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Thread: An Althanas Video Game

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    An Althanas Video Game

    Hey all,

    I know it's been a while since I've written anything, but been learning how to do game development lately with Unity. I started this journey almost 4 months ago and have been perusing tutorials and working on and off to recreate the first three posts of The Bitter King. Although, I adapted it into more of a Chrono Trigger story mainly due to using their assets. Future projects will likely use paid/free/licensed assets.

    I talked about this in discord for a while, anyone there would know what I was up to. It only takes about 5 minutes to complete it.

    Link: https://dipwood.itch.io/the-bitter-k...gkiVQu8mFSlY3I (instructions in the link)

    So, why post this here? Basically, I want to garner interest on adapting more Althanas stories. I have a combat system from a tutorial as well, but right now, I could do 'visual novel' type of deals, like you see in the game, using sprites and tilesets.

    However, I'm not an artist, nor am I good at making music. I purchased the "Time Fantasy" assets from an online game dev store and could use those, but otherwise I have been using assets from places like: https://www.spriters-resource.com/snes/chronotrigger/

    It's not hard for me to make animations and maps on the tile sets on that site, but choosing *what* to animate and placing tiles on a map to create scenes is an art of itself. It's also possible to put real art and pictures into the game, overlay dialogue over it, or just use it for effect. I think there was some sort of RPG Maker game about Althanas in the past? I haven't seen it. There's also a lot of exposition and descriptions that you cut when it's no longer necessary (you see it on the screen), and sometimes you cut it because it's not feasible to draw/animate given your resources.

    Anyway I'm rambling on, please ask questions or share ideas. I want to make a more "real" game at some point as well.

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    Hey Rayse

    This sounds really awesome! I don't know much about game creation or design myself but it definitely sounds like something good I'll have a look.

    I'm not sure what has been created in the past. I've made a map for Althanas before on the game Age of Mythology, if anyone wants to have a look at that. Or plays it. Else, any creative pursuit is worth it.

    Awesome! Let me know if mods/admins can help at all.

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