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Name: Sei Orlouge
Nicknames: Avatar of Alerar, Savior of Radasanth, Protector of Radasanth, ‘Silence’ Sei Orlouge, Nanaebreth Reaper, The Raiaera Demon.
Age: 32
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Orange
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 172 lbs

Appearence: Orange hair tied up in a rubber band. Various clothing, usually consisting of button-up shirts and long baggy pants. Also will be known to wear a grey gi. Sei also has two blue and orange butterfly wings that retract and appear out of his back when he deems it is needed. The condition of the wings when retracted is directly effected by what condition Sei's back s in at the time. A fully healthy back means fully healthy wings, while a damaged back means that the wings may not even be able to support the mute's weight. Sei never goes anywhere without his daughter Anita, typically. The girl wears a blue dress coming down to just above her knees. She also wears blue heels and is often seen carrying around a brown backpack on her shoulders. Sei has also went back to wearing the long vlince cloth that typically drapes over his right shoulder. He used to wear this cloth when he lost his arm to give the illusion that it was still there. Now he just wears it to look cool, and because of it's special ability. He also has a pair of black kung-fu shoes with the symbol of the Thayne Y'edda upon them.Due to Sei’s standing as leader of Ixian Castle, he now has a full wardrobe available to him, though he still prefers her grey gi over everything else.

Weapon: Dual Chakrams, made of prevalida, and tied around his waist for easy accsess.

Four prevalida battle fans tucked within his back.

Gemini Blade: a short sword and regular sized sword of magical origins able to make a Sei-copy. The Gemini Blades quality are that of mythril, though they are magical in origin.

Sei has also gained a small ring he wears on either of his index fingers. This ring produces an emei piercer that grows in length in proportion to Sei's light magic. Though the piercer started off as steel in power, with Sei's newfound profciency with light magic it is upgraded to mythril. The Gemini Blades grow in power as Sei levels up, just as any Zodiac Weapon and its weilder. Sei has regained both of his chakrams due to a repair at the bazaar. Sei has also unretired his Kusari-Gama, a scythe attached to a piece of metal via a chain. The Kusari-Gama is of titanium for the time being. Finally, Sei also weilds a butterknife that was named the Ambrose Blade in order to please his bodyguard, Jensen Ambrose. Other than helping spread stuff, the knife possesses to other characteristics other than being steel

The following changes have been made to Sei’s weaponry

Sei’s chakram ‘Ter’Thok’ (the one he typically weilds with his right hand) now has the ability to produce a chemical burn upon its touch. This effect can even work on Sei himself, unless the mute is holding the weapon in the exact position he held it in when the weapon got covered in acidic goop by the monster Hans. The acidic burning effect stays active until the target can douse it in water.

One of Sei’s battle fans, the one named ‘Jackal’ (which actually has a purple faced Jackal imprinted on it) now has the ability to produce a pollen capable of making people drowsy with a 25% chance of working.

Another one of Sei’s fans, ‘Kadarus’ (which depicts a soenma flower) can produce similar pollen, only with the effect of seducing its target to lust after the first person they see rather than put them to sleep. Once again, a 25% chance.

Sei’s Emei Piercer (Named Rafanas after the famous thief), when used in battle, grants the user more fortune (OOCly, if I use the ring in a thread, I gain an additional 5% to my GP.)

Information regarding the acquisition and purchase of Sei's Chakram/Kusari-gama-emei piercer/battle fans can be found here (www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?21038-Weapon-of-Choice-(Solo)) and here (www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?21802-Edgar-Enchanted)

Sei has gained a three-sectioned staff, named ‘Hromagh’s Arm’, all three sections detatch separately, and once one piece is thrown (and as long as Sei is holding one of the other pieces), can not be stopped by anything. It is essentially an invincible projectile so long as Sei is gripping the other pieces of the staff. The weapon is yew wood that covers its true tier, titanium. Sei is also able to will the missing piece back, though if the thrown piece meets with a material stronger than titanium, it will simply push the object forward until called back.


Mystic Protection: This spell can be cast 4 times. It surrounds the user with a shield of clear glass, which shatters upon a decent blow with it's opponent. The shards that the shield become instantly explode out in a dome radius all around the child. There is one small point that the glass does not cover upon explosion. A clever man can easily avoid it a second time, provided he payed attention or got lucky the first time. Also if someone is directly touching the target of the spell, the glass breaks around their form as well. So if Person 1 was touching Sei as he cast it on himself, and Person B attacks, the glass shatters around person A and Sei, protecting them both from the subsequent explosion.

