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    Nuclear Rage

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    Felicity Rhyolite
    Neanderthal/ Human Hybrid

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    Felicity Rhyolite ~ Level X

    Felicity Rhyolite.

    Age: Nineteen

    Race: Human-Neanderthal Hybrid

    Height: 5'5

    Weight: 160

    Handedness: Right

    IQ: Average

    Big Five Personality Type: RECGS

    MBTI Type: ENFP

    5x5 Alignment: Rebel Good

    Vice: Wrath

    Virtue: Kindness

    Occupation: Apprentice of Shinsou Vaan Osiris, Bounty Hunter and Sword for Hire

    A young adult woman. Felicity has green eyes and red hair, both traits from her neanderthal bloodline. Her smooth, fair skin is more akin to her human side. Felicity is a physically fit endomorph with a sturdy, stout, yet curved frame. She is a beast with trim muscles and abs; though she's not overly buff and heavy. She has stocky bones and a wider forehead, traits inherited from her neanderthal blood. Her diamond shaped face is very much human. Though Felicity would shyly deny it, many have considered her physically attractive. Leoric would certainly confirm her beauty!

    Felicity prefers more modest attire, as she is far from the suggestive type. She hardly cares about her physical hygiene and dresses in a slobbish manner. Her hair has been completely neglected and is losing its neatness and form. She has a habit of wearing heavier clothes, thanks to her background in colder climates. She has taken to regularly wearing a headband over her forehead due to insecurity. She tends to wear clothes in a way that provides padding so she doesn't accidentally cut herself.

    After her journey in Telgradia, Felicity's entire body has been severely scarred. The alien Temperance has left Felicity with cut and claw marks across her whole body. Since Felicity wears modest clothes, the most noticeable scarring are on her arms and the single scar across her right eye.

    Felicity has a multilayered, complex personality. Her current demeanor is aloof, distant, and apathetic. However, this is only a surface illusion. In actuality, Felicity is an energetic, warm, curious and bright individual. She can be very childlike and has her childish streaks of interests and behaviors. Felicity has a strict no killing rule, but is willing to break it in certain or extreme circumstances. Deeply traumatized by numerous events in her past, her true personality has been buried beneath defense mechanisms and exhaustion. She has grown bitter and worn, spiteful of her circumstances. Felicity has had anger issues for years and struggles to control them. Felicity is currently the apprentice of Shinsou Vaan Osiris and has given him her undying, deep loyalty. Felicity believes she owes her life to Shinsou and will do anything to keep him alive and well. Felicity is also close to Leoric Blackwell, as troubled as their relationship is. She has even fallen in love with him. She is jealous for Shinsou's attention and conflicted over Leoric.

    Felicity struggles with PTSD. When she was fifteen, she watched her first mentor slowly turn into a monster, watched her cousin be killed, beheaded, before her helpless eyes, and found out her uncle was long dead when she returned home. Her PTSD rules almost every aspect of Felicity's life. She no longer breaks down like she used to, but is extremely controlling and paranoid of losing her loved ones again. These issues have been recently agitated by the downfall of Whitefall and her relationship with Leoric. Arius Mephisto transporting Felicity to Salvar and destroying Whitevale, and Leoric's backfired attempt to comfort her, have also plagued Felicity's psyche. She is very wary and untrusting of anyone outside her circle of loved ones. Felicity has finally accepted that the past has happened, but she grimly refuses to let it happen again.

    Felicity is a clever and unorthodox thinker. In combat she can come up with interesting and bizarre tactics, keeping her opponents on their toes. Despite her ability to kill, she prefers not to and uses tactics to overpower her foes. However, she is very bullheaded and impatient as well. She can become quite agitated when things don't go her way, and is susceptible to defeat from more discreet and thoughtful fighters.

    Apathetic, uncaring, depressed, and flooded with bitter sadness. This is not who Felicity truly is, but she's been so hurt and betrayed her whole life that this front has become a twisted reality.


    - Splicer, a prevalida arming sword.
    - Heart, a delyn arming sword.
    - Seeker, a talymar warbow.
    - Copycat, a prevalida katana.
    - Arrows: Six Redwood Arrows.
    - Ikiyoka, a prevalida trident parrying dagger.
    - Whisper, a steel ten inch stiletto automatic knife.

    - Boiled magim leather boots good for handling tough terrain and fighting - although not clunky and heavy - that are ankle sized.
    - Gambeson, a vlince gambeson with detachable sleeves.
    - Tactical Gloves, arctic leather and delyn tactical gloves.

