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    Rehtul Orlouge
    Rehtul enters the scene.

    "Great, and now we're all stuck in here. I knew I should have ignored that stupid invitation. Oh no, Rehtul, it'd be rude not to send at least one emissary from the family to this Lord. Why don't you go? Enjoy yourself, have a good time! Sure, mom, why not?!" The ice mage kicked at a loose stone on the pavement of the porch overlooking the courtyard. Finally tired of wandering around under the watchful eyes of the castle guards, Rehtul stopped and leaned against one of the railings over the yard below.

    "Seriously..." he muttered under his breath. "The hell were they thinking, sending me of all people?"

    He felt more than saw a redheaded young woman that he recognize almost careen into a pair of people nearby. He raised an eyebrow.

    "Felicity's here? Probably on some kind of errand with Shinsou, if I were to guess," he said to himself. Elsewhere was a faun who looked rather familiar to him. There was only one he had met, and that memory was fuzzy.

    Without much else he could think to do, Rehtul made his way down into the courtyard, white coat flapping in the slight breeze.

    "Oi, Felicity! What're you doing here?" He was loud enough that anyone nearby would be able to overhear him.

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    Azza "Sophia" Ambrose

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    In the past several minutes Azza had interacted with more people than the several hours she had spent eating and wandering around the ballroom proper. The woman who nearly crashed into her and the ‘dragon’ was saying her apologies to then try and run off again. It was true that Azza did recognize the ‘dragon’s’ face, but she didn’t exactly want to be left alone with him either. “Wait! They’re locking everything down. What’s the rush?”

    The sudden question gave the fiery-haired woman a second to pause as her sight darted back and forth between Azza and the ballroom. Figuring she had a few seconds she answered, “My mentor came here for business, and I wanted to keep him safe. So, I came. And I regret every second of it."

    “Oh, me too! Well, my mentor dragged me here and then disappeared - apparently she was going to meet the lord in his room, but I don’t think that’s happening now.”

    Off to the side her ‘masked’ savior just looked at the obviously agitated woman and Azza with what felt like exasperation in its purest form. “You’re really light-hearted about all this aren’t you? Did no one at this party attend on their own initiative?"

    Just as Azza was about to respond another voice called out; one that Azza could have sworn she had heard before years ago. "Oi, Felicity! What're you doing here?" Oh, so that was her name?

    Whatever was happening in the mansion right now Azza felt that she was probably better off not experiencing it especially with the numerous Sway agents and guards now arriving on scene. “Well, it’s been grand and all, but I guess like Felicity I should probably find my mentor too.” Grinning at the ‘dragon’ she offered, “And uh, I guess good luck with your mission.” With that and a small wave Azza excused herself to head towards the nearby walls as quietly as she could, but by Coil’s Breath she couldn’t remember snow sounding this crunchy.

    Azza had only jumped up onto the wall to begin ‘climbing’ before she felt a hand grab her ankle and yank her back. She yelped as she fell onto someone just as a group of guards rounded the corner. A quick twist of her body and head later and she caught sight of a very familiar mask again. “Oh you wanted to come too?”

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    Aiden chuckled and rubbed the back of his head with one hand, “Yep, that’s me, AJ. Though don’t mention the Knights to Mom. She thinks of them as something of a black spot on the family history.”

    He paused to think, muttering to himself while Celandine addressed Felicity, “Pretty bold to make such a move amidst so many people. I’d be interested to know how the killer got their weapon past the door. Sounds like one of the chandeliers fell, so maybe they used that as a distraction?”

    He looked up quickly as Felicity made her sudden departure. He looked after her quizzically for a moment. Then turned his attention back to Celandine.

    “Celandine,” he repeated to help cement the name in his mind, “that’s a lovely name. I didn’t know my family was in books elsewhere in the world. Wait, never seen snow?”

    The idea shocked him. Being from a tropical island, he’d never had the opportunity to play in it, but his parents had told him stories of playing in the snow at other times of their lives, so it wasn’t completely foreign to him. Where could she be from that snow was that much of a novelty?

    “It seems there’s quite the hullabaloo going on inside. Did you want to go see what it’s about? Or would you like to learn how to make the perfect snowball or a snowman?”

    If he had his pick, AJ would go for playing in the snow. Murder mysteries sounded like grown-up work and he was much more interested in being a teenager playing in the snow. However, he was not without manners and would defer to his company.

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    Elijah Belov
    Too many people. Too loud. Some other stranger had called in their direction, and now the silver-haired, horned girl was trying to run off and get herself killed.

    Elijah grabbed her by the ankle and she fell. Onto him. They crashed into a heap on the frozen ground. A cluster of household guards and Sway agents continued on by, vanishing through a side door into the manor. With the coast clear, he released the breath he’d held. It came out in a long, aggravated sigh.

    “You…” He pushed the girl off of him and regained his feat, brushing off dirt and snow. His masked face turned to regard the red-haired newcomer, apparently named Felicity. “Both of you, are so loud.

    Azza picked herself up as well. “I’ve been pretty quiet…”

    “Not your voice.” He breathed deep and opened the eyes behind his eyes. His gaze pierced the aether. The silver-haired one still blazed like a sunrise. Felicity, on the other hand, churned like a thunderstorm. Arcs of energy coursing through her very essence. Cracking, flashing, roaring. He blinked, bringing his vision back to the material plane.

    “Listen to me.” The Dragon’s voice whispered like a sword through the air. “I don’t know either of you.” He shrugged at the silver-haired girl from a decade-old dream. “For the most part.But you are both in terrible danger. You don’t know this place. The lord of the manor is dead and his guards and the agents of the Ethereal Sway are on high alert. You are both magically gifted, but your powers scream in the aether. The Sway will see it. I need to get you both…”

    “Ahem, if I may…” It was the man who had called out to Felicity. Blue hair, scholarly in both garb and physique, and clearly nosy. Three strikes right away.

    “No,” Elijah snapped from behind the mask. “The last thing I need is…” He trailed off as residual traces of the aether filtered into his eyes. He caught a glimpse of the man’s aura. Cold, sharp, still. And, thank the gods, quiet. “Is anyone at this party not a mage?”

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    "Oh I learn quickly," she admitted, "I can read books quite fast, and generally have good muscle memory. And a good memory," she shrugged a little, smiling and proud of her ability that was in truth a goddess' blessing but could be explained by natural skill. "My mother has access to the universities and best libraries of Radasanth. I have used it to my benefit."

    She shifted, frowning as she watched Felicity scarper away. The other people in the courtyard, now very visible over the shorter shrubberies, seemed to be just as disturbed as everyone else. She stood up taller, at least as much as her short height would allow and adjusted her skirts to hide the goat legs which would surely cause too much trouble. Pursing her lips she looked at the ballroom, trying to think of if she had dreamt of anything last night that could hint at this chaos.

    Moving to the side sightly she caught an image through the window of a chandelier that had collapsed, spilling fine crystal pieces over the floor and out through the window to the Courtyard. She frowned a moment as a flash of a dead body dressed in a sheet and someone howling tears over it came to her. Lightly she gasped.

    "It's true. The host of this palace is dead! Gosh! We should head in, yes."

    Then she looked at her new adventuring companion, smiling at him and then spotting a blue-haired new person. She tilted her head, thinking him interesting. In a louder voice she said so that all could hear:

    "Although making a snowman perhaps would be rather fun first."

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