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What are the Althanas Out-of-Character Forums?

Few people want to spend all of the time role-playing, so Althanas has several out-of-character forums to allow our members to relax and talk about other things than writing. We have four forums to handle any sort of topic:

-The The Role-Player's Corner is where a player can ask for tips on how to improve their writing and where recruitment for battles and quests may be done.
-Your Word allows you to post questions to staff regarding any aspect of Althanas and to provide feedback. Some of the biggest changes to the way Althanas runs have come from suggestions from its own members.
-The Flying Stone Tavern is a place for any sort of out-of-character conversation you may want to have. It is also home to the introduction/outroduction forum where new members receive their welcomes into the community, and where members who are leaving may say their goodbyes.
-And finally, The Creative Endeavors forum is a place for players to share artwork, photographs, or any creative writing that is non-Althanas related.

You can also choose to hang out in chat! This is where many regulars spend their time between posts. Discord We also have a very active Discord which has recently been updated to have some In Character channels. To find it please follow the invite link below and go to the Announcements and Rules to find more information.

What is your policy for deleting threads/posts?

Althanas has a set of strict rules governing flaming, antagonizing, and general misconduct. We do not, however, have a strict rule about content. Overall, any content is allowed. It is up the the user to specify or warn before hand if the content is explicit. Aside from that general courtesy, the only threads and posts that will be removed will be due to the improper behavior toward one another. If there is a dispute or conflict, we ask that you settle it privately or immediately contact a member of staff for assistance. If someone has posted content inappropriately in a thread you own or started and this has caused an issue, you may also bring your concern to staff. Any complaints about content that is clearly labeled or disclaimed will be disregarded, as these should be easy to avoid.

Ultimately, we promote an environment to treat others with the respect and dignity they would like to be treated with.

What is your policy on profanity?

Althanas is a site with open views and open minds. That being said, we have no strict limitation on profanity. We do ask that you do not excessively use explicit words or phrases. This especially applies to situations where your actions deliberately upset another. If you are in a situation where you find the language or content upsetting/offensive, you have the right to remove yourself from the situation. If someone has particularly made that effort impossible or difficult for you, please contact a member of staff to get assistance.

What is your policy on flaming?

Excessive flaming or harassment may result in moderator intervention and a reminder to keep discourse civil. Continued flaming or harassment will result in more severe action, up to and including temporary and permanent banning from the forum.

We remind our users that some discussions in our out-of-character areas may include heated debate and discussion. If this is not something you are comfortable with, we advise you to avoid posting in such threads. If you do select to engage in these conversations, we remind you that while it is perfectly acceptable to refute another's point with vigor, personal attacks will not be tolerated.

How do you handle disciplinary issues?

Althanas utilizes a rather informal method of discipline. We have no coded warning system, and instead rely on the expectation that our community will handle itself with dignity and respect. Members with whom we have ongoing problems will receive reminders from staff to cease their actions. Continued breaking of rules will result in staff intervention including, but not limited to, banning from a particular thread, removal of permissions in a particular forum, temporary site-wide banning, and permanent site-wide banning. You have the right to an explanation for any punitive actions as well as the opportunity to appeal to a senior staff member.

Althanas has had very few bans in our several years of existence and prefers to keep it that way.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

You may contact any moderator with questions. If the question cannot be answered, they will seek answers for you as a collective. If you need to contact the head of administration with an exceptionally sensitive matter, you may do so via PM. Alternatively, you may also make a post in the Your Word forum if you believe the answer to your question will benefit the community as a whole.

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