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08-09-2017, 03:51 PM
Name: Guaren of the Kulak

Nickname/Alias: Bardic Brawler, The Frozen Fire

Age: 31

Race: Cold Runner

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 234 lbs

Occupation: Bardic Brawler

Languages: Tradespeak, Frost Giant

Appearance: Guaren, while appearing to be a very large and muscular human, is in fact not one. Where the whites of his eyes are a light blue, and his irises are a striking green, a trait that all Cold Runner’s share. Similarly, there is no hair on a Cold Runner’s body, except for a brown or black burly beard (Woman have short black/brown hair on top of their heads). He himself had brown hair. Guaren also has very pale skin, do to his heritage. Across his back is a large tattoo of a blue fist clenching a black snowflake, his clan’s symbol. As for clothing, Guaren wears furs and hides on animals almost exclusively, and is never seen with a shirt on.

Personality: Guaren is a kind and caring soul who just happens to love fighting. He takes great pride in his strength, and when given the chance to prove himself, he will take it. As a result, Guaren can often be found in various bar fights or fighting arenas, duking it out with whoever he is against. While other’s express anger while fighting, Guaren expresses excitement. He also enjoys tales and songs that tell about deeds of strength and endurance.

Outside of combat, he is a friendly person who is very kind, albeit far too trusting. As he would put it, “Friendship is a great gift that must be shared.” Thus, it is very easy to make friends with this muscular man, which is fortunate for those who do because he is very protective of his friends.

His dream is to push himself to new heights and gain new strengths so that one day he can return to his clan and become chief.

History: Guaren comes from a nomadic Frost Runner clan, located in the far north of the world where civilized people have not conquered. His particular clan, the Kulak, are a relatively peaceful group which which focuses on the strength of self. Thus, every person in his clan is expected to push their bodies and test themselves. As a final test, when a Frost Runner of his clan reaches maturity, they are sent off into the wilderness to perfect themselves, and are not allowed back until they have done so.

Thus, when Guaren turned 28 and became an adult in the eyes of the clan, he was sent out. Unlike most of his clan though, Guaren traveled south to see new lands, and people, believing that he can truly test himself there.

Fisticuffs: Expert
Wrestling: Expert
Hunting: Good
Cooking: Poor
Drinking: Expert
Singing: Good
Survival: Good
Flexing: Oh yeah
Beard: Godly


THE COLD IS MY FRIEND!: As a native of the North, Guaren is immune to the effects of cold weather, and can comfortably live in sub-zero temperatures without the need of much clothing. This however does make him more prone to hot weather, and any form of magical cold is not protected.

FISTS!: Guaren's preferred weapon is his body, mainly focusing on strikes with his fists. Years of practice have given him a perfection in the way of the fist and he hits with the force of a wooden club behind each punch.

BRING ON THE ALE!: Guaren has a tolerance for alcohol that is 3x stronger than the average person. Meaning, Guaren can probably hold his liquor better than you.


Rations (10 days)

Matches x30

30 ft Rope


Iron Scimitar

His Beard

Alt account for Venex Apara

08-11-2017, 09:51 AM
Hey, nice profile. Right now the "fists" ability is too powerful (punches as powerful as battering rams probably won't ever be permitted, because there's no way to reasonably defend against such a force). Please find a weaker comparison to make, or use a different method of expressing Guaren's strength.

08-11-2017, 11:29 AM

I understand the need for a nerf. Would wooden be a better analogy?

If so, edit made in pink.

08-11-2017, 12:35 PM
That seems perfectly adequate. Approved!