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Name: Avis Tsukaka
Known As: Stare
Age: 16
Race: Kenku
Height: 4ft 10
Weight: 90 lbs
Occupation: Steward of the human-form bound god Vitruvion.


Kenku are a race of wingless, bird-like bipedal beings, taking the form of corvids - that being the crow family. Kenku stand at roughly 5ft to the head, and have a feathered body that covers most of their body, ending at the wrists and ankles. Their heads are those of birds, with long, often sharp beaks and black beady eyes. Their arms are formed much like that of a human, except ending in claws. Their legs also are built something like a bird, with a knee, then a lower joint for what would be the ankle and ending in a four clawed foot (one behind, three in front), essentially making them walk on thier toes, as any bird does. Below where the feathers end, at wrists and ankles, the skin black scaly form. They also have a short or medium size tail, with long tail feathers there that are usual stiff and the whole form is fan-shaped. Kenku also tend to be entirely black in colour, but there are variations of this based on the various corvids. White patches can appear, as can deep emerald from a magpie, indigo, greys and very dark violet. The most common colour change is on the head in form of a 'hood'. Kenku are light, owing to the partially hollow nature of their bones, owed from when they were birds, by their lore, and live shorter lives than the usual humanoid. They tend to die at age 40 or 50 and are considered mature when they reach 13 and can marry.

See kenku wiki page for more info.

Avis' Appearance:

Avis takes on the classic form of a kenku, with the dark glossy black of her colouring. She stands, however, a little under standard height, at 4ft 10 inches, and has a patch of deep purple feather markings running down the right hand side of her throat. Her eyes are a deep pitch black with many depths, which gave rise to her nickname. She usually wears a long brown or grey cloak, which covers her face, and beneath that a simple raggedy tunic. Tied to the tunic at the belt are several sharp daggers, pouches, and a book holder. Her tail feathers are also unusually short, extending only as an inch or so ugly stubs from the base of her back.



Some time ago Avis father, Tsu Tsakaka, was a well-ranked senshi, born from a long line of warriors and dia members. He served the clan Rook, owing a deep loyalty to his shogun. When he was reaching his twenties he decided it was time to marry, and thus found the blacksmith's daughter, Cassis. He wooed her, and she was eager for the opportunity to live in the class of a senshi, and thus agreed. They married and shortly after had twin sons - Akka and Avin. Tsu gained to a higher rank, and all seemed well.

That was until the Rook Shogun and the Crow Shogun began to have arguments over border lands and farmland and trade. The argument excelled to such an extent that the Rook Shogun marched a small portion of his troops to the border to 'guard' it. Unfortunately they gained to a place that the Crow Shogun considered his/of his flock, and thus war was declared. The war was brutal, and forced and bloody, with many dying on either side. The Rook Shogun in his haste, began conscription, signing up all useful bodied men to form an army under his senshi. In this, however, he also called up the then 11 year old twins, sons of Tsu and Cassis.

The boys, being of near maturity and the sons of a loyal, and still living, senshi, were rushed to the battlefront, into a planned sneak attack. Hastily trained they were barely ready when they faced their first enemies, deep into Crow lines. Their attack with their platoon was decisive and direct, to bring down a caravan of supplies and they were told to kill everyone in their path. This was until they came across the daughter of the Crow Shogun hidden within the caravan, and the two boys could not do it. They allowed the girl to escape, and in doing so disobeyed direct orders and possibly caused the Rook flock to not win the war there and then.

The Rook Shogun was furious, and he threatened to kill the twins for treason. Tsu, however, came to beg for their lives, and him being of high rank, the boys' sentence was reduced to being named kegareta. Preparing to leave, the boys began to say goodbye to their father, mother and the then just born infant Avis, until the Shogun council called an emergency session. In it, the other Shoguns managed to bring an understanding between the Rook and Crow clans, binding the agreement with the future marriage of the Crow Shogun's daughter to the next Rook Shogun. This and a solid border was agreed on, so peace settled, and the boys managed to stay close by without anyone really recognising. That was, until one night when they visited, and Tsu abandoned his watch post for one half hour, and in that night the Rook heir was poisoned.

