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Name: Moffit Bel’Adon.
Age: Young adult. By the measurements of her world, ninety-three cycles of the red moon.
Race: Spynstir.
Personality: Moffit was once a fairly serene elf-spider, but the shock of ending up in Althanas has made her a bit… antisocial, to put it lightly. In her panic and desperation, she isn’t above doing horrendous things to survive.
Appearance: Similar to the N’jalian Spidermagi native to Althanas, Moffit is a holy centauric hybrid of spider and elf. Unlike N’jalian Spidermagi, she isn’t faceless nor drab brown. Her main spider body is a glossy black, her skin is faintly green (the natural color one’s skin should be), and her hair is frizzy white. Her four eyes don’t quite blink in sync, and her cute little fangs stick out of her mouth even when it is shut.
Height & Weight: 4’7”, 121 lb
Occupation & Lifegoals: Godless Priestess, hoping to either adapt to her surroundings and bring Diunlum into Althanas, or escape this horrid dimension back into Arachthanas where she belongs.

History: In an alternate Althanas (shall we call it Arach’Thanas?), one where spider elves known as Spynstirs populate Raiaera, all was peaceful, and all was well. Life was going especially well for Moffit, a priestess-in-training of the benevolent goddess Diunlum. Moff had just been initiated into her order, finally having moved out of her parent’s web to earn her own income and live her own life. No more days spent babysitting dozens of little siblings! No more parent-dictated chores! Revels! Dating! WHOO!

She was living the dream.

But as with any good dream, Moff was to be ripped awake into an unwelcoming reality. A yearly purification ritual gone horribly wrong ripped open the fabric of reality and sent Moffit tumbling into the Althanas we know and love so well. Now, she has to adjust to a world where she has no magic, no goddess-connection, no understanding of the culture or language, and a voracious hunger to appease. What are all these fuzzy animals and squishy bipeds, and why do they flee her? Where are the delicious insectoid livestock? Why are these plants not in lovely shades of orange and red? What is wrong with this world?

Dagger For Diunlum - Moffit’s experience with a dagger is limited to sacrificing insectoid livestock to Diunlum, but at least it’s something.
Songstress - From her time as a priestess, Moffit picked up quite a few lovely hymns in Diunlum’s name.
Babysitting - So. Many. Younger siblings…
Hunter - While not particularly good at it, a younger Moffit used to go out hunting for the deer-sized grasshoppers that traipsed the forests. She learned a thing or two about tracking and camouflage.

Wall Crawl - Thanks to her arachnid legs, Moffit is able to skitter up challenging vertical surfaces without much trouble. This, as you can imagine, is supremely useful in helping her escape frightening situations or ambush prey from above.
Natural Armor - When it comes to her legs and abdomen, Moffit’s somewhat sturdier than the average flesh creature. Her hard exoskeletion in those areas is more or less as strong as leather armor.
Very Specific Venom - Moffit’s cute little fangs contain a special chemical concoction that was very useful in her home universe. On insects and arachnids, this venom can be deadly. Any insect smaller than a poodle will find their insides melting together upon injection. Larger insects will find themselves paralyzed from the searing pain, which lasts anywhere from a minute to half an hour depending on just how big they are. Non-insects will feel… slightly itchy around the area of the bite. She only has enough venom for two bites per day.

Attire - As she was whisked away in the middle of the Summer Festival’s purification ritual, Moffit was dumped into Althanas still wearing the colorful traditional ritualistic attire, rather than something more durable or warm. All she has are the jewelry, the chestpiece, and the abdomen cover.
Sacrificial Dagger - A fancy knife made out of iron. It was supposed to be used to sacrifice insectoid livestock to Diunlum. Right now, Moffit uses it as a stabby-thing to defend herself in this freakish world of fleshbags.

Theme Songs: [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFeDzVwGbZg]Arachnotopia[/ur

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Approved - direct transfer.