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    The last year in a nutshell.

    I left the site due to the nursing degree ruining all chance of writing as much as I'd like. I'm coming up to the last 9 months now and have found myself wanting to rejoin. But, I left just as the FQ was getting underway so could someone either summarise what changes occurred as a result, or direct me to a summary if there is one? Want to try and bring a smaller group of my characters back and write about what impact it had on them.

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    Sorry mate, I thought someone else might write here and update you.

    There's not much that happened. Some threads are started and not completed. Dirks has suggested how things might happen and I think we're working on trying to summarise what happened.

    From what I know the ash fell for a few weeks, in a period called the Ashfall. The volcano exploded, spilling out obsidian which destroyed various towns. It's unclear how much of Lornius it destroyed as yet. The meteor has not been clarified. But there was starvation, illness and death to at least some extent.
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