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Name: Nevin Aimaparapoiitis
Nickname/Alias: Nev,
Age: 21
Race: Human
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 175 lbs
Occupation: Alchemist
Personality: Easily bored, slow to interest - obsessive about things that DO interest him.
Born to two human parents, who were obsessed with a minor blood cult that had come from a foreign land. Since reaching adulthood, Nevin has wondered if the cult was actually started by a vampire for some reason, but he has no way of knowing.
Nevin, as the first child born to members of the cult, was subjected to multiple rituals that he has never been able to find documents of since. These rituals…. Warped the child, and imbued in him a skill and affinity for blood based magics. However, due to the rituals he was subjected to, Nevin has an almost pathological hatred of sacrificial blood magics, and refuses to even consider human sacrifice for any magic he might one day be able to use. Instead he wants to create a different view on blood magic - as something that is useful and beneficial to people, completely separate from sacrificial magics.
Despite this desire, he knows that common people fear and despise blood magic in any form, so he does his best to keep his abilities concealed until he has built up a positive reputation. Currently, he works as a traveling merchant, searching for a place to set up a shop as an alchemist. Nevin has found a shop, and currently runs Herbal Magick in Stonevale, selling primarily healing tonics, but also candies, medicines designed for Kenku, and Miner’s Delight - a potion that reduces the damage done to lungs by breathing in stone dust.
Revealed Info: Nevin is actually an amalgamated individual, two souls that have been shoved together, and the trauma to the souls has left a lasting impression. One soul was the child who was a part of the cult growing up - this child has left some marks on Nevin now: Nevin uses the language of the cult in his ‘spells’; and in fact Nevin using his blood magic at all is because of the strange comfort he feels from that part of his soul. The second part was a wanderer, who was abducted by the cult and used in a sacrificial ritual - to give a child experience and life force beyond his years. Due to the cult’s fear though, and refusal to actually sacrifice a member of the cult, Nevin came about - someone who did NOT agree with the cult and its desires. He managed to distort and twist the final ritual of the cult; this prevented the actual goal of the ritual from being accomplished, and instead eliminated almost all of the cult members in the process. Nevin suspects, but does not know for sure, that the ritual was intended to make him into a vessel for something Other.


Short cropped dark red hair, eyes with irises that looks black except upon close inspection, which then reveals that they are an extremely dark red except in direct light.

Wears a dark green hooded cloak, keeping the hood up most of the time. Wears a brown leather vest over a long-sleeved shirt, close fitting gloves, and long trousers. While he will take off the cloak if it gets too hot, he always keeps the long sleeved shirt and gloves. This conceals the blood red sigils and markings on his skin below his neck.

Has a decent knowledge of medicinal plants and minerals, and how to make them into healing salves and tonics, as well as how to concoct simple poisons and antidotes. Takes time and resources to make anything.

Ingrained Sacrifice:
Due to close personal experience and subsequent study, Nevin can recognize sacrificial blood magics and rituals. This knowledge does not extend to his personal style of blood magic - as his does not involve human sacrifice (except those that leave the donor living) he has to make it up as he goes.

Magical Aptitude
In the course of his alchemy, Nevin has been studying magical symbols, as they often show up in recipes in places where a mild infusion of magical power is required to bring out the full power of the recipe, and can now recognize a fair few on sight.

Minor Smith:
Nevin has trained as an apprentice smith for some months, giving him a basic (very basic) understanding of the trade. He can make, given time and resources, simple items (Daggers, arrows, nails, horse shoes).

Blood Alchemy:
Nevin’s primary ability, the one he discovered how to use first, and the mainstay of several other of his abilities. Nevin takes a portion of blood and refines it through his innate power into an ‘Essence’ potion. These potions capture a quality of the source of the blood and that can either be consumed, or utilized in another aspect of Alchemy to bestow the quality upon another item via a transmutative effect. Potions that have been drunk last only a short time before fading, and items that have been imbued with the quality last for a longer duration, but it is restricted to the item itself.