The culprit was never found, but Tsu was immediately arrested and blamed for the guilt as he had left his post. With the Rook Shogun's wrath gaining the entire Tsakaka family was declared kegareta, Tsu becoming a ronin. They ran and were accepted into the community of kegareta who were nomads and called themselves, 'The Watchers with No Master'. Tsu became something of a guard and fighter for them, and Cassis a fantastic baker. Thus, Avis grew up in a close community of thieves and liars and killers.

A few years later, when she was nearing her seventh birthday, her brothers, sadly, were within Rook lands on a scouting mission for the Watchers, and recognised. By anger or by law they were slaughtered there and then, and news only got back to the Tsakaka family after a rider found the bodies. Cassis was distraught, and entered into a period of deep depression, where her cooking got steadily worse, and Tsu himself was aging, now reaching the age of 38 himself. It was Avis who kept the family safe from the kegareta lawlessness, by firstly learning how to bake, and then eventually selling her own body.

By the age of 14, Avis was a strong individual, barely an adult yet able to defend herself well as taught by her father, bake excellent cakes and pastries, and use her body for her own benefit. When her father finally passed away at the good age of 45, and then her mother very shortly following, Avis made the decision to leave the Watchers and head into the rest of Althanas with skills and abilities of her own. She became known as Stare for the way she glared at people, and the nickname stuck. It stuck even when she got to the city of Beinost, which is where she currently resides.

Level 2 and 3:

Avis gained a job working in a bakery under the tuition of Skra the dwarf, in his famous store The Dwarven Bakery. He took her in when no one else would, and took a shine to her baking talent, even taking her into his home. Their time together was cut short, however, for after a few months into the job Avis was kidnapped and taken to a place called the Hollow - an underground winding chamber, old catacombs, ruled by ten 'brothers' who share a passion for sexually exploiting females. Their desires are for females who have not consented to being taken below and who fight against the situation with tenacity, which gives them more passion and 'fun'. Thus Avis met the half-celestial Vitruvion, her 'host'.

She spent the first two weeks fighting against everyting Vitruvion made her do. It took an agreement between them for her not to struggle and do as he said for one night and he would be kinder than he usually was. Vitruvion took her along to the council of the brothers, a quarterly-annual meeting between them all to discuss matters as his prize piece. It was here she discovered various things about her situation - that Vitruvion had a personal grudge with another brother called Hugin over a woman they shared, and that his apartments were nearest the surface. Vitruvion also revealed that he considered her stare powerful, a look that Avis was made famous for and had been named after in the Hollow. He made her 'use' it within the council, and quieten the rest of his brothers to his will. She learnt that magic could not be done within the Hollow, by any creature or man, apart from Vitruvion.

With the knowledge then that Vitruvion could be persuaded to be nicer, if she herself fought less yet still kept her tenacity, Avis prepared a plan to escape - with the idea that she was near to the surface. After two months an oppurtunity came to her, and by stealing a knife from her lone half-giant guard, Brer, and by unpicking the basic locks of the door (taught by her childhood thief friends) Avis made it far. Her plan was foiled, however, when she discovered the Hollow gained to the surface under a large building where the guards of it stayed.

After a series of punishments and threats, Avis became less trusted. Vitruvion, however, remained passionate in the powers of her stare, and eventually he took her to the surface for the first time (for her) in four months. It was during this journey, with her muzzled and secured, that she discovered he had a connection in the foreign city of Hernsford, a city-state that had thrived on slavery for a thousand years and whose slaves were the only internationally recognised. He produced forged documents that he had written with her details on it, claiming that his interest in her was only growing. Taking her to a nobleman merchant, Thesus Heysan, who had cheated Vitruvion out of money for a lucrative deal, Vitruvion used her stare for his own gain, getting his money back. Unable to escape Avis was taken back to the Hollow, only then to be told she was going on another trip to the surface, this time for an unknown reason.