    Alchemist Tools and Toys:

    - Specialized knife.
    - Pow with spigot.
    - Burner, and spigot.
    - Mortar and pestle.
    - 5 small glass vials (1 cup).
    - 3 large glass vials (1 gallon).
    - 3 small hide packets.

    Potions, Pills, Meds, Etc.:
    - Blood Thinners. Zero combat use, just helps Felicity's blood to be a not salsa.
    - PTSD Medication: To help with her PTSD symptoms. Duh.

    Herbs and Natural/ Magical Ingredients:
    - Currently none.

    - Blue Robin: A small metal robin, expertly painted to resemble the real thing. It can sing, fly around and generally be awesome. It can be used as a distraction through a psycho-kinetic link with the owner that allows he or she to control where it flies. It also contains as small amount of gunpowder, which can detonate in a flash of light, and burning anything it was touching. It is enchanted to recombine overnight.
    - M.A.D.s: Felicity has one M.A.D. Mobility Assistance Devices, or M.A.D.s, are mobility assistance devices. They have a dart that can be fired off with a telepathic command and it connects to the first non living thing it connects to. And it stays connected as long as the user stays focused. It can also pull up to 350 pounds either to the user or the user to the connection. If the weight is exceeded the mad sparks and fizzles and cant be used for an hour afterwards. They are made of steel.
    - Journals: She has various journals written with various herb, plant, etc. classifications and information, potion and medicine recipes, and some seemingly random magical finds and writings. There are several complete journals listing the plantlife of the following lands: Corone, Scara Brae, and Dheathian. These journals are useful as alchemy cook books, a guide to plantlife and herbs in the wilderness, and personal logs for things Felicity finds interesting.

    - Swordsmanship: Felicity has great skill in a diversity of swordsmanship styles. Trained personally by some of the greatest duelists in all of Althanas, Felicity maintains a deep level of skill and knowledge of martial arts, ranging from Akashiman sword jutsus to Coronian historical martial arts. Felicity prefers to use her arming swords and a side arm, especially skilled with the simple one handed swords. Felicity also has trained hard with her katana, though she is not as effective with it as with her western blades.

    - Knife Fighting: Felicity has been professionally trained to effectively use smaller blades in a diversity of cultural martial arts styles. She can decently duel wield with two knives, as well as a sword and knife.

    - Karate: Felicity has been trained under Akashima’s unarmed martial arts jutsu. She is no master, but her skills are still rather impressive.

    - Boxing and Kickboxing: Felicity is much more proficient in boxing than karate, delivering punches and kicks quite well. This is her preferred unarmed combat style.

    - Leoric's Martial Arts: Felicity has learned some of Leoric's unique martial arts and can use it at a beginner's level.

    - Leoric's Training: Felicity has learned a lot more than just a new martial arts style from Leoric. He taught her better tact, form, and techniques such as how to deal with larger opponents than herself.

    - Wrestling: Felicity has learned to wrestle rather effectively. She is now at a journeyman level with the art.

    - Archery: Felicity knows how to use a bow and crossbow when needed. She learned how to use handheld crossbows as well. She is not at the same level of archery as her swordsmanship, but her talymar war bow compliments her incredible strength quite well.

    - Pole-Arms: Felicity knows how to use small and medium pole-arms and javelins. She is basic in skill.

    - Survivalist: Felicity has become well adapted to surviving outside civilization. She's good at tracking, identifying and using herbs, coping to extreme weather, and hunting.

    - Alchemy: Felicity has an expansive understanding of the art of alchemy, in both nature and application. She has about two years worth of training.

    - Botany and Chemistry: As a growing alchemist, Felicity has learned about many plants, herbs, and chemicals throughout the lands. Her knowledge mostly extends to Scara Brae and Corone, but she also has lesser knowledge of the natural lore of other lands as well, including Raiaera, Eiskalt (not like it has much), Salvar, and Dheathian.

    - Anatomy: Felicity has learned the beyond basics anatomy of the humanoid body. Anything too far from the human structure is foreign to her. She can apply this knowledge in both medicine and combat.

    - Medic: Felicity is skilled in the basics and beyond of medical care. She can treat patients with common ailments and diseases. She can also apply the skills and knowledge she has to rarer afflictions in research and application. She’s not a licensed doctor, or completely skilled in the medical field, but she’s still obviously gifted.

