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Thread: Your walls can't support each other (closed)

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    Your walls can't support each other (closed)

    Telos Soltair’s pen never wavered, even though he knew that the three decrees he was signing would make the very foundations of Telgradian society quiver. Without a moment’s hesitation he slid the nib across the appropriate line of the scroll. He could never have known that the black ink would change everything; for him, for Telgradia, and for those even further beyond.

    Seated at a large, oak desk in the magnificent marble chambers of the Council of Five, Telos’s golden eyes whipped up from the paper and across the room to gaze at his now-shackled opposite number, Dxun Ra. The deposed dictator of Telgradia, silently witnessing the collapse of his reign through matted, bloodied strands of white hair, only stared at the floor. He was a tall man, in his late forties with long, platinum hair that had once been brilliantly dark. Ever since the events of that morning; the betrayal of his kings-guard and the news of his own army being forced to lay siege to Garah’s Palace, he had reacted with a ferocious tenacity that had seen the deaths of many combatants on both sides. But now, as the third and final decree that day had been signed, it seemed the fight had almost been sucked out of him.


    “You stand in the presence of Telos Artinia Soltair of the noble house Soltair, now both the rightful and confirmed heir to the Silver Throne, rightful King of Telgradia”, stood beside Telos was a man called Finn Shalor, arbiter of the Council of Five, reading loudly from a lengthy charge sheet, “…before him, you stand accused of treason, you stand accused of murder and you stand accused of rebellion. How do you plead?”

    Dxun Ra shifted his weight to turn towards the greying, bearded arbiter. The former tyrant was an unsettling figure—gruff and quick.

    “Not guilty.”

    Telos rolled his eyes and exchanged frowns with his court staff.

    “Can’t wait to hear your defense,” the new regent mused, resting his cheek on his fist, “What’s it going to be? One million men slipped onto their own swords? You accidentally fell onto the throne and couldn’t get up? Your armies just ‘got lost’ and ended up occupying state-owned territory?"

    “My defense,” Dxun said smugly, “will be ironclad. Under the rule of law imposed by the Telgradian Constitution, I demand a trial by combat.”

    A shocked silence fell over the domed, circular chamber in which the king and council resided. The court clerks looked at each other, and back at a stoic Dxun, before Telos’s elderly aide leant into his ear. “Telos,” the arbiter whispered levelly, “This could be a problem. He’s right.”

    “I know,” Telos replied, strangely at ease, “But you can’t say we didn’t anticipate this, though? Dxun is playing to his strengths, and so must we to ours.”

    “Perhaps, but...” said the arbiter, looking to Dxun and then back to Telos. “even though we planned for it, we never expected circumstances quite like this. His powers are far beyond the common citizenry. It took all five members of the Council to bring him to bear. ”

    Telos waved his hand to prevent anyone from speaking further. “For those who do not know, in accordance with Telgradian law, a defendant can request trial by combat in lieu of a peer-led trial,” he said, addressing both a grinning Dxun Ra and the assembled lords and ladies of Telgradian court, "the law dictates no Council of Five member can participate in trials by combat. A champion of the state has to be selected from outside of the ranks of state to ensure impartiality".

    Telos set his pen down in its jar of ink, the clink cutting through the silence of the room. He had been waiting for this. “As you are, ironically, suddenly so keen on observing Telgradian law and tradition, following the mandatory one-month incarceration period you will be escorted to an arena of choice. There, you will be free to use whatever force necessary to defend yourself against our chosen.”

    Everyone had known what Dxun was going to ask next, but no-one could have predicted Telos’s response.

    “Who will stand against me?,” Dxun asked simply.

    “It would seem both your knowledge and practice of our laws only extends as far as to serve your own purposes, Dxun. Let me educate you; neither myself or this court are obliged to name your opponent in a trial by combat. I am also not obliged to make a closing statement in court, but on both of these points I am going to exercise my right to do so. ” Telos said, lips twisting at an odd angle as if he were regretting haven spoken already.

    A calculating look seemed to bring light back into the eyes of Dxun. Not only had he gotten what he wanted, but he had also gotten under Telos's skin.

    "This court was convened to deal with three pieces of important house business," Telos started calmly, at first, rising from his desk and pacing around the crescent well of the auditorium, "the first piece of business was to strip Dxun Ra of all the power of state. The second, which we have just determined, was to set a trial method and date for Dxun to defend the charges set out against him. Now, what about the third?" The third," Telos said, wagging a finger, "and final decree of this session is a full pardon and restoration of citizenship to Shinsou Vaan Osiris."

    The assembled audience, steeping across several tiers of the marble stepped chamber, looked at each other.

    "The pardon is conditional, I would add", the new regent observed the stirring masses whilst nodding, "and the conditions attached to it will be revealed when Shinsou himself is stood before us."

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