The Sound of Madness: An ability in which Sei can temporarily unlock the psychic potential in a person. Unfortunately, with many people not being as well trained to quiet the thoughts around themselves as Sei was have a 75% chance of becoming distracted from listening to 'the voices', with a 50% chance of going insane from hearing the thoughts of others.

Octopus' Garden: Learned from a spell book found in his tomb, Sei raises a hand and begins to concentrate. Seaweed rises from the ground and ensnares the target, setting them up for the second portion of the spell. For roughly eight seconds, volleyball sized rocks rain down towards the foe going anywhere from 30 to 50 mph. The seaweed is incredibly resistant to most types of attacks, but weak against the tiniest bit of fire magic, which makes the seaweed retreat back into the ground. Learned from The Beginning. Can be cast four times a thread.

Force Persuade: Sei can wave his hand and forcefully persuade his targets mind to do what he says. Kind of like hypnotisim, but different. There has to be an inkling that the target wishes to do the given task, so the target can overcome the mental push. There is a 70/30 shot of this working, and can be used in in combat and the bazaar to give discounts, no freebies. Of note, this was a former ability Sei had that was recently unlocked during his altercation with Talen Shadowalker.

Evenflow: Sei matches the brain pattern of his foe, causing his muscles, reflexes, and other attributes to match that of his opponent. Meaning if somebody has 6 x strength, casting Evenflow will grant Sei 6 x strength as well. The disadvantage to this technique is that the only ability Sei can use in conjunction with Evenflow is Mystic Protection and his light based abilities. Also, this ability takes one full post to complete. This effect lasts for the rest of the thread, or until Sei cancels it himself, which in and of itself takes another full post to accomplish. With Sei's newfound power boost, he is now able to also temporarily take 1 technique of the target used for Evenflow. The condition is that Sei has to have seen the technique used at least once, and he is able to use the ability as many times as the original owner is able to.

Would?: Sei would have to use the phrase 'If I would, could you...' followed by what he was challenging someone to do (IE 'If I would, could you walk towards me?') if said target performed the task, a random effect would happen. It could do anything from turning Sei into a knight to having it rain gumdrops. Sei only uses this ability once per battle due to it's wild card-ness. On levels higher than Sei, the spell will have a 20% chance of benefitting Sei.. If a target is Sei's level, there is a fifty fifty shot Would could work good or bad against the Mystic. Lower levels have about a 80 percent chance of Sei's spell favoring what he needs however, though a 20 percent rate is still a good chance it will prove useless.

Powerless: Sei is able to cast a spell that renders all magic, enchantment, technological, or cast, completely nullified. This does not affect innate abilities such as naturally increased strength or speed, nor does it affect racially granted defense mechanisims, such as Mystic Protection. Furthermore, this spell does not affect Sei himself, but will affect his allies. This effect lasts for color=green]twenty feet, for five minutes or three posts, whichever comes first.[/color] Able to use twice a thread.

Third Eye: Sei is able to see the microscopic spectrum of things. From over three miles in the air, he can find a single ant twitching its legs. This gives Sei an insane level of details, even to how someone carries themselves. Note that this ability does not give Sei an actual third eye, but just allows him to zone in on areas of interest at will. Can also be used indefinitely. Sei can now also view the various planes that people can travel across, which allows him to track those who shift dimensions in order to escape. Upon slight concentration, the Mystic can also see particles and atoms in the air.

I’m Looking Through You : Essentially, this is X-Ray vision. Sei can see through walls, bodies, the ground, almost anything that isn’t made with the metal lead. Even the tiniest trace of lead will stop Sei from being able to see through things. Can be used at will and indefinitely.

Here Comes The Sun: Doo doo doo doo! Sei uses the power of the sun to amplify his Light magic, creating heat vision. Sei can control the temperature at which he uses this laser vision, as well as how powerful the ability is. It can be completely invisible, or bright red, and be able to catch cloth on fire instantaneously. This move feeds off of any light Sei has absorbed through the days since he last used the technique.

It's Raining Sunshine: Sei has the ability to call forth shadow destroying sunlight at any time. This move not only makes all shadows within a fifty foot area completely vanish, but it also recharges Sei's as well as other light based characters solar based powers (His internal light, Here Comes The Sun, etc etc) This effect lasts for as long as Sei is within the fifty foot radius from where he cast the spell, and the area returns to normal once Sei leaves the area of effect.