Can be used to make: Healing potions, combat potions, transformative potions (at higher levels of power) and Ability Potions when blood is donated. Uses per day: Four

Examples of possible potions:
Low Grade potions based off of natural qualities (minor healing/wound restoration, combat potions from poisonous/acidic/venomous animals)

Special Grade Potions:
Ability mimic potions (Currently undrinkable)
These potions, obtainable only from donated blood (or blood won in combat) can grant an ability to the drinker - currently no one can drink them. When used to work an item, grants a low level variant of the ability to the item - at the cost of binding the item to the person the blood came from, so that only they can use it.

Potion Duration:
Low Grade Potions last for three posts when drunk.

Ability Potions last for Four Posts when drunk.

Item Duration:
Low grade potions cannot affect items alchemically.

Special Grade/Ability Potions last for two weeks on an item - but can only be used by someone who's blood is used to bind the weapon.

Replaces Essence Draw and Essence Infusion

Blood Crafting:
The reason behind his forays into learning smithing. Nevin can take free form blood and temporarily ‘forge’ it into another item. However, this is limited to blood that is within approximately half a foot of him, and he actually has to know how to make the item he is trying to mimic. As such, it is used primarily to create simple tools for his alchemy, or a dagger if his normal weapons are missing.
Current crafting limits: a maximum of two items at a time, which lose cohesion fifteen meters away from him, which have a limited lifespan of only a few minutes at most - though their innate durability currently rests just below iron equivalents. Uses per day: 4

Nevin has, through experimentation with some donated blood, learned how to manipulate the blood in his body into accepting Essence Blood that contains a power from another sentient being - something that before was impossible. This only works for Nevin, as another person who tried to imbibe a Sentient Essence, as Nevin calls them, finds their body rejecting the magic. Usable Twice per Combat thread, allows temporary usage of the Ability that is contained in the Essence.

-Allows Nevin to drink Ability Mimic potions without his body rejecting the Ability. Mimic'd abilities last only a few minutes and are weaker versions of the natural ability of the person. (lasts a few posts, only one Mimic'd ability currently)

-Any ability gained from consuming a Special Grade/Ability Potion is reduced in strength to at least one level below Nevin's current level.
-Abilities Consumed can only come from characters two levels above Nevin's - higher than that level difference will cause a violent rejection that heavily injures Nevin.

From the Skin:
Nevin has learned to summon threads and bands of blood from the ‘veins’ that run all across the surface of his skin. These ‘hungry’ threads come forth from a point he has decided - currently he is most skilled with summoning them from his hands - and depending on his desires, band together into a whip or remain as individual threads. This blood whip is quite clearly forged from blood, and has tearing/adhesive properties (The whip will stick to things and try to tear them free, causing strange wounds if landed on unprotected skin). This quality can be disabled if Nevin is not actively trying to hurt someone. Usable 3 Times a Day. Current approximate strength/length: steel, can extend to six feet long.

Like Calls to Like:
Wounds dealt by weapons crafted from blood by Nevin (Either via From the Skin or by Blood Crafting) cause excessive bleeding compared to what they should do - as the blood that Nevin uses has a strangely ‘attractive’ quality to it, and pulls more blood out of the wound than should normally come forth.


Primary Weapon:
Oak Staff: A six foot long oak staff with an iron band on the bottom, and an iron cap on the top four inches of the staff. Primarily a walking stick, he can use this for self defense as well.

Crossbow: Simple wooden crossbow with an iron arm used mostly for hunting. Equivalent draw to a short bow, not capable of piercing armor - though it can dent it. Current bolts: wooden with stone

Dagger: Short, simple dagger. Six inches of iron, simple bar cross guard and a leather wrapped hilt.

Quiver: Round container with an open end for holding crossbow quarrels. Can hold twenty bolts.

Bag: Large traveler’s bag, covered in pockets and straps.

Mortar and pestle: used in alchemy or cooking, iron pestle and stone mortar. Grinds up plants and minerals.

Mixing kit: small wooden box holding several spoons, rods, and a few simple knives, as well as measuring and pouring tools.

Vial box and vials: small iron lockbox with a padded interior, to keep glass vials safe inside. Can hold ten small glass vials (one dose) safely inside. Current count: four empty vials, one vial filled with clear clean water.

