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What kind of race can I be?

Althanas has no limit on races. You are welcome to choose something basic (human), something already existing in fantasy (dwarves, elves, goblins, orcs, etc.), or you can come up with your own unique race. We've had everything, including nekos (half-cat, half-human), centaurs (half-horse, half-human), and even a talking cupcake! If you can think it up, you can be it!

If, however, you are coming up with a brand new race or are putting a spin on an existing race, make sure to tell us a little bit about it in your character registration thread. A "Zithra" sounds like it would be really cool, but make sure to let us know that it's a half-man, half-tiger that can breathe water or we might not know what to make of it.

How many abilities/magic can I have, and how strong can they be?

  • Magic and Abilities: Magic is regulated along with abilities (including racial traits) in the Realm of Greeting. Initially, you are allowed to have three (3) abilities. This number increases as your character's level increases. Remember that a with magic, control over a particular type will only be considered a single ability. An example of control over a specific type is Pyromancy (fire control) or Aquamancy (water/ice magic). A moderator will assist you in the thread if you have questions regarding how you should start out.

  • Spells and ďMageĒ Characters: There are no limitations when it comes to variety of magic. You can have elemental magic, summoning spells, enfeebling curses, etc. You can basically use anything your mind can think up. We don't have a list of spells you can choose from, so everyone makes up their own. There are always the basic ideas that can be used, such as fireballs and freeze-rays, but the creativity and extent of the spells you can choose know no bounds.

    However, we do ask that you write the extent of your magical control in the ability section. We will just ask for the types of things your character can do with the fire and what their effects can be. For example, "my character can use his control over fire to make baseball-sized fireballs that can leave minor burns on my opponent when thrown." Judges will ensure that you're using these abilities fairly when grading your threads.

    Spells that can make a direct positive or negative effect on a player is considered one spell/ability and will count toward the limit of what your character can do. For example, a fire mage can summon a fireball to inflict minor burns, a fire tornado to inflict moderate burns, and a fire shield to defend the character from projectiles. This mage has 3 spells and therefore 3 total abilities.

  • Best or Good Starter Spells: Anything that is straightforward and easily explained. We suggest making some generic spells, like creating a light or something more flexible. The more versatile the spell, the better it can be used to your character's benefit.

    The clearer you are on an ability or a magic spell, the better. Carefully choosing your words will help anyone looking at your profile understand the abilities your character has. However, remember that the Realm of Greeting moderators are there to help you! They are more than happy to sort through your ideas and help you create your ideal character. Do not be afraid to have discussions with the moderator handling your profile!

What kind of equipment can I have?

  • Material Strength: Weapons and armor can be as strong as steel and no stronger when you are registering a new character. Iron is encouraged if you have a lot of skills or many pieces of equipment. It is considered to be slightly less durable and heavier than steel allowing you to balance out excessive benefits in other areas. For wooden weapons, the maximum strength can be yew, though oak is encouraged for those with multiple skills or weapons. You donít have to have weapons and armor that are exactly the same as steel/iron or yew/oak, as long as the relative strength of the material that youíve created for the character are equivalent to the strength of these materials. Make sure to reference any unique materials to an equivalent tier.

  • Special/Enchanted Items: Enchantments for weapons are not allowed at level 0. You can purchase them at the bazaar when you earn enough GP. Enchantments that are tied to character abilities (like directing magic through a sword, or causing invisibility) must be listed in the ability section and count towards your ability total. We do not allow weapons or armor that grow in tier as the character grows in level. Any items that have special traits that are non magical or beneficial in combat are allowed, but subject to final approval by the Realm of Greeting staff.

Can I use a character that already exists?

It is a requirement that all players on Althanas use original character concepts. While it is perfectly acceptable to borrow general details from other forms of fantasy and fiction (it is fine if you want to be an elf, for example), it is not okay to use another character as a template for your own.

If you would like to play a character that you, yourself, came up with and are using at another role-playing site, that is fine. Just ensure that your character has been adjusted to fit both the world of Althanas, and your current level. While your powerful, master-of-all-elements character is more than welcome, you may have to lock many of the abilities until a higher level.

I want my character to be able to do [insert skill here].

  • Definition of Skills:
    You can have as many skills as you want and they can be described however you want. Skills are considered to be very general descriptors of a character's capabilities. A few examples would be a master with the blade, throwing proficiency, novice with alchemy, knowledge of herbalism, average blacksmithing, etc. Be careful though, as judges will be on the look out for powergaming (using your skills unfairly in combat) and inconsistency.

  • Improper Use of Skills:
    An example of using skills unfairly in combat would be, "Character dodges because he is a master swordsman and is able to read all opposing moves." The skill of your character should come out in what they do in the writing. A better example of the above would be, "Character leans out of the way of the jab, and snapped a trained wrist in an opposing strike towards the advancing foe's midsection." This illustrates that your character knows what he is doing in a believable way that is also more realistic.

  • Creating Balance with Weakness:
    Another good thing to think about, and a way to get a little more of a power boost added to your skills/magic/abilities, is to consider allowing your character to have weaknesses. The staff that reviews and approves characters will be more likely to offer greater leeway to people that have taken time to be reasonable and allow characters to be weak to different effects. This can include something physical like bones can be broken easier, senses arenít as strong as other people, or your character is slower/weaker than others. You can also have magical weaknesses such as allowing certain spell types to affect you more, or being within an area of magic makes you sick (which would work for a pure warrior type character). The weaknesses are really up to you, so long as they make sense to your character and are realistic for what you are working towards. Obviously, a weakness to a specific material that isnít present on Althanas, or isnít prevalent on the planet, wonít be a weakness taken into much consideration.

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