He woke up.

At first, it was difficult to discern what had just happened. But only that he was awake and conscious. As he gathered his thoughts there was something that kept nagging the old man. Where am I..? I am not home anymore...back home in Ayenee... Archanex thought back to the star of his youth, were great adventures took place and there was a world of vibrancy and untold power. There was a race of his people thriving, growing, learning the secrets of the elements through their scientific research and arts.

It was miraculous. Their civilization had grown much those days, but now it was all gone. I don't feel home anymore. I don't feel my people...where am I? Behind him, the portal that had willed him to the world of Althanas was already closing. It's residue of energy rippling out of existence and leaving arcane residue. Archanex had a splitting headache, and it felt like some great war beast played drums with his skull. Archanex rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he stood up off the ground to take in the surrounding region. He was in a forest that he did not know the name of. The headache soon faded and Archanex could focus once more.

By his judging he could tell it was mid afternoon where ever he had ended up. I must be dreaming...this is to crazy to be a dream... Archanex stretched for a moment and saw his oak staff nearby. His robes were not tattered or anything, but they were quite filthy with dirt from his long journey there. Archanex stood at an impressive height for a Wizardy type. His robes were fancy and tailored with fabrics not native to Althanas...though equivalent to their basic materials. The elements are different here, but I still feel a connection to them. I wonder if... Archanex did what most folks in such a situation initially do. H e attempted to command his power. It was instinct really, but as soon as he'd done so his power manifested in a mysterious way.

He conjured his elemental shifting ability for the first and for the currently last time. In his mind he had accessed the powers of Wind. Gyromancy. That was the power's name in the wording of his people. A gust of wind picked up at that precise moment and Archanex felt a strange sort of comfort. He attempted to mentally switch to the other arcane powers he had studied back home. Nothing. His ties to the other elements were currently severed. I have to start from scratch where ever I have ended up. So be it... Archanex thought to himself.

"I saw it over there!" Someone yelled but in a tongue that Archanex did not know or understand.

Archanex readied his oak staff just in case.

A small group of adventurers appeared nearby and there was a pretty girl leading the group. She had ears that were strangely formed and pointy. He'd seen that sort of ear type before...Elves. His grip on his oak weapon tightened. He could not understand the language that the strangers were speaking.

The girl had an enthusiastic look on her face as she noticed the seemingly older man. "See, I told you guys we'd find something." Archanex could not make sense of the language they were talking.

"Okay! You were right this time. What do you want to do with him?" The fellow asked.

The girl looked at the male speaker. "I want to keep him, he belongs to me. There is strong Aether energy here."

One of the other men, a stately fellow, looked at the girl. "The portal has already closed to where ever he came from..."

"You heard the boss. She wants to keep him." The other speaker said calmly, of course, Archanex could not understand what was going on.

A moment later, on of the group of Adventurers knocked Archanex out and they started to drag him back to Stonevale...

(Enter here with Stonevale Adventurers knocking out Archanex and basically kidnapping him hahah. Trying a slightly different approach with this project but feel free to join everyone!!!)