Gemini Duplicates: Because I'm not sure if you guys caught them during the last update, the Gemini Blades posses the ability to make a duplicate of Sei. Well, now that duplicate has become duplicates. Plural. He is able to make up to 3 other Seis for a total of three posts, or unless Sei wills them away. He cam summon the duplicates all at once and spread each of their powers thinner, or he can summon one at a time and have them be on par with Sei Prime. If all at once, the duplicates only share Sei's light based powers (Turn Up The Sun, Raining Sunshine, Here Comes The Sun). Only one duplicate will have Mystic Protection, and two duplicates receive Octopuses Garden only.

Turn Up The Sun: Sei has become a self-sustaning solar battery at this point, his own radiance rivaling that of the sun for days when he is exposed to any type of light, be it torch light, sunlight, light bulbs, hellfire, etc etc. The lights serve as a minor regeneration on the mute, healing minor wounds in thirty seconds, medium wounds in three minutes, major wounds in five, and fatal wounds in ten, should he survive that long.

Glass Shatters: With this ability, Sei shatters all glass in an area and sends it flying out in every direction as if his Mystic Protection just activated. Because of the nature of this ability, it costs 2 castings of Mystic Protection to use 1 Glass Shatters.

Hurt: Sei uses the glass from 1 casting of his Mystic Protection to form smaller, condensed balls in front of him that shatter upon command or upon impact. The glass itself is razor sharp, but there is much less of it per ball than it would be if hit with a full Mystic Protection. Sei can not control the balls other than keeping them levitating in the air. Kind of 'Mini-Mystic Protections'

The Feet Of Y'edda: These shoes not only give Sei double his normal speed, but also allow the mute to heal scratches/bruises at an increased rate, fixing them in about ten minutes. It heals average cuts/wounds in a couple of hours, and major ones in about half a day, provided Sei can survive that long. Also, Sei's feet have to be on natural ground for this effect to work (so no sidewalks/man made roads unless they're just dirt roads). These shoes are called 'The Feet of Y'edda. ((Gained in Songs About Rain))

Flight: Sei can fly for long distances with two butterfly wings that retract and appear from his back.

During Sei's journies involving the Thaynes, he has earned two mystic items. The first is a pair of kung-fu shoes given to him by the Thayne Y'edda.

The Thayne Jomil enchanted Sei's vlince cloth with her touch, the mute renaming the item 'Jomil's Touch'. If the long cloth is wrapped around an item, the item quickly decays due to the enchantment of the hermitess Thayne. This effect only works on items and non living things for now. So if Sei wrapped the long cloth aropund a gun, it would rust away and crumble. This effect only works when Sei wills it to, and the items return to normal when Sei wills that as well. In other words, after a battle, Sei would return a opponents weapon back to them in the way it came, rather than decayed. ((Gained in Jungle Fever (www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?20907-Jungle-Fever)))

Sei has also gained a small gem that allows him to see through Jensen Ambrose's eyes. This gem, the Ambrose Gem, does nothing more than that. Gained in Two Become One (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?21154-Two-Becoming-One).

Sei also acquired two items at the auction house (with Anita keeping the third for herself). These items can be found on This page (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?21125-The-Auction-House), but just a quick rundown of the two.

Livol Band: Weak against fire, takes 50% off of one magic attack per battle, weak against fire.

Valeena's Favour: A steel lance that can pierce up to three tiers higher than itself if the weilder is mounted. Also can hurt ghosts/the undead to great lengths if the thing gets blessed by a lady of the Scara Brae court (it hasn't yet)

Finally, Sei also has in his possession precisely three feet of wolfsbane, three feet of mistletoe, some rye, two vials of mountain ash, quicksilver and some liquid mercury. These are all to stop any random werewolf attacks like what happened with Letho Ravenheart during The Cell from ever coming to fruition againHere is the bazaar thread. (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?20922-Rise-of-the-Lychans-Not-on-My-Watch!)

Following Changes have been made to Items:

The Feet of Y’edda: Since gaining another Thayne item, Sei is now able to run at 4 times the speed of a normal person while wearing the Feet of Y’edda. Also, as long as Sei is touching natural ground, he can heal moderate injuries in minutes, minor injuries in seconds, and major injuries in hours.

Jomil’s Touch: the vlince cloth that drapes over Sei’s shoulder now has the ability to rot away whatever it is wrapped around in the course of two minutes, so long as the item in question stays wrapped in the cloth the full two minutes. This is also the result of gaining more Thayne items.

