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( Note: Due to a personal thing I am reincarnating Elthas from scratch. Want to take him back to his roots/etc and I'm nixing the Wraith and many of the things current Elthas has currently done/earned. Thanks for understanding. )

( My Original Elthas registration thread is here: Oath (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?22219-Oath-of-the-Blade-(0)) thank you for understanding. )

Name: Elthas Belthasar

Age: 25 (Immortal thanks to the blessing of his people.)

Race: Ruild Forest Elf.

*Hair Color: Green

*Eye Color: Blue

*Height: 6'5" (Elthas is tall and lithe)

*Weight: 220lbs

*Occupation: Knife Wielder/Adventurer


Original: Elthas is a very proud of Elf. He has an exceedingly precise personality almost to the point of irritation. Elthas pays attention to detail, minor details that many would not spot. This attention to detail is borderline obsessive. An eccentric man, Elthas is a fellow of many unique tastes. Elthas is known to savor the most minute aspects of many of life's vices. Everything from fine women to fine liquor, Elthas will decipher the flavour to appreciate the craftsmanship.

Elthas has the mind of an artist. With this detailed world-view, Elthas obsessively observes everything around him. Very rarely do details escape his sharp mind and his sharper eyes. Elthas will point out things that he finds out of place from tacky clothing to that strange piece of evidence overlooked by locale law enforcement. This personality quirk has made Elthas appear rude and inconsiderate to his peers. Elthas does not care.

He specializes in taking "dirty jobs." Instead of assisting the current Empirical regime that lurks in Corone, Elthas oft works for an organization known as The Syndicate. Elthas considers himself a "professional cleaner" and specializes in cleaning up the messes made by others. Elthas lives a life that is a gray one, neither black nor white. Elthas doesn't consider anything that he does to be purely evil, but rather necessary in the grand scheme of things.

Elthas has the obsessive qualities of an artist. In his spare time he paints and draws. Elthas has acquired some skill as an artist. His attention to detail has allowed him to master art quickly. In his community he has earned a positive reputation as a painter of some skill. Elthas uses all of his talents to chase targets that would be elusive or tricky to most. Elthas lives for the thrill of the chase, and the heart of the hunt.

New: Elthas longs to see the Hume (Elven slang word for Human) world.

He is a kind and caring individual.

His sense of adventure is one of his strongest qualities.

He has a strong family ties to his ancestral household. He is especially loyal to his Father, Halm Belthasar. Elthas is a fierce student of knowledge for his chosen weaponry, Elven combat knives. He adapts and learns quickly Elven martial tactics.

He has no interest in learning the arcane arts of his people.

*Vice: Lust

*Virtue: Justice

*Alignment: (LG) Lawful Good

*Appearance Data: Elthas is a tall and athletically shaped person. He oft is seen wearing elegant suits and other fancy outfits. He favours wearing a fedora hat cut in the Radasanth style. He almost always wears the signet jewelry of his House. He has fiercely intelligent eyes that seem to glow. He sometimes can be seen smoking from a pipe the cannibus herb.

*Chronicles: ( History )

Old: Like most of Althanas' Elven-folk, the folk of Ruild (Concordia Forest) were a sturdy, tenacious lot. Elthas Belthasar grew up during the roaring time period in Corone post-Empirical take over. Street gangs, feuds between rival organizations, and anti-government propaganda were the norm. The soldiers of the empire were given free reign to exterminate or other wise do away of the viceroy's enemies. The angst of an entire generation of people were quietly subdued. During this turbulent time period, the alliances of old were destroyed by the viceroys. Corone became a paranoid, isolated kingdom at war with it's own heart and soul.

Elthas Belthasar saw the collapse of Radasanth with his own eyes. No more Heroes came out of that once great capital city. The age of villains had fallen upon Corone.

Elthas Belthasar was a typical Elven youth. His people lived within an Elven city that lurked deep in Ruild. Elthas's tribe was neatly divided into several large clans that consisted of High Elves and Hybrids. In Elven society, rank and blood-line meant everything. Elthas was fortunate enough to be bourne of pure-blood. Both of his parents were Elves, one of them of significant standing within Elven society. Elthas was raised in a particularly strict household and learned the customs of his people at an early age. Many of his customs were concepts of honour and justice. Concepts that seemed lost to the folk of Ruild. Radasanth had become a rotten piece of ambrosia, an empty shell of it's former self.

The Corruption of Radasanth began to reflect a growing corruption occurring within the Elven communities. Diplomats reaching out to Radasanth were turned away and sent back to Ruild. The old Alliances between Elf and Men that existed since the Demon Wars of antiquity were destroyed. The society of Elves became fearful and world-weary of the silver-tongues of men. When the Corone Rangers reached out for assistance from the Elves of Ruild, they were rejected. Human politics were not the politics of Elves.

Just as Radasanth had become increasingly isolationist as it prepared for war against all enemies, the kingdom of the Elves became equally isolationist.

Elthas, and many of the youth of the clans did not share the beliefs of their elders. Elthas grew up wanting to respect the allegiances of old. Elthas joined the Elven military academy at an early aged and trained with the finest Elven warriors that the generation had produced. Elthas excelled in his intellectual studies, as well as his combat technique. He quickly developed a love for art and poetry. Elthas ventured to Underwood as soon as he earned the title of Squire and could travel out on his own.

