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    McKinley JoAnne Parish

    Cosmic Combustion -open.-

    The universe used to be just a twinkle in the Gods' eyes once upon a time.

    The rain beat down on the hearth, bathing all the sin from it. The large droplets of water pounding against the dirt like war drums. The hour of smoke before everything turned fully dark. The world around was casted with a gray hue.

    McKinley JoAnne Parish held her arms out letting the rain wash away everything, her fears, hopes and dreams. Her fiery locks that usually bounced with a natural curl were weighed down falling to almost the small of her back. Her face upturned towards the heavens, eyes shut as if she could have been a statue. The plush pink pillows that made up her lips were parted slightly. Freckles that peppered her ivory complexion almost transparent. The skaeth’s lilac sundress looked like it could have been painted on her frame at this point.

    “Mistress,” a masculine voice had brought her back from her peaceful haven.

    Fluidly she spun around, her wet locks swinging and clung to her cheek. “Yes, Enzo?” She breathed.

    “A large storm is rolling in, Mistress.” He bowed his head, humbly.

    As if on cue the dark sky lit up with the strike of lightning. McKinley’s dark orbs danced up to the sky, the flash of electricity painted it with light. The large storm clouds now visible to the naked eye. A smile pulled at the edges of her lips as she glanced back at the man. His body strong, one that could be a of warrior. His face always holding a serious mask, thin lips in a tight line. He was indeed handsome, his dark long, dark locks swept back into a low ponytail.

    They had met a few weeks ago, she had helped him when he was wounded, nursed him back to health. Gifted him with some of her blood with him being a vampire. He had stated that saving a vampire’s life was a sacred thing and pledged himself to her - he had been with her since.

    “Mistress,” his rough voice pulling her back from observing him.

    He stepped closer to her, his strong, calloused hand stretched out as his fingers grazed her shoulder. His brows pulled together with concern as his dark ember eyes seemed to frown on their own. His hand slowly moving from her pale flesh back to his side.

    “You’re cold... “ He said more as a complaint then a question.

    “I’m fine…” She lied, as she had these last few months. She figured if she said it enough maybe even then she would believe herself.

    “Please come in, I will have the Inn keep warm you some stew.” He murmured, switching weight from one foot to the other.

    “I have no desire to eat,” she whispered, her gaze falling to the city that now seemed like a ghost town once the rain had poured down. She sighed, her hands clasping into the front of her. “I will be in shortly… I just need a few more moments.” She said, her gaze turning back towards her campanion.

    Enzo’s forehead creased slightly as his lips turned downward. He did not argue with her though, he simply gave her a curt nod before he turned and went into the Inn they had decided to stop at. McKinley breathed out once he left but her shoulders dropped slightly. The look of defeat marring her angelic features. Her hand touched her trembling lips as she closed her eyes tightly as if to shield herself from the sight of something gut wrenching.

    There was a hole inside her chest that seemed to ache with the absence of so many. Clearing her throat she swallowed around the lump that started to form. All the emotions that she felt come crashing down on her, she pushed back into a bottle - tightening the cap on it. She rolled out her shoulders and neck, turning she heard a twig off in the distance snap.

    Her gaze danced around, trying to find the cause of the sound. “Hello?” She called out into the pouring rain. “Is someone there?”
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