N’Jal’s Heart: Sei now possess a vest made of N’Jalian spider silk. This vest can be cut and stabbed through as any other cloth made of strong silk. However, its special ability is that whatever makes contact with the vest will become stuck in the silk itself (if Sei wills it so). In other words, if Sei is hit with a hammer and the hammer touches N’Jal’s Heart, the hammer can become permenantly stuck until Sei chooses to release it. The disadvantage is that Sei still takes damage from anything that pierces/hits him with enough force. It is incredibly weak to fire too, causing Sei to re-enchant the vest if exposed to fire. ((Vest initially gained here, the enchantment granted Here


Akido: Sei has known Akido since he was little. It is the martial art of using one's own momentum against them. He is of Legendary skill level in this.

Swordsmanship: Sei has used the Gemini Blades for several years now. Though they are not his first weapon of choice, he has become quite good at using them. Legendary skill level. (Note that Swordsmanship also reflects his ability with his two melee prevalida fans and chakrams when used for direct attacks. Also note that Sei is just as good with either long range or short range weapon whether or not he has one arm to weild them, or two.)

Throwing Weapons: Considering the mute has four throwing weapons, two of which he started his journey with, he is very good at manipulating their abilities. Because Sei has been through 7 levels worth of having chakrams, 5 of having throwing fans, and far less with his melee consortment, he is Legendary at using the long range perpective of his either/or weapons. He can make a steel hit from a chakram feel like dehlyn with the force he can put behind the blade.

Strategy: Sei's primary focus. The mute is a strategic master. After placing third in the Gisela Open, Sei concentrated all of his time into the study of strategy. As such, he is well versed in tactics and military training. Legendary Level

Ninjutsu: Sei is a master of the art of ninjutsu. This means he can enter a calm meditative state despite the going ons around him. It also means he has superb balance, even on something as small as a lamp post, and can quickly move from rooftop to rooftop as most people ould move through an open field.

Telepathy: Sei uses telepathy, a skill not considered magical nor physical, but mental. He originally started just using his abilities to communicate, but has been growing greater and greater at this skill since his tenure on Althanas. He can now pry into one's mind against their will (though he typically doesn't). This last part is only used for a plot device, nd with other PC permission. Legendary

Minor Enchanting: If given the ingredients/elements needed to enchant an item with a certain condition/element, and provided Sei also has the require item, the Mystic can permanently enchant said item.


Sei has been through a lot in his life. He grew up mute, and watched his brothers ( He was the youngest of six) excel in certain areas while Sei couldn't find his specialty. The mystic was very good friends with Kylin Rouge when they were but children, but were forced to move away due to grave reasons. They moved from one Mystic village where the Orlouges had been despised, Minas Drantrak, to another city where the Orlouges eventually became despised, Chateau Drantrak. Sei was all but the age of 17 when he left home to explore Althanas.

Of course, for two of those four years, nothing really exciting ever happened to the mute. It was when the vampire was 19 that everything began changing.

For one, Sei had found that his specialty was strategy, as was apparent when he placed third in the Gisela Open, a tournament where warriors are given armies. Sei also found a place to call home, a tomb that had belonged to his family for generations, hidden well within a Radasanth park. The mystic also slightly altered his race when he met Ryoki Nishoba, a vampire who had feelings for the mute, who returned said feelings mutually.

Alas, their love story was not to be.

During some training, Ryoki had transformed Sei into a vampire, one of the undead. She then proceeded to leave his tomb for a long while, in that time Sei had been gaining deeds around Radasanth by punishing villains, giving him the label 'Hero of Radasanth'. The vampire made sure that he would not let the darkness of being a vampire corrupt him by fighting those many would have thought he would ally with.

Soon, the hero was asked to lend a hand as a master at Dajas Pagoda, by the queen of Scara Brae herself! Sei liked the idea, and realized just how corrupt the Pagoda really was. Greedy monks, arrogant thieves, and evil deeds all littered the pagoda, and each day Sei went to train there was a day the mute felt angrier about the place.

Eventually, the mute had to take time off to visit another country, Alerar to be precise. The mute was not but ten minutes into his vacation when he was called by the people to help them defeat a villain wielding a zodiac weapon, one of thirteen weapons of incredible ability. The only way Sei could defeat the man was searching for the Gemini Blades, although he did lose his right arm in the process.

Sei returned after his Alerar adventure with a new outlook on both life and Dajas Pagoda. IF the vampire tried his best, he would be the best. If Sei dropped a bit of his arrogance and just allowed his skill do the talking for him, he would be unbeatable. Sei now had the Gemini Blades, and a new way to fight (with only his left arm and magic). It was now that Althanas would get to see the Real 'Silence' Sei Orlouge.

