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Introduction to Althanas

Welcome to Althanas! We are a fantasy-based site that incorporates collaborative writing with role-playing to give our members a unique experience. We encourage both co-operative and competitive writing, and our site allows you to do this while exploring a vibrant fantasy world scarred by war and steeped in mystery, while at the same time receiving useful feedback to help you hone your writing skills. Below, you will find the rules of the forum, information on the different geographical regions that make up Althanas, and a "Getting Started" guide that will help you register your character and begin role-playing.

If you find that you have a questions about the rules, or a different topic that we did not cover, feel free to post a message in our Your Word forum - most days, you will receive an answer within an hour or two. You can also visit (and are encouraged to do so) the site's Discord server ( The Althanas community includes both current and former members, is very friendly, and is always willing to provide guidance and support!

1st March 2021: All areas to incorporate the March 21 update rules and features.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1) Getting Started on Althanas
Chapter 2) Battles
Chapter 3) Quests
Chapter 4) EXP, Levels, and the Rubric
Chapter 5) Gold Pieces and Purchasing Items
Chapter 6) Tournaments
Chapter 7) Clans
Chapter 8) Althanas Almanac
Chapter 9) Out-of-Character Forums
Chapter 10) Joining Staff

Epilogue) Frequently Asked Questions

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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

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