However, the carriage itself was attacked, and in the throes of the battle Avis revealed that she was something of a fighter, as taught by her father. She saved Vitruvion's life, knowing that the attackers would kill her and he would not. They won a very lose and uneasy victory and took one of the men prisoner, heading back straight to the Hollow. It was then that Vitruvion revealed more of himself, that he and his sister Ventrua were over a hundred years old and do not age. He also revealed that the Hollow was over thirty years old and he had been one of its original creators, the only one left, and that his eventual plans were to take her to Hernsford, to officialise his control over her. It took Blaze, his first and prime 'guest' to tell Avis that he had never been this obssessed over anyone. With a final act Vitruvion came to her in the middle of the night two days later, and tricked Avis into accepting a 'present' - a cuff which he revealed he had made by meditating in communication to his father, that was connected to a ring. It allowed him to see into her mind, and know and hear where she was, but without her knowledge, and also gave him the ability to cause her pain when he desired it. With it, he claimed he had secured his power over her, at least for now, and that he considered her stare something beyond normal, and he was now going to make her his pet project.

Avis was then moved from the Hollow to Vitruvion's townhouse, to where he operated his legal businesses. He told Avis he would no longer use her for sexual exploits, but rather for his own discoveries and benefits. Through the cuff and ring he owned her, but she was now granted more freedoms. Currently she resides there, discovering more about herself, and just what and who she might be.

Level Four:

Two months later, and Vitruvion was spending some of his time tutoring Avis with her powers. He mainly used pigs for her to practise on, who would become stunned. She was more or less trapped within the house, but given many freedoms - however he required that she still obery his orders. When she walked around the house without staying in her room as told he grew angry, but after a heightened conversation they had intercourse, for the first time consensually. The day following Vitruvion took Avis back to the Hollow, to continue the investigation into Thesus Heysan. It transpired that his daughter had married a Duke, thus making her Duchess and was privy to many of Thesus' secrets. After using her powers, Avis discovered that Thesus was the one who had sent the attack on their carriage so long ago, and also that he had various illegal operations going on within Beinost - something which Vitruvion swore he would tear down.

The Duchess, however, when besing taken back to her home, advised Avis that her people were not what she thought, and advised her to read a book apparently written by the only famous kenku - Karas the Wise. When she got back to Vitruvion's mansion Avis found the book in his vast library, and compared it along with others. After three days of researching she discovered the truth - that her people were in fact not a race running from a shadow across the sea, made by the spirits they called "Kage". Instead they were an old slave race, brought over from Keribas by an unknown host, who had been lost and confused themselves, and the kenku had latched onto the first culture they had seen - Akashima. Taking that culture they had built a history for themselves that forgot the slavery and all the past ignorance they had had. When next confronted by Vitruvion this story was confirmed. Vitruvion confessed his greatest secret to Avis - that he in fact was a god, trapped inside a human's body from another world that was ruled by his one-god father, Ansaldo. Ansaldo made Vitruvion in a vanity project, like he did with many races, but when it was figured out that there was no space for to gods on the one planet, Vitruvion was banished elsewhere. Coming to Althanas around 100 years ago Vitrvuvion had been shocked to find more than one god ruling the world, and had been forced to agree that he would not interfere with the plans of the other gods, nor directly with any other races. He was also bound in physical form to reduce his power. He made the Hollow in the attempt to create himself an empire, or a world. He figured out that the kenku were in fact another vanity project of Ansaldo, then discarded to Althanas - hence the kenku's confusion at the time, and easy enslavement. Unlike other discarded projects the kenku survived and created a history for themselves, but Ansaldo remained in the form of the Kage - the shadow, their eternal enemy and hunter. The kami, it is thought, were simply kind spirits who guided them.

With this discovery Vitruvion claimed his right to Avis, in the spirit that she was a race not of Althanas, and therefore under his godly supervision. He revealed that his sister Ventrua was half-god and half-human and that Raevin, his captain of the guard knew the whole story. He also revealed that magic in the Hollow could never be used, unless you came from another world, which is exactly what he and Avis were from. He surmised that Avis was so powerful because of the fact her people had for so long been ignorant of their potential and magic, distanced off from their personal source, which was Ansaldo himself. Therefore, only when she met Vitruvion was it that she could use her powers. He granted her authority over his home, and many of the more adminstrative sides of his 13 projects in and around Beinost, including that of the Hollow, and gave Avis the title of Steward. She became equal in authority to Raevin, who is the captain of the guard, and head of security and strategy for all projects.