After Sei lost his arm, he was in a few encounters and escapades, the most memorable being a fight with Max dirks. Dirks and Sei had met once before during Gisela, where Sei admired Dirks as his hero. However, Sei lost respect for the man due to his tactics and somehow managed to advance while Dirks was left behind in the first Gisela Open. This sparked a rivalry between the two, which came full throttle during a fight in a bar. While Sei lost control and began to blindly attack Dirks. This endangered Anita, who Dirks took a hit for. This brought Sei back about his senses and the two actually started forming a friendship due to their common interest in Sei’s daughter.

Sei also involved himself in the LCC, teaming with a convict named Blinke to form the team Don’t Blinke! This tournament forced Sei to face his Lord Thoracis in battle, much like he had to face his mentor of Max Dirks in the Gisela. Once again, however, Sei defeated his opponent against all odds and snagged the third place win for his team.

Later, Anita entered the second Gisela Open, despite Sei’s pleas. She made it all the way to round 3, where she finally listened to her father and retreated back home to him. She had seen enough of war for the time being, and felt that she should not go against her father’s wishes when he felt so strongly about such a topic. As soon as Anita got back, Sei and Anita left for Raiaera, where Sei planned to stop living the life of a fighter, and start living the life of a father.

Sei faked his own death, with Anita’s assistance, in the woods. The two then ran to Salvar in recluse for many months. It wasn’t until news of Max Dirks declaring war on the Grey Braves, and asking for the vampire’s assistance did Sei finally make himself known back on Althanas. With a new appearance, and somehow, with his arm returned to him, the vampire was ready for war once again.

Unfortunately, the wheels of time once again influenced the course of action for the superb strategist. Upon patrolling Radasanth one fateful night, Sei ran into a low-status criminal. Upon engaging the cretin in a duel, the criminal pulled a gun on the mystic. Firing his weapon, Sei smugly smiled and simply casted Mystic Protection in response to the attack. However, neither person saw Anita standing in the shadows, for she had been following her father. The spell left both the criminal and Anita seriously injured.

Upon discovering what he had done, Sei placed his daughter under a comatose spell, using a skill he had called 'Force Persuasion'. He knew Anita would die if he did not find some way to save her. He found salvation in an element called 'The Flames of Life'. These were flames that were said to take a person straight from death's clutches. Sei sought out the flames in a Raieran swamp, and eventually came upon the item that would save his daughter.

When Sei returned to Anita, he used the flames upon her, which aroused the girl from her deep slumber and completely healed her of any and all injuries. However, the flames had a catch to them. If they were not used upon the user himself, then they would take the user from the grasp of death by making him young again. Not knowing this, Sei inadvertantly transformed his body into that of a 14 year old boy. Though his physical strength and intelligence remained, the mute was unable to retain his spells.

Furthermore, nobody believes that this child is, in reality, -the- Sei Orlouge of legend. To prove himself to the world, Sei ordered Anita to take all of his weaponry, sans his chakrams, and deliver them to his friends, the only ones who would actually believe his story. Sei must now go on an adventure to reclaim his weaponry in order to regain his allies, all the while trying to find a way to go back to his old body.

After several years Sei succeeded in gaining back his prevalida battle fans (four, two used as projectiles and two used for close range), as well as his Gemini Blades. The Gemini Blades have the ability to reproduce a perfect mirror imaged Sei doppleganger, albeit with only a quarter of the real Sei's actual strength, and only possesing the magic of Mystic Protection itself. The Doppleganger lasts three posts before the Gemini Blades power over it wears off, and it vanishes into the swords once again.

When Sei had regained his Gemini Blades, he studied them to realize that once used, his doppleganger was still in his adult form. This interested Sei, who quickly began to study his dual sword more thoroughly and found that they could actually reverse the Flames of Life curse. Sei quickly fumbled to learn the incantation and was soon enough returned to his adult form.

Upon returning to his original shape, the mystic realized he still had not retained all of his spells. The only arsenal he possesed on his magic skill set was Mystic Protection, and Would. While Mystic Protection offered Sei a great defense, Would in itself was a very random ability.

Due to the years of trying to locate and regain his weaponry, Anita has aged somewhat exponentially. She is now about 17 years old.