    - Arcane Knowledge: Felicity is growing in basic identification and understanding of the principles and marks of magic, enchantment, alchemy, spells, runes, potions, and the like.

    - Angsting: Felicity is an expert in the art of Angst. Edgy!

    - Intimidation: Felicity no longer fears using her prowess to get her way. Visibly muscular and sturdy, Felicity can impose quite the presence despite her small size. Prone to anger, Felicity is more than capable of frightening anyone unwilling to do things her way. Of course, Felicity could also look like a brat with her temper tantrums, but... She is strong, has explosive potent powers, and is a skilled warrior. Who would not be scared? Or at least slightly unnerved?

    - Blessing of the Thayne ~ Skill of Battle: Felicity's grandfather, and his bloodline, was blessed by Hromagh with the fortitude, power, and skill of battle. Felicity already has the raw strength, endurance, and survivability. In Skill, Felicity can learn new skills and traits way faster than the average person. Whether it be in her competitive skills or even her alchemy, skills that may take years to learn can be learned in months instead. She can also pick up on learned traits given off by other people, catching onto personality, intentions, and even fighting styles. This can help make less mistakes and more accurate predictions in combat.

    - Physical Prowess:

    The combination of being blessed by the Thaynes, an adaptive magical affinity, and her own training has allowed Felicity to become a physical beast. Having slumped into an unenthusiastic, depressive state, Felicity no longer works out as much. Thus, she has lost some of her physical might.

    Felicity has incredible stamina and endurance. She can stay energetic and unexhausted in combat for nine times as much of the time than normal humans. When pain settles in, she can deal with it and jump back into combat quite impressively. She has a pain threshold that can take more than grown men could bear. She is one tough cookie, and it takes effort to beat her down and keep her down.

    Felicity has a skeletal structure six times stronger than the average person. Her bones are harder to fracture and break, as well as being more easily relocated if pulled out of place.

    Felicity is tough as nails. Not only can she withstand pain, but she can take five times more damage than the average person before getting to the point of dying. It will take more than one stab to the gut, one concussion's worth of head whacking, and more than the usual barrage of arrows to take her down in battle and keep her corpse there. It is five times harder to kill Felicity as opposed to the average person.

    Felicity can lift 600 ibs. with effort and can handle up to 500 ibs. with natural ease. She has four times the strength of the average person.

    Felicity has an increased blood supply, double that of normal humans. It takes double the blood loss to negatively affect her and jeopardize her. Any lost blood will replenish twice as fast. As her major ability requires bleeds, this was a necessary rapid adaptation her own body and magical affinity made.

    - Nuclear Rage, Physical Boost.

    [NOTICE: Nuclear Rage does not affect Felicity’s own equipment, clothes, etc. As an AOE style ability, it affects anyone and everyone in this ability's range, even her friends.

    Nuclear Rage falls into a 90 second time period max boost. Every Nuclear Rage ability falls into that 90 second range. Between activations, Felicity's nuclear energy needs to regenerate, under a 60 second cooldown per activation after shutting off.]

    Every time Felicity bleeds, she gains improved physical strength. Each hit boosts her strength up by 0.5 starting with 15 seconds, stacking another 0.5xs and increasing her Berserk Rage's timer by 15 seconds. The current max stack is 10xs strength for 90 seconds.

    There is a very negative side effect to this power, however. For every time the ability is boosted, she becomes more enraged and slowly loses her mind. By the third to fourth hits she may go completely berserk and blacks out. The right drugs have proven effective at keeping the rage under better, but not complete, control. One would have to know about the sciences of this alchemy forged power to make such a drug in pre-meditation.

    If Felicity is struck in a vital organ, loses a limb, or loses more than a quart of blood before reaching bleed 2 of Nuclear Rage, her Nuclear Rage is automatically bumped to bleed 4.

    During her Nuclear Rage, Felicity becomes oblivious to pain. Any wounds and bruises still apply their damage - and increased activities during berserk mode may further open wounds - however, Felicity won't feel them until Nuclear Rage has turned off.

    - Nuclear Rage, Radiation.

    Nuclear Rage falls into a 90 second time period max boost. Every Nuclear Rage ability falls into that 90 second range. Between activations, Felicity's nuclear energy needs to regenerate, under a 60 second cooldown per activation after shutting off.

    When Nuclear Rage is initially activated, the radiation from her nuclear powers seeps through. In a fifteen feet long radius around her, people will experience moderate to wretched feelings of sickness: runny noses, teary eyes, nausea, lightheadedness, pounding headaches, physical weakness in the body, shaking... the results will vary per person. When Nuclear Rage turns off, this ability does too. It is up to the opponent to the effects.

