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    Ice Ice Baby

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    Level completed: 14%,
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    Rehtul Orlouge
    "The Icebreakers?" Rehtul had to stretch his memory to find where he had heard that name before.

    Ashla Icebreaker, rang through his head like a cacophony of bells. Disgraced royalty and rampant serial murderer. That was the story he had heard from the broken remnants of the Ixian Knights about her. He was told to keep an eye out for her, as she used a type of magic similar to his own to commit her crimes.

    Though, Rehtul thought ruefully, he was incapable, or rather unwilling to use his magic to freeze others alive, as seemed to be her modus operandi. He looked down on the girl in front of him, then to the ice on her arm, and sighed.

    "No. I'm not an Icebreaker, though I am from a similarly magically gifted family, the Orlouges. My name is Rehtul, by the way," he said. He offered a hand to help her up once more.

    "My you're a stubborn one, but let's not worry about that for now. First thing's first, we need to get you fed. Then we need to find you some clothing that's more... suitable to your new frame. After that, we can discuss the particulars of your living arrangements and what you plan to do with your newfound adulthood. Sound fair?" He kept his eyes on hers, though he knew she had to realize that her clothing was a bit too flimsy to survive out in the world for long, much less keep her looking respectable in the cities or protect her on the trails.
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    I blinked the tears from my eyes. Despite my desire for departure, I realized Rehtul Orlouge was correct. I needed to eat, I needed something better to wear, and I needed a plan. I reluctantly relented. I looked up to Rehtul and nodded slowly.


    I paused for a moment. Food. What... kinds of food did I like? I thought I could remember my mother feeding me mashed potatoes, but they were dull and dry. Green beans? I remembered gagging when my father forced me to try some. Yet, I had only been five years old. I had been a child, spoiled and untainted by the world. I realized I had been staring off into space and looked back at Rehtul.

    "Sorry, I was thinking. Um, I'm not picky. Any food you give me is fine."

    I struggled to stand, my legs long and awkward to fit into. A struggled, like a baby giraffe learning to stand for the first time. I eventually stood and remembered my balance. My interests sparked towards the man, "I know who the Orlouges are. A family of great legend that impacted Althanas immensely. Sei Orlouge, given the title Silence Sei, had been the head of the Ixian Knights, a powerful crime fighting force in Concordia. However, they collapsed and the castle was brutally attacked under the joint leadership of his four daughters."

    I tilted my head, curious as to how Rehtul Orlouge fit into the family tree. Yet, I knew other things were more important. My tummy was rumbling, I could feel it now.

    "Can I eat now - please?" I added please hastily at the end. My mother had taught me to say the magic word, it was rude not to. No please, no treat. That had been the rule.
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