So I realised I am in so many incomplete threads.

I am going to list them here so I can keep a hold of them. Please let me know if I am missing any.

I am only including ones that have had movement on them in the past 6 months.

This is a list for all my characters.
They are: Philomel, Vaeron, Celandine, Stare, Vixen, Avin and Professor Charles.

I will update here when I have posted.

Red Panty Night
Diseased (Lilthis)
Broken Hearts (Shin)
White Winter Hymnal (solo)
Combat Training (Citadel)

Rise and Fall (solo)
Familiar Ground
How to Hire a Hero (Nosdyn)
Curious Bird (Huntsman)
Breaking Point (Citadel)

Professor Charles (Charon):
Festival (with Reina)
Temper, Temper (part of Kora/Charon series)
A Sort of Job (Nosdyn)
Distracting the Masses (Citadel) **