They spoke.

They spoke, about the world, about the two of them, about how she had almost died.

They spoke of their past, of their present and their future, and they spoke about her, and him. About their lives together. And in that time she admitted that despite all the anger she felt towards him, that she still loved him. Whether this admittance was spoken outwardly or kept in her mind, she did not know, but that was not what was important. What was was her recognition that she did still have feelings for him.

Him. Shinsou vaan Osiris. Her enemy and her lover.

Indeed, they spoke, but their speaking was limited. Never alone fully they were amongst survivors, people who wanted to congratulate and frown at both of them. All the things they wanted to say - those private, intimate things that only lovers say - were left unsaid, because saying them might upset the balance of the world.

Speak, say, unsaid.

The sky continued to rain ash, small bullets of meteor continued to flame down through the night, but the city began to struggle back to its feet as she and he spoke. Her agents were sent out for news, and a guard was placed on him - Raine, the swordswoman whom he had saved first of the Quint. Life that evening seemed to pause, as time was frozen and all war was forgotten about.

The Brotherhood retreated as they spoke, but nothing was as it had been.


They pulled him into the Hall of Steel, a man who was myth as well as mystery, yet one who had saved the lives of all of them within the Hall. Sebastian had his guards draw the crowds away, promising answers when they would come, and asking them, for now, to begin the aid of those who were stuck or struggling. Up the stairs they took the one known as Hayate, surrounded by many, in the city of as many races as there are types of farmers' crop. They bustled him into a private room, taking him away from those who might kill him, to answer the questions that appeared in many a mind.

"My name is Sebastian Der'heart," Sebastian said, turning to Hayate, his knife still in hand. He signalled and his guards encircled the more or less empty room. Empty, aside from two chairs that were in the centre. One, he took, and he gestured for Hayate to take the other.

"I am a member of the Assembly, although I prefer the title counsellor. And you," he pointed the point of the knife at the Akashiman. "Are Hayate Amatsukami, a known associate of the Brotherhood of the Castigars. Those who attacked our country and our city. For years now we have tried to protect those who we need to, under the guidance of what we are beginning to call a democracy, but for some reason your party believe that the work we do is still infected by our imperialist past."

He took a long breath in, regarding Hayate. "I have kept you from the crowd. I saw your bravery and what you did to save this Hall, and our people who we sheltered here. For that reason I have brought you here. Unfortunately, however, the crowd will still want blood, and still blame you and the army you serve or served, for their suffering." His lowered his knife.

And he smiled sadly. "I am sorry, friend, but I will need to keep you now. And charge you with the most serious of crimes."