Level Five:

One month later Stare was sent to Corone to deal with the matter of a stolen child. This was to assist the mother of the child, a faun by the name of Philomel van der Aart, to gain her back. Vitruvion felt he owed the faun a debt by the fact she had been kidnapped by one of his 'brothers' of the Hollow, however she was worth much more as an ally to him. Two months later, when Stare was adapted to her position as Steward, Thesus Heysan reared his head into their lives once more. He did not threaten, but rather took Vitruvion's mill and warehouse hostage, holding the workers there for hours while his men raped and tortured them, before the mill was set alight and destroyed by explosives from Alerar. With the intent of getting revenge Vitruivion sent Stare out to seek someone who might be able to get them such. Stare was able to find the demon Nosdyn, and not by her intention she was given the power over him by means of a demonic contract. Vitruvion managed to completely decipher the contract itself, and Nosdyn and Stare found Heysan with a business already failing. They ruined him and Nosdyn killed him. In return, and glad to have made such a friend, Stare agreed to get back something that was stolen from him by a 'Jake'. Ventrua, Vitruvion's half-sister was given the remains of the business, and made Lady Heysan. She looked forwards to taking it on.

Vitruvion sent Stare to Corone to seek out the possibility of buying a brewery there, to replace his mill, where she had an encounter with a catfolk female by the name of Eteri, whom she discovered could also see souls. Willingly, Stare went, but only with the agreement that she would get a holiday. Which she did, a month later. Stare went on a holiday to Stonevale, as agreed with Vitruvion for bringing down Heysan. There she came across an unlikely man, with which she discovered great friendship and closeness - Nevin the blood mage. Upon returning home to Beinost, Stare found that Ventrua was finding it difficult to run a business, and begged for help. During the process of arguments, Vitruvion realised that Stare's powers had grown to be able to stun Ventrua also (a half-goddess), not just anyone lesser than her. He also revealed that since they met he had been undergoing some change in powers - he was now able to start searching into his father Ansaldo's memories. It was also during this conversation that he revealed his most recent update in regards to her: he had bought a home in the independent city port of Hensford, the only city where slaves bought from are recognised internationally. In doing so, and with a great deal of bribes, he had settled his ownership of Stare now - over her person as well as her soul.

Level 6:

He sent her back to Corone, with little sympathy, aside from an explanation it was safer for her now, to finish off the deeds to the brewery, and with the promise that she could help Nosdyn on her return. Unfornately, however, Stare was captured by bounty hunters, who knew about her abilities and her connection to Vitruvion. Blindfolded and chained also she stayed for five days in a dark cell where she was once raped, and force-fed, until her friend Nevin was thrown into the cell along side her. They escaped together, during which time Stare discovered that her cuff had been removed from her wrist. They discovered a demonic mage had been the one in charge of those Bounty Hunters, and that he spoke of Vitruvion's 'brother' behind it all (Nevin having being kidnapped for his cult wanted him back).

On return to Raiaera Stare was introduced to Vitruvion's newest 'guest' to the Hollow, a girl he called Sable. Stare risked punishment from Vitruvion as she shouted at him to listen and revealed about this 'brother'. After being sent back to the mansion, Vitruvion came to her and gave her firstly a stronger cuff, which once again bound itself to her wrist, and revealed that he had never had a brother. She told him the full story of her experience, and he accepted it as truth after seeing her memories. The next dawn they returned to Radasanth via his own teleportation magic. Whilst telling Stare to find a hotel Vitruvion tracked down and revealed himself to Nevin, and the blood mage was made aware of their plans. The day following Stare and Vitruvion went back to the place she had Nevin had been kept, where they discovered various guards back in and new prisoners. One of them was a mysterious man who had no obvious magical ability, but who could know your greatest secret. The other was a young elf woman with black hair. They captured a mage, killed the Man of Secrets and took the elf back to their hotel.