Pans: strapped to the outside of the traveler’s bag are two small pans and a small pot. The small pans have divots in the side for pouring the contents out.

Current Essences:
Low Grade
Essence of Vitality: Enables enhanced healing properties if drunk, acting as a potent general restorative. If applied directly to a wound, rapidly heals the wound. In both cases, restores lost blood, prevents anaemia. Only a few ounces. {3 OZ}

Essence of Acid:
A capable acid that can dissolve through materials up to a toughness of rock or weak metal (Iron/Below). Not to be drunk, as it is a corrosive blood that will damage whatever it touches until it runs out. Only a few ounces. {3 OZ}

Essence of Soul Sight: Blood donated by Stare. This Essence captured the capability of her eyes to see an individual’s ‘aura’ or ‘soul’. Currently cannot be drunk by anyone but Nevin, as a person’s innate magic will reject magic from another sentient individual. {Circumvented by Nevin via ‘Able-Blooded} This granted ability only lasts for a few minutes at most, and all of the current vial must be consumed to activate it. {One Usage.}

Associated NPCs:
A large, intelligent corvid that is roughly half-way between the size of a large raven and an eagle. Glossy black feathers, which change to a dark red (can be confused for rust red) approximately halfway down. Aphrael has an intelligence approximately equal to a young child. Communicates via flute-like notes, which only magically active people can hear. Currently, only Nevin can actually understand her, due to their bond.

{{Pending Completion of A Bond Forged in Blood}}

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Sorry about that! Link's up at the top now.

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Thanks! Currently I'm not understanding exactly what Able-Blooded does, so I'd like some clarification there and probably some form of limitation. For "from the skin" please specify an equivalent strength of the created appendage.

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Couple small edits in - Phi didn't want me having the character able to drink Essences at level one and told me to give an ability to allow it at level up, this is my attempt heh.

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Could you provide some examples of what Blood Alchemy and Able-Blooded can specifically do? Imposing some form of limitation on both would also make determining their power level much easier.

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Edits in - sorry, I'm trying to make these clearer. Blood Alchemy is just a neater written version of Essence Draw/Essence Infusion. Able Blooded would allow Nevin to short term use one ability from an essence in a combat thread, while right now he cannot.

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For Blood Alchemy, please specify how long consumed potions and imbued items last. You can use real time or number of posts to express duration.

"Special Grade Potions" seems kind of like a contradiction at this point, as it says no one can drink them, but then in a different ability you say Nevin can drink essences. I may just be missing something, any way you can clear this up?

For able blooded please add something to the extent of abilities gained will not exceed Nevin's own power level. The way it is currently worded, Nevin could still gain some pretty insane abilities if he got, for example, my character's blood.

After you've addressed these things I think we'll be good!

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I'll work on the durations and able Blooded fix in two shakes of a lamb's tail - restricting Able Blooded to 'Abilities garnered in this manner are reduced in power to at least one rank below Nevin' s own, and can only be used on abilities up to one/two levels above his own."

But the thing about the special grade potions is on purpose - they normally would only be able to be used on an item, as trying to drink an Ability potion would conflict with the drinker when they're in a combat situation. Able Blooded is what allows Nevin to drink that level of potion in a combat thread.

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Alright, edits are in! Hope these help and are acceptable!

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We're not allowing subtle differences of abilities between "combat" and "non-combat" threads anymore, so please amend potion duration to reflect that.

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Duration differentiation averaged out and unnecessary stuff removed!

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Alright... I'm at the point where I'm able to apply power levels to each ability, and Nevin is coming in a little over his TPL. I think the easiest way to fix this would be to remove the "mid-level" potions, leaving Nevin restricted to low level potions for now. This would still be in line with the bit about him only being able to take abilities from characters a level or two above his (a level 3 ability is still a low level ability). Basically, Nevin's potions abilities are quite powerful because of how broad and encompassing they are, so you'll need to restrict the power a bit more for now.

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Awesome! All stuff referring to mid grade potions has been removed.

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Just bear in mind that some of these abilities are fairly open to interpretation; in competitive threads it will be up to the judge's discretion whether or not your use of them exceeds the limitations imposed. You are approved.