Fallien at a Glance


In a remote stretch of ocean southwest of the Tular Wastes sits Fallien, a vast island nation known for its harsh deserts and xenophobic citizens. Its culture is dominated by religion and a proud matriarchal dynasty and its history is dotted with strife and disaster. Despite the long voyage and many perils, the brave and curious travel from across Althanas to trade in rare goods, explore ancient ruins, or to even glimpse a mythical phoenix.

Currently, Fallien has recovered from a state of upheaval due to the recent uprising of the Cult of Mitra and the Harpies

Things to remember when role-playing in Fallien:
  • Fallien is mostly desert – With blisteringly hot days, frigid nights, and preciously scarce rain, traveling beyond the cities without proper gear, provisions, and training can prove fatal.
  • Outsiders are unwelcome – Fallien law restricts foreign visitors to the aptly-named city of Outlander’s Post and the Outlander Quarter of Irrakam. Venturing beyond these zones requires sneaking out illegally or, even more difficultly, somehow gaining the trust and respect of Matriarchy or Keep.

Core themes

These are the most notable and distinct storytelling elements present in Fallien. Note that this is far from an exhaustive list, and the themes below are not exclusive to this region. Rather, they are merely the themes most strongly present, the ones that truly define Fallien.

Lost in the Sands -- The vast Fallien deserts hold many wonders and mysteries, but also great danger. Countless adventurers have lost their lives seeking the ancient tombs and cities buried beneath the dunes.

Isolationism -- Fallien is geographically and culturally isolated, and the natives like it that way. Foreigners are not allowed to travel freely, let alone own property in most cases. The hardy natives look down on those not born to the harsh deserts, seeing them as soft, weak, and cowardly.

Children of Suravani – Fallien is a land defined by its traditions and religion. They view their queen, the Jya, as both a political leader and religious figure, the mother of Fallien. Children are taught from a young age to honor their goddess and ancestors.


Irrakam: This capital and holy city sits on an island in the Attireyi River. It is home to the great Temple of Suravani, the Palace of the Mother, and Jya’s Keep. Foreigners are restricted to the Outlander’s Quarter.

The Spice Fields of R'uuya: Stretching across the more temperate northern edge of Fallien, the Spice Fields produce the herbs and spices, as well as poisons, for which the country is known.

Nirrakal: Often called the Blight and the Fields of Glass, Nirrakal is a desert within a desert. Stretching across the southwestern edge of Fallien, it sands burn insanely hot in the sun and glitter with shards of glass.

Suravani's Oasis: East of the Zaileya Mountains, this strip of coastal territory provides the country’s only sanctuary from its scorching deserts. Many tribes make their homes here, often fighting over fertile land and sources of fresh water.

Astaka: Tucked against the Zaileya mountain in the Oasis, this sprawling, permanent camp surrounds an ancient shrine honoring the ancestor spirits of Fallien. Once a year, it holds the Festival of the Dead to pay respects to the departed and herald the monsoon season.

Outlander's Post: Build into a cliff face on the coast of a natural harbor, this is the only city founded by foreigners. Small but bustling, many merchants do business here.

The Ruins: Remains of the once-great Fallien civilization lay all across the country, left buried beneath the sands as and buried beneath sands as a reminder of Suravani’s anger.

Major Factions

The Matriarchy – Part government, part religion, the Fallien Matriarchy is led by the Jya, a woman believed to house the soul of the beloved moon goddess, Suravani. It rules most of the tribes and maintain peace and the people’s spiritual well-being.

Jya’s Keep – Part military, part police force, the Keep enforces the laws and maintains order in Fallien. Foreigners who offer their services to the Keep can earn a place in Fallien society and more rights and freedoms than other outsiders.

The Cult of the Sun -- Worshipers of the sun god Mitra, this cult ironically works in the shadows to return to their former glory. They oppose the Jya and her Matriarchy at every turn, risking execution or worse.

il'Jhain Abdos
– A driving force in Fallien’s economy, the il’Jhain Abdos manages most of the country’s foreign trade. It provides a variety of goods and services to natives and foreigners alike, and offers opportunities for wealth, if not respect, to outsiders who work for them

History/Major Events

Please see the Fallien Timeline wiki entry.