The woman was revealed to be Merla, a bastard daughter of the ruler of Raiaera, who has the ability to turn things to gold. She revealed to Vitruvion that she had a background in a political scandal, and had experience in watching dark torture occur. She was now wanted by various people. He offered her employment to her, and thus she became Stare's new apprentice, having had a royal education in administration and management. Once Merla, now Mer, was sent back to Raiaera, Stare and Vitruvion did investigation. They found that both the demon mages were associated with the church of Sabazios, a god of excess who was not known for his cruelty. The notes of the previous mage said that he (Sabazios) had been influenced by another, whom Stare figured to be the mysterious brother. With knowledge that the church of Sabazios and the Bounty Hunter's Guild are in cahoots Vitruvion is determined to hunt down this mysterious brother and kill him. On their way back from Corone Stare went via Stonevale to see Nevin but instead found that he has now an assistant by the name of Ezra.

Level 7:

After making friends with Ezra, and helping them to understand a little of their condition better, Stare did not adventure until a month or so later. She was sent by Vitruvion to check out the mysteries of a castle, rumoured to be attracting many adventurers to it after the stories of a lost hoard and genuine possible treasures. Once there she found a great company of people, including Ezra and Nevin, whom she reunited with. Nevin and herself were subject to a horrific sight and revelation of the existence of a twisted zombie monster, whom they managed to slaughter together. It was during this time that Stare revealed to Nevin that she and Vitruvion had discovered the connection between the church of Sabazios and the Bounty Hunter's Guild, although did not mention that they had captured a mage.

Stare was sent by Vitruvion once more back to Corone, to assist in the destruction of the first Bounty Hunter's Guild that they had found. This one was a serious issue, for it was close to the fortress of the Gilded Lily, owned by Philomel van der Aart - the same faun whom Vitruvion had recently sent a reformed pimp known as Terrimar to. Together the faun and kenku destroyed the guild, alongside Terrimar and Philomel's right hand, Rameses Vaeron. Back in Beinost again Stare spent some time settling into the life with Mer, and training her, until a time when Vitruvion decided to allow Blaze to come stay at the mansion for 'good behaviour'. He later revealed it was part of an agreement he had made with Blaze, after the red-head had shown a curiosity to Stare's new whereabouts. Vitruvion also revealed that he had found a potentional other race - nicknamed the 'ape-orcs' - from Ansaldo's world, and said he and Stare would go seek them out. After Blaze spent a confused night, and insulted Stare so much that Vitruvion sent her back to the Hollow, annoucement came that a group of mercenary guards that he had sent out to seek a Bounty Hunter Guild just north of Beinost in a place called Bane Wood had not returned.

Accompanied also by Raevin and three guards, Vitruvion and Stare travelled north, and discovered that the mercenaries had in fact been destroyed by giant spiders. Also, the Bounty Hunter's Guild had been overrun by them and made into a nest. On the way back Vitruvion started acting strange, and he sent Stare away, saying he was now going alone to find the ape-orcs. Confused, Stare left, but discovered thanks to Raevin's deduction on the way back to Beinost, that Vitruvion had never once in his life slept in the same room as anyone, aside from her - and thus he actually trusted her deep down, likely from a god and subject connection.

Life went on, only interrupted by the appearance of Nevin in Beinost. Stare, happy to see her friend, found out he was there to go to the Red Forest. He agreed to help with finding out information from the mage they had captured and was being held, still, in the Hollow. Nevin, through alchemy trickery, made the mage think he was a friend, and revealed that indeed Sabazios had been met by a 'white haired godling' and that an attack on the newly acquired brewery was imminent. On the way back to the mansion Stare was very surprised to see that Nevin had a line of divine magic in him, and poorly excused herself from his questions on how she knew divinity. Stare was allowed to go with Nevin to the Red Forest, on the guarantee that she would find and kill an ophiotaurus, whose burnt guts are said to be able to kill a god, in order to have a weapon against Vitruvion's brother.

