Seeing as this is hot topic at the moment, and i'm finding myself repeating the same lines over and over, I would like to remind everyone of the following:

1. I am fully aware of those members registered here who still require EXP, GP and AP adding. Please be assured you are on my to-do list and these will be added in due course.

2. If you are wondering why your character hasn't been transferred, it is likely that you didn't post a request in the Direct Character Transfer thread in the Character Registration forum. Please check to see if you made a request if you are unsure, or contact an administrator if you feel it has been missed.

3. Althanas 4.0 is now operating at full functionality. This means that judgment submissions are now working and we can add EXP, GP and AP to everyone.

Bearing the above in mind, there is now nothing preventing anyone from posting in character. Any experience due to be added from the prior site will simply add to any due on Althanas 4.0. We will calculate rewards based on the level you should be with all rewards taken into account, so don't worry.

Please go and have fun!