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    ~[SOLO] The price of seeking.

    (Note: Takes place directly after the events of the seeker thread.)

    Time passed since they'd fought The Darkness clan..

    The warrior who'd pursued Archanex across the stars was temporarily thwarted and forced to withdraw from the battle.

    Archanex was now bound to the realm of Althanas. A lot had happened in a short period of time. He'd developed a profound respect for the rogue warriors from Sonevale proper. As Archanex had been horribly tortured by his captors...he'd developed a sort of strong sympathy for them. Especially their leader, Miranda Shadowsong. He'd learned her name on the fifth day of extreme torture. Miranda, his captor, was attempting to learn the secrets of Overmage blood. As he sat on the floor in his torture chamber, he looked up at Miranda.

    "You have proven yourself useful. We learned that time that members of The Darkness can be hurt." She rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "I have a prize for you today." She carefully looked at the Overmage. After a moment, she produced a wicked looking Athame, a mystic dagger, from her possession. Archanex recognized the craftsmanship of the weapon. It was Ayenee-born. For a moment, his eyes went wide. She smiled with pleasure at his obvious fear of the item in her hands. "You know what this is don't you my pet?" She said.

    Archanex merely nodded...he already knew what was about to happen. His eyes narrowed at that point. "Why don't you just finish me?!" Archanex suddenly yelled out of turn.

    She slowly moved the weapon to so the side of the intricate blade would strike the side of his face. She hit him, hard. "It will never be over for you." She said carefully. "You belong to me. Nobody will save you." She said, and he knew she spoke the truth to him. The situation was bleak for Archanex. She stood up and walked close to him. Dagger in her hand. Archanex was helpless, and accepted what was about to happen.

    No one will save me... Archanex accepted the cold hard truth. A flash-back entered his mind. Back home, within the star of Ayenee there was a guild called The Inquisitors. They hunted those who were inclined for Sorcery. One of their implements for torture was similar to the horrible weapon that his captor wielded. No his master.

    Miranda held the wicked blade in front of his face. A half an inch away from his face. The blade already had it's own resonance and the hungry runes that pulsed with colour, a glowing red tint. "You know what this is for." She said.

    Archanex nodded, fear in his eyes, but he accepted his fate.

    "I'm not going to kill you. I'm going to make you suffer forever. The secret your blood holds will belong to me." She explained.

    "What is this carnage worth to you?" Archanex managed to mutter.

    "For me...pleasure. For my Master...No you are a slave. I will not tell you anything." Archanex saw it in her eyes...there was something there. A secret that his eyes caught. He gritted his teeth at what was going to happen next. The last thing he remembered was the sound of his own screams.
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    "Rise and shine my pet." She kicked him. Hard.

    At that point, he was numb to the pain.

    "You've been quiet for a week now. No more brave words?" Miranda was studying the sorcerer when she realized something that excited her.

    Her moment had arrived.

    Miranda walked towards Archanex and knelt down before him. She waved her hand in front of his eyes. No response. Merely a blank gaze forward, he was dead inside...broken. "The technique works." She was actually surprised at how much he'd been able to resist the extreme torture. "You were a brave subject." She stood up at that point. "But like all garbage I must dispose of you now." She held the athame, in her hand the tool from an earlier torture session. It's almost a pity I have to kill you now. Miranda held the athame in her hand and prepared to take the broken sorcerer's life.

    "What do you think you're doing?" The voice belonged to another who had just stepped out of the shadows.

    "YOU!" Miranda yelled to the undead woman before them. "Why are you here!?"

    The Undead woman smiled at Miranda. "You cannot even follow orders."

    Miranda gripped the blade tightly. "I did as I was told. The portal spawned, and this CREATURE emerged." Two more figures stepped out of the darkness. The situation was rapidly turning against Miranda's favour.

    "You were told to extract the key from him." The female undead said. "Your role in this is over now."



    Archanex found himself home...or at least in the illusion of being home. It was better than the horrible situation he'd stumbled upon. His body was in a stupor from the pain. Miranda had done horrible things to him. Unspeakable acts of depravity.

    "I can see you my son." Mother said carefully motioning for Archanex. He stepped forward to his Mother. "You are suffering. Why do you suffer so my child?"

    "She's after the warrior Rhoughrez of The Darkness Tribe." Archanex said carefully. He'd already given up and was broken by then. Months of horrible torture had that effect.

    "You are not broken. Was the key extracted?" Mother asked.

    "It's difficult to tell." The Sorcerer said calmly. "I only feel pain."

    "My child. You've always been strong and there is a greater hope for you yet." Mother extended her hand towards Archanex. "It is time my child,take my hand."


    In the darkness, Archanex opened his eyes. He growled as he felt his strength returning.

    As he focused he saw something he would never see. Three mysterious warriors were fighting Miranda. His master. Wind began to pick up within the torture chamber. Archanex gritted his teeth. "Get away from her." Archanex knew one truth only, and only one truth mattered. He belonged to Miranda and Miranda to him. Miranda was already hurt, suffering but she had a look of fear as she watched Archanex.

    Wind was erupting.

    His power had gone entirely out of control.

    Miranda knew what was happening. "H'ell kill us ALL you fools!"

    The girl back handed Miranda and that triggered something from DEEP within Archanex. A rage that he never knew.

    "I. Said. GET AWAY FROM HER!" There was no more holding back. Having survived months of immense torture Archanex was finally at the breaking point. His eyes were glowing with the mark of his people's blood. He slowly stood up at that point. "If any of you touch her one more time I WILL KILL YOU ALL." It was not an empty threat.

    Miranda knew the strength of his people first hand. Her job at breaking his will power had almost gone too flawlessly. Miranda felt excitement tingling in her nether regions at the sight of raw power. And it all belonged to her. She knew what it meant..The Undead did not.

    The female Undead was the first to react. "If you value her life you will stop what you're doing." There was a smug finality in her voice.

    "You are not understanding this." Archanex responded. In a single movement, with the powers of wind flaring around him...Archanex shattered the chains that bound him to Hell Itself. Links of metal and rust fell to the ground. "I gave you one warning. You did not take me seriously. NOW!" The Overmage blood boiled with extreme energy. His eyes glowed with fury. Archanex was already gathering the potent Gyromancy at his command.

    A moment was over.

    The corpses of the Undead were already burning to ash.

    Archanex looked at Miranda and calmed himself down. He slowly walked over towards her. He knelt down in front of her. "They hurt you." Archanex suddenly said with a surprising level of kindness. He put his hand on her face to calm her.

    "W-why?" Miranda asked, she was too stunned to understand exactly what had happened.

    Archanex answered a very simple way. "I belong to you. Now and always."

    At that point, Miranda merely hugged her pet and held him tightly. They openly sobbed in each other's arms. Master and Slave.
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