Nevin and she found and destroyed a Crimson Church within the forest, as well as an ophiotaurus. Stare was shocked to see a stronger bond of divine magic after Nevin was faced with an open portal to the Crimson Plane (where his power is from). After gaining the guts, they returned to the mansion where Vitruvion decided to face Nevin and demand what his intentions were, for fear it was all part of his brother's plan. Nevin asked then what Vitruvion was, and requested to know if he was in fact a god. In this, Nevin was then told the truth of Vitruvion and Stare's connection, and the rules laid down to Vitruvion by the Althanas gods. Nevin was briefly faced with a seduction attempt by Vitruvion's half sister Ventrua, and also revealed that he could now see connections between people, stating that he believed Vitruvion loved Stare. Both god and kenku were very confused by this, but Vitruvion puts it down to a love a god should have.

Currently Stare is organising and dealing with the stay of Maester Rafael and Guilia at their house, from Hernsford - the man who is responsible for her enslavement. She is not having fun.


Knife-fighting - expert
Baking - expert
Agility - expert
Survival - expert
Linguistics - beginner
Persuasion - intermediate
Crafting (able to make herself new crossbow bolts) - intermediate
Administration - expert
Management - expert
Accounting - expert



'Other' describes anything that does not come under 'Stare' or 'Passive'.


Unable to bear the inevitable loss of her, Vitruvion used a deal of magic, working for three days on making Stare immortal. He made a bargain with one of the Raiaeran gods of the stars, Galatirion, who granted elves extended life, with the idea that Vitruvion would one day owe Galatirion an unspecified favour, in exchange for the help. Because of this, Stare is now immortal. She does not age, but rather she will remain at the age of seventeen - a good age for a mature kenku - forever. She has no accelerated healing rate, but rather when she dies she will come back to life exactly 24 hours (to the second) later. Life will flow back into her body, and she will be fully healed if so.


Stare possesses five blue marbles (obtained here (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?506-Of-Kith-and-Kin&p=6098#post6098)) that Vitruvion has enchanted with his own teleportation magic. Once one of them is use (for a single journey) they cannot be used again, until they are recharged. Recharging takes a full 24 hours. They teleport her instantly from one place to another. Four marbles (lighter blue) can only move her three feet. One marble (darker blue) can be used to teleport her approximately three miles.

The Stare -

The 'Stare' is Avis' signature move, wherin she throws all of her darker emotions into a particular look that has now been developed and honed to use different emotions to trigger different looks. Her time in the Hollow and with Vitruvion has only made the emotions more powerful and pungeant. Currently there are three states to her stare; Darkness (stun), Nightmare (distraction), Grotesque (bodily harm), Power (non-physical harm) and Deprivation (Sensory Deprivation). She can access these accidentally by feeling a rushing sense of one of the emotions, and also can only access one at a time. She can not therefore use, for instance, use Darkness along with Deprivation to make a worse condition.

'Darkness': Up to three times per thread, Stare can use her hatred and stare at someone with a 'dark look,' causing them to pause whatever attack or action they were doing and be frozen with uncertainty. Her look is so dark, penetrating and unpredictable that only the toughest of men and women are able to break away from it immediately, or even ignore it. The subject of her darkness stare is stilled for three seconds if they are a level below Stare, one and a half second if equal to or a level above and two seconds if they are more. In the meantime the opponent cannot do anything except react as per abilities, giving Avis a chance to strike a blow or other.

'Nightmare': Stare throws all of her fear into her stare. She must make direct eye contact with an enemy or victim. It causes them to relive the last nightmare that they had, in full blown imagery. The nightmare is dependent on each person and their ability to fight against it with will power. The times for the nightmare is as follows: four seconds or for one post, after the time that Stare has thrown it at them, regardless of their level. Stare can use this ability thrice a fight, and it allows her to cause a distraction long enough to strike a blow, or do what else she made need to do.

'Groteque': Using the emotion of anguish, Stare can cast physical bodily harm on a person. This ability can be used thricea thread, and is dependent on where Stare looks. It must be on bare flesh. When she stares successfully for a full second necrosis will begin to grow on the subject's flesh. It also causes a sharp stab of major pain, then ebbs to a minor constant throb, and will spread further if Stare is able to hold her gaze for longer than a further one second. The initial impact is an area of an inch squared, and this will spread up to five inches. After this the necrosis will cease to expand, but will remain in place until healed, as well as the pain.

