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Leoric "IronAbs" Bagua
Age:28 Race: Human
Hair Color:Black Eye Color:Ice Blue
Height:6'3 Weight:230
Occupation: Muscle for hire


Leoric is normally a quiet man, however when he drinks he becomes loud and obnoxious and tries to pick fights with whoever he can.
He only does what furthers himself, he does not care about laws or Morales.
If he can come out of it richer or stronger then before he went in he will do anything.
If he is not in a bar drinking, or doing a job, he can be find in the middle of a forest training to increase his battle strength
Or with the Love of his life, Marina, enjoying what quiet time he can.

Golden skin, thick defined eyebrows, Ice blue eyes, strong cheekbones and extremely fit.
He normally wears a loose fitting cotton shirt underneath his enchanted leather vest.
His sword causually sways on the right side of his hip which is barely noticable underneath his oversized fur coat.


Masterful hand to hand combat
Martial arts training (Various styles such as Tiger, Monkey, Drunken fist)
Average swordplay

Strength = x8
Speed = x1.5

Quaking Strike – Ability to use and manipulate the nature energy around him in his Punches, increasing the range of his attack by 2x in all directions
(Formerly Quaking Palm and it only affected Palm strikes instead of just his punches)
Visuals: When Leoric gets angry or begins to channel the Natural energy around him the wind bends to rotate around him directly. If there is any dust or debris it will swirl around him in a double helix pattern before dissipating and falling back to the ground. This only happens when he begins channeling the magic.

Damascus Enchanted Leather Chestpiece (Here (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?28416-Stronger-then-Steel&highlight=)),
jeans, leather gloves with iron braces on the knuckles.


Leoric is the bastard child of King Leofric. His mother was the head maid and was frequently called to the king's bed chamber. When the king found out about her pregnancy he ordered her execution and labeled it as treason. A guard who was a close friend of the maid helped her escape and they ran off together to a neighboring village.

When Leoric was Ten, he and his 'Father'. The guard who helped his mother escape, had a disagreement and he ran away. He stumbled upon an old man stumbling through the woods, trying to return home with firewood. At first he thought to just leave the old man be, but against his judgment he decided to help anyways. He rushed over and helped the old man get back to his shelter, then he helped split the firewood for the old man.

As a ways of thanks the old man gave Leoric the only thing he could offer, Knowledge, The Bagua Technique of martial arts. After years of training the old man finally taught Leoric the ultimate form of this technique. He Called it the Quaking palm, and it took Leoric several more years before he finally was able to use the technique, but he was far from mastering it.

Years later, on his deathbed, the old man told Leoric the name of the martial arts that he was training to master the whole time, Gentle Fist. Leoric set fire to the house and left to wander the countryside, he couldn't bear to live in that house after the old man had passed away.

After several drunken bar nights and being laughed at when he introduced himself as the gentle fist master. He started introducing himself as the “Rockfist” master, anyone who made fun of him or second guessed him quickly got a fist to the face. After several bar fights rumors were spread about someone whose fists felt like solid rock.

As he traveled the countryside he came across a fairly prosperous kingdom and while at the bar drinking, he was approached by a fairly attractive young lass. He was offered a large sum of gold to hunt down and bring back someone by the name of Adonis Michael Cedric Cannon. He was given a portion of the gold upfront and promised five times the amount upon completion of the job. The amount of gold offered blew his mind and he immediately agreed. Once he sobered up he began asking questions. He found out this Adonis guy was really the son of the King, and after an altercation with his father ran off to prove he was better then the king. He also found out that the queen had passed away shortly after the Prince had ran away, and that no one believed the prince knew yet.

Armed with this new knowledge, a heavy coin purse, and the promise of more gold upon completion. He took off in the last known direction of the prince. The last whispers he heard was that he recently partook in the Cell and showed some impressive magic. He paid for a horse and set off on his way towards where the cell took place

On one of his many encounters over the years he had run into a Drow Werewolf named Sinovera. In their brief correspondence he had learned to think before he spoke as he had used the wrong words and caused an explosion of repressed memories to come flooding back into her mind while she was in the middle of the hunt. She turned and tried to consume his liver. Her Mark, Verlain was well and surely executed and her hunt was complete without further incident. she left the next day without so much as another word to Leoric. (Here (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?28394-A-Wolf-in-Drow-clothing-(Closed)&highlight=))

After finding his own personal strength lacking Leoric went and spent a whole year in the frozen north of salvar. Living and training within an underground hot spring. He only left to hunt for his food and had no human contact for that year. After his year of training he went into town and was caught in a bar fight with some unsavory gentlemen who wanted to ‘explore’ one of the female bar patrons, Who he would later come to know as Amari

Amari got intrigued when she noticed Leoric’s punches never once connected with anyone he was fighting but everyone of them hit the ground writhing in pain or were knocked back. She followed Leoric back to his training area where Leoric began to show how she could do it herself. While meditating and absorbing the natural energy around him he realized an abundance of the energy radiating from the Red haired vixen. Leoric almost killed her in a sparring match where she promised to perform felatio on him as long as he promised to be her bodyguard and teach her his ‘invisible punches’. (here) (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?31597-Bar-Brutes&highlight=)

After about a month of trying to teach her how to harness her own energy to punch like he did she decided to treat him to a brothel visit. Just before Leoric would get any form of satisfaction a rather angry half shark demon was summoned into town and went on a rampage. It was up to Leoric and Lil Red to protect the town. If it wasn’t for Amari he would not of walked out of that fight alive. (here) (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?31651-Cockblocked-By-Genocide-(Closed)&highlight=)

After that encounter and a brush with his own mortality Leoric decided it was time to temporarily part ways with Amari and head home to corone, to his little town of New Brookshaven. He was home for all of three weeks before action started to pick up yet again. Oxford and his men were causing a scene and trying to ‘force’ some time with a small red haired dwarf. Leoric knowing all too well what some woman had to go through with men in a tavern, especially the pretty ladies, stepped in to intervene. He had managed to save the young dwarf and in turn she felt like she owed him one. So while Leoric taught her little by little about how the world ran in the ‘real world’ she cooked and cleaned up for him. It wasn’t long before he had pushed himself past the point of exhaustion in training and her calling out to him caused a break in concentration. Allowing for a solid piece of ironwood to clonk him in the head knocking him unconscious momentarily. The week following was one of the hardest things for leoric.

He was so use to taking care of himself all the time no matter the condition of his body, and then to have the dwarf named Marina taking care of him and babying him was something he was not use to at all. Somewhere along the line he had started to get feelings for her.. Something he didn’t even think was possible for someone like him.

One day Marina traveled into town to get some spices for her cooking when she was cornered by a man known as Darius. He was a very disliked man in town but he was so intimidating the townsfolk didn’t dare do anything about him. Leoric wandered into town and was told about what was going on by his ex lover Rebby. As he limped into town he quickly rectified the situation and accidentally killed Darius. (here) (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?31212-A-Harsh-Reality-Check-(Closed))

At this point Leoric realized that someone as special as Marina needed a house to stay in. something to keep her nice and warm and protected from the elements. With the help of the town carpenter and the towns lumberjack they built a house in a little under a week. During this week his feelings for his dwarven companion grew and grew until the point he couldn't hold back any longer and he confessed his Love to her. (here (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?31677-Building-Foundations-(Closed)))

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