The World of Althanas FAQ

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Introduction to Gold Pieces

The standard currency of Althanas is the Gold Piece (GP). Each region has a different name for their currency, but most of the regions use gold as their standard form of exchange. As a member of Althanas, you will use GP to purchase items for your character in The Bazaar.

You earn GP much the same you earn EXP - by completing quests and battles. At the end of each thread, the moderator, in addition to determining your character's EXP awards, will award your character a sum of GP. Large GP awards are also awarded at the end of tournaments.

Purchasing Items

Weapons, armor, abilities and other items can be purchased in the The Bazaar forum. Here, you will also find the Ability Shop and Auction House.

The Bazaar

The Bazaar itself handles the buying and selling of bespoke items and equipment tailored to the player's specifications. Whilst almost anything you can think of can be bought here, the type of material the item is made of is limited by player level, and you should check the Bazaar guide to check what tier material is available to you.

To purchase an item at the Bazaar, you must create thread in that forum. This thread can be detailed or simply contain an item request. The moderator responding to your thread will mirror your quality. You are allowed to haggle in bazaar threads, but haggling will ONLY be successful if you put some detail into your post. If you purchase the item, the bazaar moderator will then deduct the cost of the item from your GP total, and you will be able to use the item. Do NOT use the item before the merchant deducts your GP and closes your Bazaar thread. If you do, any thread you participate in while using the item you will suffer a heavy loss in score and ultimately EXP & GP rewards.

The Ability Shop

The Ability Shop contains a selection of set abilities that can be purchased for GP, and these are rotated once a week. These abilities are special in that they DO NOT count towards your level cap, and therefore can be used in addition to those used by your approved character. Please note that abilties bought here that are then modified by a player from their original description will lose their status as a "non-cap" ability.

The Auction House

The Auction House is a place where players can bid GP in order to buy a custom item. The item's characteristics and price will be set by staff and placed on auction once a week for a total of seven days. Generally, items for bid here carry special enchantments or characteristics that set them apart from the norm, and are not level locked, meaning that any player of any level can use them.

Selling Items Back

You can sell your items back in multiple ways:

  1. Directly to the Bazaar, for a fraction of what you bought it for. You may also request to have the item broken down into raw materials for later use. If you go the Bazaar route, just wait for a Merchant to approve of your transaction, and add the gold to your account.

  2. To another player through a private transaction done in character. Preferably this would be done in a quest format and span over a few posts as would any normal transaction between two people. Once the transaction is complete, it is subject to be judged just like a quest, or approved by Bazaar Staff to ensure balance. The character selling the item but then make sure that all records of owning the item are altered to clearly state they are no longer in possession of it.

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