'Power': Using the emotion of horror, Stare can cause instant pain on someone. She must look at the exact place she wishes to harm, and it will cause them immense pain as if being stabbed by a blunt knife in that area - but no physical symptoms will be present. This ability cannot break bones, but it can cause agony, and depending on where it is focused any form of defence. For instance if someone was holding a sword, and Stare focused on that hand holding it with 'Power,' the person would likely drop their sword. Similarly, she could cripple someone. The pain will last for whole opponent posts, and Stare can use this ability up to four times a thread. This ability is limited to areas of the body that only cause temporary harm, and only causes pain. Stare cannot kill with this ability, and cannot aim at the neck.

'Deprivation': Using the emotion of fury, Stare can cause someone to lose a sense for a limited amount of time. This can be either blindness, deafness, the loss of taste or smell. This lasts the same time as darkness: for three seconds if they are a level below Stare, one and a half second if equal to or a level above and two seconds if they are more. Stare must choose one of the four to deprive them of. If they are subject to a secondary deprivation attack in the same fight, then the first will apply and also a second one will be stacked on top, to her choice. However, these two attacks must occur three whole Stare posts apart. She must make eye contact with the area she is depriving (eyes, ears, nose or mouth).

Passive -

Agility: Avis' agility is four times that of an average person. This includes running faster over short distances (12mph), jumping to higher heights/lengths (6m maximum in any direction) and dodging out of attacks. It is directly comparable to the agility of her opponent. If they have a higher agility (or similar) ability to her, she cannot dodge their attacks.

Aura Sight:

Avis can see another person's aura, looking past any disguise they might have. It is essentially looking at their soul colour. She can tell the gender of any person, whether it be female, male or neither/both, their age, and also their allignment (traditional D and D). These appear as a colour to her, varying from violet to red on a rainbow scale (see chart at end of profile).

She is also able to now see the flow of energies, chakra and power/magic in a person, and can be warned of what type of spell they will use. She sees the energy etc as hair-thin lines running through the environment and into the person, along with being able to see where they will eject from a second before the magic is performed. The energies etc are seen in a colour relating to the magic type they are: e.g. red for blood magic, black for dark, grey for shadow, light blue for ice, red-orange for fire, white for divine etc. The flow of energies is also passively seen even if not responding to the generation of a spell, and will appear in the main colours of the person's power: if they are of mixed power, it appears as many, if they are of none it appears as grey. If they are of no particular pattern it will appear as a shimmering rainbow, as if broken light.

Chakras -

The energies are focused around the Chakras with them flowing from one to the other. Depending on the look of the flow, and how blocked or free it is and how intensely bright each chakra is, Stare can sense how a person is feeling. This also includes her ability to see honesty, which is now included into one of the chakras (throat). If a chakra is brighter then they are the positive emotion, if it it duller then they are feeling the negitive emotion. If there is a emotion or force not included Stare finds it hard to read. Emotional states linked with chakras are as follows:

Positive Emotion/Force
Negitive Emotion/Force

The Root Chakra

The Sacral Chakra
Pleasure (inc. sexual)

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Heart Chakra

The Throat Chakra

The 3rd Eye Chakra
Insight (knowledge)
Illusion (under an illusion, confusion)

The Crown Chakra
Pure Cosmic Energy (enlightenment, bliss)
Earth Attachments (inclusive of excess - greed, lust)

Eyesight: Avis is able to see both in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums, as well as being able to see the normal rainbow. This allows her to be able to see in the dark as well as detect more specific patterns of light. She can focus on various parts and now has full control over this ability. Infrared allows her to see heat signatures essentially. Stare can now also see perfectly in the dark.

'Familiar' -

Sir Vitruvion Elssmith


Familiar being the wrong word, for really she is his, Vitruvion is Avis' patron and god. Through her immoveable cuff and his ring they are bonded so that he can see and hear what she can, and also directly speak into her mind, and also show her images and sounds, even smells (what he sees etc) and she can do the same back. Via this, Vitruvion will almost always be watching any battle Avis is in, and he acts as a source of conversation as well as advice. He is a well-read person, a theortician and something of a power-hungry megomaniac. He has a keen mind of business, and, though Avis hates to admit it, rather wise.


