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Introduction to Tournaments

Other than the Rubric, one of Althanas's most unique features are tournaments. Tournaments are exactly would you would think they are - multiple battles over multiple rounds fought for some amazing prizes. Since the first tournament was held on Althanas, players have found them to be a convenient way to gain EXP/GP and prestige. Most players would say you truly haven't experienced Althanas until you've participated in one of the many tournaments offered. There are also some tournaments that are quest-based, such as the Adventurer's Crown. If you prefer quests to battles, know that there are still options for you!

Check out some of our tournaments, described below. Remember, this is not a complete list. It is simply meant to give you some ideas!

Tournament Rules

Individual rules vary depending on the tournament and the moderator organizing it, but there are a few basic rules that remain consistent throughout all Althanas tournaments. They are:
  1. Registration: Two weeks before each tournament is set to begin, an announcement will be made regarding registration dates and the basic premise of the event. Three days later a sub-forum will then be made in the Tournaments forum of Althanas and a thread created that will explain the tournament's rules, rewards, and allow players to register for it. The individual registration rules for the tournament may vary, but usually only require the word 'Registered' in a post from the player that wants to participate.

    Some tournaments may have caps on the number of players that can participate (registration for these is done in a first-come, first-serve basis, unless otherwise stated). When a tournament fills, the moderator will allow players to stand-by in the case that a registered player cannot participate after all. When this occurs, the first player to post after the cap is reached will be given the option of registering for the tournament. If another player drops the second will be offered a spot, and so forth.

  2. Character Levels: It is likely that, between tournament rounds, characters may receive enough EXP to raise a level. If a character has a level update approved before the beginning of the next round, that character will be allowed to use any new powers or skill upgrades for the rest of the tournament. If the character's level update is NOT approved before the beginning of the next round, then the character will be limited to the powers and skill levels they had when the round began.

    Understanding this, our staff will work diligently on any character updated during this time. Please grant them your patience and understanding as you wait.

  3. Disqualifications: Players may be subject to disqualification if they perform any of the follow actions:
    • A player joins a tournament with an unregistered character or a character who is still awaiting approval.
    • A player fails to post in a tournament battle by the required date or timeframe.
    • A player uses abilities or powers that have not yet been approved by a Realm of Greeting moderator.
    • A tournament battle is less than 10 posts long and the individual rules of the tournament require more to advance.
    • A player violates any of the individual rules of the tournament.
    • A player clearly commits an act of PowerGaming or Unapproved Bunnying
    • Some Tournaments may enforce a strict time frame on posting. The first offense (if even by a minute) will lose a Wildcard Score in their Althanas Rubric. The second offense will result in disqualification.

  4. Tournament Rewards: Each Tournament is typically judged by one or two specific members of staff. Each completed tournament battle will receive the same amount of EXP/GP that would be awarded in a normal battle thread. Furthermore, the first, second, and third place finishers will receive a a large prize of EXP/GP at the end of a tournament. Occasionally more exclusive awards like legendary items, plots of land, or special titles will be awarded as well.

    As mentioned, however, each tournament has its own special set of rules and guidelines, and these will be posted in the registration thread as well as in the sections below.

Althanas Tournament: The Serenti Invitational

The Serenti Invitational was the first tournament ever held on Althanas, and consists of a series of traditional one-on-one battles.

  • Battles in the Serenti Invitational are scored the same as any regular battle. All standard rules of battle on Althanas apply.
  • Match-ups will be determined randomly at the beginning of the tournament.
  • The first player to post is allowed to create the setting for the battle.
  • Any players who do not post in their threads will be disqualified and the player who did participate will be removed from the next rounds.
  • Battles will last one week each, and in-between rounds there will be a three-day OOC rest period.
Advancement and Rewards:
At the end of each round, the player with the better score will advance. The winner of the tournament will earn 4,000 EXP, while the second place and third place winners will receive 1,500 and 1,000 EXP respectively.

Althanas Tournaments: The Cell

The Cell is a free-for-all tournaments were large groups of players battle inside steel mesh cells.

  • Players may register multiple alternate character accounts.
  • Players will be randomly divided into groups of 8 at the beginning of the tournament. To avoid disqualification each character (not player) must post at least 5 times in his or her thread.
  • Cell battles will last two weeks, with a five-day break in-between rounds.

Advancement and Rewards:

At the end of a round each player in the thread will receive a score, and the players with the three best scores in each of the cages will advance to the final round. EXP rewards for the first round are determined using the level of the highest character in the thread. The three players who advance will receive winning EXP, while the other five players will receive EXP as if they had lost the battle.

All players who advanced from the first round will then participate in second round free-for-all to determine the winner of the tournament. The final round is scored identically to the first round, and the winner of the tournament will receive 5,000 EXP, the second place finisher 2,500 EXP, and the third place finisher 2,000 EXP.

Althanas Tournaments: The Lornius Corporate Challenge

A crowd favorite, The Lornius Corporate Challenge is a two-on-two tournament that puts teams of players in combat against each other.

  • Players must register for the tournament in teams. Players who wish to participate but cannot find a partner can still register and will be placed randomly with a partner once registration has closed (unless the player finds another member without a partner and they decide to team).
  • The LCC is a ranked tournament, meaning that the 24 teams will be seeded according to player votes. The top 8 teams will receive first round byes. Match-ups in the first round are determined using a tournament bracket which will be posted before the LCC starts.
  • The first team in an LCC thread has the right to describe the battle's setting.
  • If one member of a team is inactive the other player may continue the battle.
  • Each round will last exactly two weeks, and it must be 10 posts or over to receive EXP.


Each LCC thread will be judged like a normal battle, and the team's score will be determined by averaging each player's individual score. The group with the highest team score will then advance.

The winners of the tournament will receive 6,000 EXP each, second place will receive 2,000 EXP each, and the third place will receive 1,000 EXP.

Althanas Tournaments: The Gisela Open

The Gisela Open is a tournament where each player controls a vast army and pits his or herforce against that of his or her opponent's.

  • Perhaps the most difficult part of The Gisela Open is its registration. Each player is allowed a 1,000-unit strong army, but the player must describe each different unit in the registration thread and have it approved by the tournament moderator. Players are also allowed to have three heroes or commanders, and they also must be approved before the tournament starts.
  • Because of the grueling nature of the tournament, each round will last 3 weeks with a week break between rounds.
  • The first player to post in a Gisela Open thread has the right to create the setting.
  • A Gisela battle must have at least 10 posts to earn regular EXP awards.

Each Gisela thread will be judged like a normal battle, and the player with the highest score will advance to the next round.

The winner of the tournament will receive 6,000 EXP, second place will receive 3,000 EXP, and the third place will receive 2,000 EXP.

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