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    Tyr Vythari

    Name: Tyr Vythari

    Nickname/Alias: -----

    Age: 22

    Race: Human

    Height: 6’ 1”

    Weight: 190 lbs

    Occupation: Adventurer


    By nature, Tyr is highly energetic and ready to head off toward the next adventure fairly quickly. Kind, lighthearted and up to lend a hand whenever the need arises. He lives by a code of honor and respect and can be a good friend to those that follow a similar path. He is approachable, and his attitude is usually level.


    With a height of 6’ 1”, Tyr stands tall with a T-framed posture and blessed in mass. Deeply aware almond-shaped eyes set emblazoned in wild maelstroms of what can be perceived as wicked cauldrons molten with brown obsidian. Cascading abundance of chestnut laded hair flow to brush teasingly the top portions of wide shoulders, framing a strong unforgettable face rich with defined cheekbones, and a slight pout of wind-torn lips normally drenched with thought and caution. Choice of garb usually preferred regularly consists of a dark leather tunics and intricately woven black breeches. Simply crafted tattered black leather field boots protect his feet from the harsh terrain so chosen to tread over.


    Born under the dappled canopy of the Concordia Forest, Tyr Vythari found himself in the throes of its dangers early on. Only a short time was spent in the care of his mother, for fate had other plans for his upbringing. She did the best she could for him, finding shelter in places such as ruined structures, and among abandoned campsites under the densest of canopies provided by the forest they inhabited. She had been a fierce defender, but misfortune met her at the hands of a few of the many bandits roaming Concordia. Tyr was but an infant at this time. Fortunately for his sake, the bandits overlooked his existence. Shortly thereafter, a group of Rangers had passed through during a sweep of the area and the haggard head of the group took the baby in.

    Within the Rangers is where the young boy was raised. He trained among the ranks and had been mentored by the seasoned Ranger, a loud and uncensored Dwarf by the name of Zegron. Over the years Zegron became more than just a mentor to the young one, he became a father-figure to the boy and questions began to arise that the ol’ Ranger couldn’t answer. Of which concerned the little Tyr knew of his lineage, outside of the belongings Zegron recovered from his mother during his rescue. At the cycle age of 19, Zegron provided Tyr with his inheritance and helped the young one try to piece together what could be of his bloodline. Mid those belongings, a journal and an ordinate ring had been found within a snug cutout hidden betwixt the latter pages. Few years had passed since the mysteries of his bloodline had surfaced, and Tyr chose to leave the thicket of Concordia to unravel the stories of his past and future.


    Master Survivalist- Two skills honed throughout life were those of survival and tracking. Never has there been a person or creature that Tyr couldn't track through the thickest of forest, or over wind-swept stone. He seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to seeing things a normal eye may disregard.

    Expert Bladesman- Although trained moderately in several weapons, Tyr has always felt more comfortable with the mass of a longsword gracing his palm. He took quickly to blades and continues to hone his ability to improve skill, control, and strength.

    Expert Throwing- Tyr’s training also consisted of weapon control and battlefield preparation. He became relentlessly dangerous with axe and dagger throwing (after many moons of frustration and immeasurable amounts of obnoxious cursing), but his personal favorite of the two is the dagger. His aim and ambidextrous arm strength are unfathomable. With a clear pathway, he could split the trunk of a five-inch tree from thirty feet away. Even the best of talents waver from targets the further out they become, as so does Tyr.


    Adamantine Fortitude- Possessing the strength 3x that of a human.

    Incessant Vitality- Possessing the endurance 2x that of a human.

    Arctic Adaption- Tyr possesses the ability to survive and adapt to climates consisting of cold weather and maintains durability under the stress of cold-based magical attacks. This ability at Level 1 consists of a 25% resistance to cold.


    Iron Longsword
    Iron Dagger
    Leather Pack for supplies
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