A lot has happened since the mute's return. He made his first act by returning to the citadel to battle William Arcus. The man had become a Revenant, a being of evil. Sei convinced William that he has the ability to control the demon forming up inside of him, and the two left as uneasy friends without a single death in the halls of the citadel that day. ((Note: I can not find the battle in any of the archives, but Revenant can attest that it did happen))

Sei's next event took him into finding the leader of some bandits known as Zander. The mute had help in the unlikely form of a young girl named Kyla for this adventure. All Kyla asked in returnw as that Sei helped her find her lost memories. The mute agreed and after Zander's capture, went on to the home of mystic shadow magic, Chateau Drantrak. ((See A Chance Encounter))

Sei was severely weakened during his stay in Chateau. He did help Kyla discover who she was when he had found his eldest brother Niche still living in the town. Sei was shocked to learn that Kyla had been Niche's daughter who escaped the town's looting many years ago. Soon after the discovery, Kyla was kidnapped by the evil bandit Talarni. Sei would have died in the rescue attempt if it were not for Kyla herself, whom Sei helped gained the ability to use shadow magic. Sei left the town promising Niche to treat Kyla as his own daughter. He also gained an emei piercer located in a ring Sei's brother Steppenwolf had created. (( See Where Memories Hide))

Sei then turned his attention to a prophecy located in his tomb. The prophecy stated that nine warriors would come together to save Radasanth from disaster. Sei and Anita have been busy recruiting these nine warriors to their cause, and so far have found a few of them. (See The Beginning

Sei has now recruited Talen Shadowalker, William Arcus, Cassandra Remi, and the ronin Taka to his cause. As the Mystic gets closer to his goals, his enemies get closer to starting their war.

In his spare time, Sei has been on a quest to find the seven Thaynes of Althanas. He has been deemed their champion, the one who will guide the spirits of the fallen to where they rightfully belong. This class will only take effect once Sei completes all of his Thayne quests (he's only finished 2)

Also, Sei has been getting closer with his relatives, Kyla, Aislinn, Felicity, Rehtul, and Vat'Clefor Orlouge. Sei has literally went to hell and back for Kyla's life, and has welcomed the others into his home with open arms, often scolding them (aside from the elder Vat'Clefor) for their eccentric behaviors.

Historically, not much has changed with Sei. The mute has gained quite the loyal following in Concordia. Nowdays, nearly nobody does not know the name of the Savior of Radasanth. Sei has gained so much recognition, criminals literally will not attempt crimes if they feel the mute is nearby. This has caused the telepath to take on an alias as ‘Silas A.’, using a cloak to disguise himself and making sure people are looking at his lips while he talks (whether Sei ‘encourages’ these people to watch his lips while he talks remains to be seen)

The mute has also gained several new members to his family. Emma and Ella Orlouge, a fourteen year old brunette with the wish to strive to be the best she can be, and a five year old musical prodigy respectively. The third member is Misery, a creature of seemingly plant-like origin with the ability to instantaneously transport anybody it likes anywhere on the map. This feature has come quite in handy for the mystic.


Miasma Crystals: Misama Crystals are shards that are rumored to hold the ill will of the entire Mystic race within them. Any Mystic who touches a Miasma crystal suffers from instant third degree burns, and having a miasma embedded into them is an instant death sentence. Luckily, the world's majority of miasma has been destroyed, but there have been known to be fractals lingering around.

Anita/Emma/Ella/Kyla Orlouge: If anybody threatens Sei's daughters, they become the primary focus of his attacks. Nothing else matters to the mute but saving his girls. Because of this, Sei forgets about strategy and is solely concentrated on the safety opf his children.

Shadow Magic: Shadow Magic has a direct effect on Sei, just as his Light Magic has a direct effect on Shadow Magic. Sei is hurt far more than a normal person would be by shadow magic.

'Episodes': Under extreme duress, Sei will go into a blind rage. This is normally triggered by frustration, death, or a combonation of both. In these episodes, Sei no longer thinks clearly and is easy to dispatch with attacks. Sei has been working hard at controlling his impulses now, and thus is harder to lead into a rage.r

Wings: Sei has two butterfly wings that come out of his back when he decides he needs to fly. If one were to target Sei's back, however, they would also be targetting the wings. As a result, a beat up back means beat up wings.

Fear of Stairs: Ever since the Noodle Incident (which was Jensen Ambrose's fault), Sei has developed a fear of stairs. It sounds silly, but you don't know the horror Sei faced involving stairs during that incident. Every time Sei encounters stairs, he temporarily freezes up, an attempt to mentally prepare himself for an ascent/descent.

((Note that while I'm here, I am purchasing my level 18 uprgade fro 10,000 GP.))

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