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English Major
07-12-2018, 04:14 PM
Name: English Major Teir Condenscensio
Age: 40
Race: Human
Alignment: Good


Having hailed from 1914 Earth, English Major Teir Condenscensio displays mannerisms that would seem out of place in Althanian society. He smokes for fun, believes in the virtues of a good university education and has a stiff upper lip attitude to life. He is extremely polite, well spoken, always very grammatically correct, friendly and brave.


Having been sucked out of his headquarters by a rip in the space time continuum during an official military briefing on an assault on the German lines, English Major Teir Condenscensio is still dressed in his military uniform. It is coloured army beige, complete with red sash trim and brown buttons. He wears boots and gloves, and carries and empty holster at his side. His black hair is combed over to the side, and a giant moustache stretches across his cheeks.

Weapon: The English Wit

English Major Teir Condenscensio's only weapon is a big cane aptly named The English Wit. It is crafted from oak and has a little brass nozzle on the end.


- Literacy: English Major Teir Condenscensio's main skill is his ability to read and write. He majored in English in Oxford University and spent his time reviewing books before eventually critiquing various pieces of writing.

- English spunk: English Major Teir Condenscensio's bravery and charisma allows him to be liked by everyone.


Unfortunately, English Major Teir Condenscensio hails from Earth, and has not yet learned any. He does hope his superior education will allow him to eventually learn how to manipulate the laws of physics.


English Major Teir Condenscenscio, VC, KCB, DSO (born 1845) is a silk mouthed, mature, intelligent, and fully competent British Army Major serving in the First World War.

One day whilst planning an attack on the German lines in no-man's land in 1914, a rift caused by a celestial anomaly tears open inside British Army Command HQ, kills fourteen men and sucks English Major Teir Condenscensio into the black. When the dazed and confused English Major awakens, he finds himself in an odd new place, filled with fresh trees, trolls, humans, elves, orcs, dragons, smols and faes. Whatever is he to do?

07-12-2018, 04:23 PM
Welcome to Althanas! This seems like a very interesting character, and it appears to be all in order. Go have fun, you are approved!