Felicity flirting with Leoric:

"You have the most annoying, smug smirk on your face. You're demeaning. You carry yourself like you're all that and a sack of chips. You have this grandiose posture and casual sway. You're overconfident, cocky, and blunt.
It's hot."

"I got this thing for you. I hope you like it."

"I did this project. I hope you like it."

"Hey, wanna wrestle?"

"Did I ever mention how much I love your eyes? They're like pools of turquoise I could stare into forever. That was corny, wasn't it?"

"I had another nightmare. Can we cuddle?"

"You smell nice when you haven't drunk."

"The only thing you can do to convince me to stop drinking these energy drinks is staying right beside me the entire time I fall asleep."

"The only thing hotter than this chicken you burnt over the fire is you!"

"I'm really angry and the training dummies are being repaired. I need something else to destroy. Leoric?"

"You know you can be honest with me? If you're upset, you can talk to me. You can trust me. If it helps you sort through it. If it makes you happy."

"Leoric! Behave! You can misbehave all you want when we get home."

"You're technically royalty. And royalty needs the honor of receiving the best. So, here you go.
It's me. Hi."

"Stop running that mouth of yours or I'll have to stop it with mine."

"I could watch you train all day..."

"You definitely are royalty. Only royalty looks this stunning."

"Good luck in the meeting in town! Like you need it, you've got good looks, charm..."