It was during his stay in Underwood that Elthas really got to see how bad things had gotten in Corone. One night in question, Elthas was out on a stroll when a gang of ruffians had stormed a Human gentlemen of elderly appearance. A fight quickly erupted. Elthas was accompanied by a squad of fellow military cadets when the fight occurred. Pleading with his fellows to assist the gentleman, Elthas's request was denied. Deciding to act on his own, Elthas turned a blind eye to rank and moved to assist the elderly man on his own. By the time Elthas had arrived, the old man was already dying.

Elthas managed to scare off the unprepared ruffians, and they fled but not until after they had gotten what they wanted. Not realizing what he had stumbled upon, Elthas assisted the old man. The old man revealed to Elthas that he was a powerful member of an organization in Corone called The Syndicate. Elthas had oft heard of the organization. With his dying breath, the old man decreed to Elthas that he take his body to a Syndicate safe house that he was heading to. Elthas complied. And that set off a series of events that would forever shape the destiny of the young cadet.

New: Elthas respected the word of his Father as law. The Hero, Halm Belthasar, had assisted Radasanth during the recent events of the Corone Civil War. As a result, he fought for the people by the people. The followers of Radasanth's Empire were attempting to destroy everything that Radasanth was all about.

During the war, Halm won many accolades and battles and emerged a Hero. They honoured the old alliances between Humes and Elf folks. Halm and his allies fought The Empire with everything they had.

Eventually, Halm returned to the Ruild Elves and took a wife.

There, the family prospered and they had several children. Including an eldest son named Elthas. Son of Belthasar. The Elder of the Ruild Elves saw that his people were prospering and at that time he had a vision. That young Elthas would someday save an old man named Seth Terrentius.

The vision deeply disturbed the Elder of the village and he confronted Halm Belthasar about the carefree spirit of The Belthasar children.

He thought that such a personality would bring ruin to the people of the village.

Halm resisted and explained that he knew that his clan always had a Hero's heart in their bodies.

The Elder decided to let the matter be but warned that a dangerous time was coming.

Halm decided to take the matters in his own hand and train Elthas to become a great Hero someday.

Elthas was a fierce student of the Elven martial tactics and Halm trained him personally in those arts.

It was then, on the eve of his birthday that Elthas also had a disturbing vision. He dreamed of an elder gentleman named Seth Terrentius. The vision was strong and it was enough to shake Elthas to his very core. He spoke to his Father, Halm Belthasar about the vision but nothing could be done.

And so, Elthas struggled in silence with the visions he was having until one day...

~Skill Tree.

1-Elven Martial Tactics. (Level 1) Elthas has learned the martial tactics of his people. He prefers to fight with the combat knives he was given during his training and education. He fights with flashy, and, elegant movements and counters. He knows how to kill an opponent with his knives if the situation calls for it.

2-Survival. (Level 1) Elthas has the knowledge of his people and has learned to survive in the wild. He can hunt, gather supplies, and set small traps for wild creatures and monsters in the wilderness. For now his knowledge of survival in the wilderness is basic.

~Ability Tree.

1-(Combat School level 1) Knives. Simply stated, Elthas has moderate skill with the combat knives he defends himself with. Elthas has learned the martial tactics of his people and can use them with a growing degree of skill. As such, he can dual wield his knives with ease, and has a basic understanding of parries and counters with knife/armed combat. For now, his understanding is basic/moderate. He has room to learn and grow and improve over time.

2-(School of Elven Genetics.) Speed/Reflexes. As a pure-blood Elf, Elthas has received the blessings of The Old Ones. His people are naturally nimble and quite fast. On land, Elthas can move at top speeds of about 15 M.P.H.s currently. He can react at 1.5 times the rate of a standard Althanian Hume. This assists with his combat tactics, is a passive, and is always active. (Passive) His speed requires a full turn to activate, but the reflexes are constantly active.


1-( 2x's ) Iron Masterwork Daggers. A pair of fancy Elven daggers given to Elthas from his Father, Halm Belthasar. The daggers are smithed in the traditional Elven smithing arts, and may be enchanted/upgraded further at a later date. The weapons are valuable to Elthas and cannot be sold.

2-Travel Pack. A standard pack to keep many valuables and possessions, it has many pockets.

3-Elegant Clothing. (Suits and stuff of Elven quality/make.) (Elthas is a cloth wearing Adventurer and wears no heavy/leather armor.)

4-Fancy Fedora Hat. A gift from a wandering merchant that visited Elthas's village one day. Elthas liked the hat and his Father purchased it for him. (Not sellable, seems to always find it's way back to Elthas. )

5-Belthasar signet. The Belthasar signet is a modest Elven symbol that represents Elthas's House. It is quite lovely to look at and seems to glow with runic power. Though currently the signet has no power other than a fancy glow. The Elves of Ruild often placed Signets and symbols on many objects, even trees. The Belthasar House was no different.(A simple ring and necklace, not sellable)

(Note: If at all possible I want to keep my Gold, thank you for understanding!)

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Approved - direct transfer.