    During Nuclear Rage, all magic within a fifteen feet long radius is drained from all sources at a rate of 2xs faster than normal, absorbed into Felicity's person through the magic and put through nuclear fusion. The absorbed magic grants Felicity extra stamina for 2xs longer time than normal. This can be extended per every Nuclear Rage starting activation.

    If she reaches the third bleed, an orangeish-red nuclear energy cloak will surround her body. This nuclear cloak behaves similarly to fire to anyone who gets close to or makes physical contact with it. If anyone gets close to it, the cloak can burn and melt hair, fur, feathers, clothing and leather; metals, stones, and woods can heat up intensely. Water boils and bubbles, ice melts. It will cause second degree burns on flesh - and third degree burns with prolonged closeness. If anyone makes physical contact with the cloak itself, they can experience severe, painful burns, skin melting, and deterioration. Wood is burned to a crisp. Metal and rock melt. Water and ice evaporate. This cloak lasts up until time runs out. After the cloak leaves and Nuclear Rage turns off, Felicity may experience memory fog or complete loss of memory from when the power was activated.

    - Nuclear Blood:

    Felicity’s blood itself is potent. If physical contact is made, a person will feel stinging burning, tingling, painful itching, and eventually numbness. If taken into another body, it causes fever, vomiting, shaking, headaches, lightheadedness, and trembling for about three minutes before wearing down.

    - Berserk Rage:
    See Berserk Rage, Parts I and III. With each time Felicity's ability is triggered, she becomes more blinded by rage. It can get to the point where she can blank out; becoming nothing but anger, fighting friend and foe alike. Her movements and stature become sloppy, and she cannot think rationally - if at all. The right drugs have proven effective at keeping the rage under better, but not complete, control.

    - Rage:
    Felicity is angry. Very angry. Almost all the time. The physical side effects of anger are strictly clear. If left untreated, her blood will become thick and even chunky; forming blood clots frequently. Her risk of situationally high blood pressure is high. She could suffer lightheadedness, sweating, and even very young heart issues. She is regularly in danger of headaches and physical weakness, numbness, etc. She needs to take medicine and pills to lighten the symptoms. Being physically active and having a healthy diet also helps her. If it weren't for getting help from fellow alchemists to dumb down these symptoms, she could literally be killing herself with her anger.

    Felicity has become more confrontational, willing to let her anger show more. Cold anger has also become common, a bitter determination to reach her goals.

    - PTSD:
    Felicity steadily developed PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms due to her family’s deaths and Ashla’s former downfall. To avoid thinking about and remembering these events, she has become a sort of workaholic. While she can relax, her “leisurely” activities are energy consuming and even dangerous (studying a dangerous potion, reckless thrill seeking, etc.) She can push herself to the ground, both metaphorically and physically, with these activities. She seldom sleeps well.

    Recently, Felicity has entered a change. Felicity rarely has meltdowns anymore and is unlikely to fall weak in combat. Her PTSD has morphed into something less helpless and more domineering. She has moved from denial and depression to bargaining and anger. She is insanely overprotective of her current friends and family, especially Shinsou Vaan Osiris. She rushes recklessly to protect what she has and prevent further loss. Felicity is overbearing, hovering like a low flying bird. She is meddling and controlling, far more than before. She thinks she is control now, but it is only an illusion...

    - Shorter Limbs:
    Felicity has neanderthal arms. While the size difference is small, it still provides several weaknesses. In combat, she has a shorter reach distance than full blooded humans. Thus, smaller arms may be a major weakness. Even long weapons, like two handed swords and spears, may not provide as much reach as usual. Despite being tall, Felicity may have to stand on her toes and bend to reach some objects. Although small, the meager tiny annoyances can make a huge difference.

    - Leoric Blackwell:
    Ah, the power of hormones and relationship drama!
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    "You’ve got power, and you’ve got skill. What you don’t seem to have is control." ~ Shinsou Vaan Osiris, to Felicity Rhyolite.

    "Your hair reminds me of when I was a little kid, helping my mom pick oranges in the forest. When life was simple, easy, and I actually felt something.” ~ Leoric Blackwell, to Felicity Rhyolite.

    "I can't be proud of anything. I am ashamed of everything." ~ Felicity Rhyolite.

    Felicity Playlist.

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    Hey there! Thanks for your update and patience on this.

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