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    Level completed: 21%,
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    Leoric chuckled to himself as he looked up at the magic stone on the roof as the light ebbed and flowed cascading across the entire room. Did he have a plan? Of course he never has those, he just wings it as things change, but maybe he should really have a plan this time. After all, it wasn’t just his life he was endangering this time.

    “I have a ship that is waiting at the dock for me to finish my business here. Which is of course I came to find some highly illegal and dangerous magic stones. Not unlike the one up there.i was given a set list and was told that they knew for a fact i could find all of these in the same place here in Salvar, but they couldn't give me any more information then that.” The Brawler took another large swig from his bottle before he popped the cork back on it and tossed it so it would splash just in front of his companion, offering her a drink. “As to what i was doing there. I had just come out of the Tavern after asking about the said stones and saw some men chase a beautiful and slender woman down an alley. I wouldn't be much of a man if I looked the other way. Although I did just think they were going to have their way with you, which isn't a bad idea, but I prefer a bit of consent from my partners for the evening. Anyways, I didn't expect this whole church nonsense. I kind of lept before I had time to think, and now I am just as screwed as you are.”

    He took a few handfuls of water and splashed it on his face and let it run down his thick and luscious locks as he sighed and let the warm glow of the booze he had drunk and the warm water mingle together as his thoughts again began to drift to his bathing partner. He quickly shook his head before sitting up right again.

    “Seeing as I have endangered your way of living here, when I conclude my business, which will hopefully be within two days, you are more than welcome to come with me on my ship back to corone. I help run a small little fishing village there and can get you lodgings while you get on your feet. And you wouldn't be persecuted for any magic use.”

    Leoric was starting to feel very warm as the booze was seemingly taking effect, but then again he had drank a whole bottle and then some of this Amber glow stuff. It tasted great, it was sweet and fruity, with the small bite of booze as it slid down his throat. But once it was in his stomach oh man did it ever hit hard. He turned to face his bundle of clothing as he did some finger movements and the wind began to make his satchel dance a little before it opened and out came some jerky, just as it was about to touch the ground it stopped moving and began floating up and over towards Leoric. The Drunken Brawler grabbed it out of the air and put a few pieces in his mouth and closed it, letting his saliva wrap around the Jerky and release a lot of the flavor as he melted a little lower into the pool.

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    The warmth of the pool seemed to totally envelop me, gently coaxing away my aches and pains, my fears and worries. As I reclined in the water, Leoric spoke, and my attention was pulled gently but insistently towards him. For a brief moment, the foolhardy bravado about him seemed to fall away, and for the first time, I felt as though I was speaking to the man underneath it. I found myself leaning a little closer, eyebrows raised slightly.

    Politely turning down the drink, I watched as he continued, casually using his magick to drunkenly call over his jerky.

    With a soft sigh, I shook my head,

    "Salvar is my home," I replied. However, I paused.

    After a moment, I spoke again,

    "What if... I helped you seek out these stones? Would you consider us even? Not only do I know Salvar well..." I trailed off, my jaw clenching as I fought the reluctance to vocalise what came next. Eventually, however, with a sigh, I forced it out, "... but being a witch, I know how to stay undetected."

    My grimace twisted into a subtle smirk,

    "Something I guess you're still learning."

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