The World of Althanas FAQ

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Introduction to Quests

Quests, unlike battles, are not meant to be competitive. There are some exceptions to where you can request to be judged competitively for writing skill. Generally, they are closer in form to what you might experience on other play-by-post games - collaborative writing where your characters adventure and find treasure, fight monsters, etc.. Quests are also reviewed at their completion, but unlike battles, there are no winners and no losers. Instead, the thread is judged as a whole, and EXP is distributed more equally than in a battle. Like battles, you can quest in any of the regions forums, and new players are invited to quest in the Stonevale forum.

Starting Quests

Starting a quest is as simple as starting a battle. To start a quest, just post a thread in one of the Regions forums. Just like in a battle, indicate whether your quest is open or not, and if it is open, how many players you will allow in it. As the creator of the quest, you are also the Gamemaster. You will set the tone of the quest in your first post and throughout it, and you are the one that is primarily responsible for advancing the quest's storyline. Sometimes, especially in closed quests, there may be more than one Gamemaster, or you may all be working together towards an overall storyline. If you are interested in finding a partner before creating a thread, check out the Recruitment forum, or Althanas' chat feature. More often than not, someone in chat will be willing to write with you!

Finishing Quests

Since the Gamemaster is the one who begins the adventure and knows the storyline, they are also responsible for ending it. The Gamemaster has the power to finish a quest at anytime, although it is highly recommended that he or she get the permission of the other players involved before they end it.

Like battles, quests are also submitted for review with the Judging Request Form. Once the form has been completed, one of the Althanas moderators will score the quest and award each player a final score for the thread. EXP is awarded with the Althanas Quest Formula, which is based off of your score, your character's levels, the length of the quest, and the number of participants. Also, if your character gained any items during the quest, the moderator reviewing the thread will determine whether your character is allowed to keep them. If there is a reason your character may not keep the item(s) then an arrangement can be made to purchase them for use at the Bazaar with an applied discount for your efforts.

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