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Althanas Staff Application

Althanas requires a large, skilled staff to keep the site in operation, and we are always on the lookout for new moderators, regardless of how long they’ve been members on the forum. If you wish to apply for the Althanas staff, you may do so by clicking here.

Here are some of the positions that we currently have with a brief snapshot of what they do:
  • Operations: These moderators are in charge of the Realm of Greeting, Bazaar, and Out of Character forums. They are trained to approve new profiles, keep them fair, and regulate updates. They are expected to respond to new characters and updates within 24 hours of being posted. A separate division of moderators handle the Bazaar transactions and requests. They are in charge of pricing material and helping you get all the awesome gear you have saved all that gold for. Lastly, they are also in charge of moderating the Out of Character threads and keeping Althanas running smoothly. They are expected to diffuse tense situations, promote entertainment outside of writing, and maintain order.
  • Judging: These moderators are the bread and butter of the forum. They are charged with knowing and applying the Althanas Rubric. These judges will read, rate, and assist you with your writing. They are also the ones that judge competitions and nominate exceptional work as a Judge's Choice.
  • Content: These moderators are in charge of all the features and events on Althanas. If there is a forum wide even or a moderated quest, they will be behind it. These are the guardians of Althanas Lore and Canon. They are charged with running tournaments, creating new innovative content to enjoy, and helping you earn your own place in Althanas history. Their responsibilities include running competitions, writing new lore, and running special quests that change the course of history.
If you would like to apply for one of these positions, please click here and fill out the application.

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