Vitruvion appears as a tall white haired human, who is insanely gorgeous to look at. He is a god from another world trapped in the physical form of a human. He can usually be seen wearing shirts and breeches, with long boots and often a long coat. He is also never seen without his cane, which has within it a thin dagger made of mythril (to be bought in future).


Vitruvion does not play an active role in fights. Instead he acts as advice and inspiration, and a second pair of eyes. He has the ability to call to Avis if there is a blow she has not seen or gift her with wisdom that his own personal, godly knowledge allows. Owning a vast library Vitruvion knows all of the known species in the world and many of the gods and magics, and can bestow wisdom about their strengths and weaknesses. Vitruvion also allows for a certain amount of sarcastic banter between him and Avis during a fight. Vitruvion now has access to his father, or lone parent, Ansaldo's memories. Ansaldo is a single diety of another world, from which Vitruvion was banished when Ansaldo decided two gods could not be in the same world (despite having made Vitruvion from his own sole essence). Ansaldo, being such, is a master scientist and creator, and Vitruvion has now begun to be able to see things at a near atomic structure. He knows how to create from nothing, and has a vast wealth of knowledge to access beyond his library. He can tell the weakness of almost any creature, any chink of armour and any ability and will relate this to Stare if the need arises.

Vitruvion also has an understanding of the world at a molecular level. He knows of the make up of the world and elements, including a vast knowledge of physics, astrophysics, chemistry, biology and other sciences. He cannot direclty manipulate them but can focus to see things at a cosmic level.

In human form Vitruvion cannot:

Manipulate the elements.
See everything (omnipresence)
Interact into the fate of Althanas (as per his agreement)
Do anything over a vast distance (more than 20 miles).

'Familiar' -


Sen is really a pet. He is Stare's mount for when she is travelling, and comes in the form of a dark black chocobo, standing about five feet in height. He is as fast as a running horse and is incredibly devout to Stare. He does not aid her in battle, or anything, and does not give her any advantages, apart from being a friend.



A mythril dagger, received here (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?32339-Futures-and-Legacies/page4).
One yew and iron hand crossbow with a dozen iron bolts.
A titanium gauntlet, worn on left hand.
Two steel blades that attach onto her hind claws of her feet. (obtained here (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?573-Claws) for both)


Leather gauntlets.
A steel grappling hook.
Basic survival equipment.
Baking stuff.
Metal cuff (no damage) that binds her form to Vitruvion.
One Bane Wood spider fang with a minor drowsiness effect from the poison (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?597-Owl-of-my-Youth-Mercenaries-Have-Lives&highlight=youth).

Other NPCS:


Mer is an elf, a bastard daughter of the ruler of Raiaera (Lady Nilith). She was wrapped up in a scandal involving a soldier of the Raiaeran military, who was said to be an abuser and avid torturer. She was his lover for a while, and secretly knew about his acts for two years until it became public. She claimed naviety but had to run for her own sake eventually. She was captured by the Bounty Hunter Guild for someone who likely wanted revenge for her lover's acts, however was rescued by Vitruvion and Stare. She now works as Stare's second for all things adminstrative and managerial.


Raevin is the captain of Vitruvion's guard and his other aide (besides Stare). He is a brown haired rugged elf, who has high skill in swordplay. He is around 70 years old and made friends with Vitruvion during the god's travels. He actually managed to deduce that Vitruvion was a god, and so slipped past the rule of the Althanas Pantheon that Vitruvion is not allowed to reveal his godhood. He is fiercely loyal, and is a good friend.


The household of the mansion of Sir Elssmith currently consists of: Mrs Deerling, the human cook, who is big bosomed and matronly. Druss, the elvish butler who is mousey in appearance and small, but smart. Timmin, the elvish pot boy, who is about 12 years old and is Mrs Deerling's nephew. Charlie, the elvish kitchen maid, who talks little unless it is to argue and plain. Agathe, a housemaid, who is striking, an elf and proud. Kira, the other housemaid and a human, but flirtacious. Fain and Celedro are the sibling gardeners who are quiet, brown haired and very dedicated to their jobs. Ronan looks after the Bilberry plants, with which he brews wine.

Aura Chart:


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