combat, she has a shorter reach distance than full blooded people. Thus, smaller arms may be a major weakness. Even long weapons, like two handed swords and spears, may not provide as much reach as usual. Despite being tall, Felicity may have to stand on her toes and bend to reach some objects. Although small, the meager, small annoyances can make a huge difference.


In a ragtag, rundown little village in Eiskalt, Deerhorn, she was born: a human and neanderthal hybrid.

Felicity Rhyolite was detested by all. She was a monster, a creature birthed from a forbidden affair, a creature of the dark... that's what they all thought, at least. She was ridiculed, abused, and tormented by the throngs of spiteful people all growing up. An innocent child, she had done nothing wrong, was being beaten, humiliated, and terrorized for what she was. Her uncle and older cousin finally had enough of it and moved to Corone when she was nine.

The years in Corone treated her family well. They lived in a cottage in the woods, avoiding trouble and running a shop in a nearby town. Her cousin became a ranger, and she wanted to as well, but her poor skills got her laughed out of the garrison. One person saw secret potential in her though... her name was Ashla Icebreaker.

The lady of Eiskalt took her under her wing and taught her to fight. During this time, Felicity was sent to the Citadel for practice and she ran into Rehtul Orlouge, whom she befriended. Ashla had Felicity injected with a serum her friend Daisuke Toivonen made, giving her berserk-like abilities. These abilities she would struggle to control.

While they started out with a healthy relationship, as Ashla's personality slowly darkened; so did their bond. Whenever she had a mental breakdown and reinvented her entire identity, they slowly fell apart and Felicity left her teacher.

After this, Felicity returned to her cousin, but only for a short time before he and his battalion were kidnapped. When Felicity finally tried to save him, he was struck down... and her powers went insane.

In the wake of being a monster, slaying so many, and upon hearing of her uncle's death through heart attack, she had enough. She lost everything. Having nowhere to go, she set sail for Eiskalt, hoping to find something there.
During her stay in Eiskalt, Felicity took a quest to the country's largest mountain, Verbotenfels, and met a neanderthal medicine woman, Maiara, who put her through a series of trials and exercises in hopes of showing Felicity her true potential not only as a fighter, but as a person. Felicity would start to move past the post traumatic stress of her recent losses from this point on; starting to become a wiser, more mature, individual. Felicity also would pick up an interest in alchemy at this point. After leaving Eiskalt with Maiara's good wishes, she would make way to Corone again and look for ways to explore her newfound magical interests.

After spending more time adventuring, Felicity made way to the island of Scara Brae. There, she met her old friend Daisuke Toivonen, an old ally of Ashla's. The elder alchemist immediately took the lonesome girl in. She would live with the Toivonen family: Daisuke, his son and son's wife, and their adopted daughter - Ashla's biological daughter.

Felicity would start to study as an alchemist, now fascinated by the art of magic. As Felicity worked with the Toivonens and studied, she would take bounties and explore Scara Brae to keep from falling into any kind of depression. She was still struggling with her past. As she studied, she would attempt to figure out the nature of her powers.

Felicity would cross paths with a broken and cornered Ayleth, who dropped the alias, again. She sought her clean record in Scara Brae as one of the select few safe places in Althanas left. She was at the end of her rope. While conflicted, Felicity saw that Ashla was slowly reemerging. She accepted her again, bringing her back to the Toivonens. Both Felicity and Ashla were at a point if devastation, they were rebuilding together.

Felicity heard of an alchemist in Stonevale who could potentially help her with her powers. This alchemist, Nevin, would help her further research her abilities. It was discovered through a massive chain of events that her abilities were of nuclear fission, and that her health without medications was critical. Felicity would start to take her anger seriously, thanks to her new ally and friend.
Shortly after returning home, the toddler Hanuh Toivonen mysteriously passed. The entire family was stricken with grief, and Ashla Icebreaker officially dropped her hunt for Lye Ulroke to stay with them. After taking a small amount of time to grieve, Felicity ran all the way to Dheathian to get herself perked up again. There, Felicity met a drow-dwarf hybrid named Yvonne Mythrilmantle. The two quickly bonded through a series of misadventures. They bonded like sisters thanks to their similar backstories. Their differences in cultural and personal beliefs, however, collided. Felicity’s abilities continued to increase in power. While journeying with Yvonne, she finally unlocked her magical affinity.

Daisuke continually brushed off Felicity the wrong way, to where she decided to part ways with the Toivonens. Max and Angela gave her parting gifts of a talymer war bow and nuclear resistant clothes and she was off. Nearing her eighteenth birthday, she sailed to Corone hoping to find Nevin. On her travels there, she joined Faith United, saved an entire village of a strange illness, and defeated an antagonistic lone drave. - Hey, she could of sworn she had seen that white barn owl elsewhere before… Upon making it to Radansanth, she briefly visited the Citadel, fighting a man named Hayate Amatsukami.

She has signed up to Faith United, just at the brink of the worst natural disaster in recent Althanas history.

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